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crystal spring
what are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
which one is worse?
even if someone smokes a year or two.
others smoke their whole lives.
can one or two years of drinking or smoking cause permanent damage?

smiley miley lover
well my uncle got throat cancer from smoking and it was after he quit for 10 years and drinking ruins your brain

Hi ta Holla
No,for one year of smoking it takes fifteen years for all of that stuff to get out of your system. So in your case, thirty years untill that **** will get out of your body.

i luv banana's
yes any amount of drinking/smoking is harmful...drinking kills brain cells and smoking damages your lungs

There is pro's and con's on both, smoking cause respitory illness and affects the lungs, while drinking really effects the liver (my grandfather is an alcholic) From the moment your lips touch the ciggerate or bottle it starts to cause damage that fast. Believe me life is to short to waste it on that.

Smoking is awful for your lungs especially.

I think both cause many deaths, smoking kills way more people than drinking. you are asking what is worse - living without your liver or without your lungs. neither one is a good option.

the earlier you quit the more likely you will restore your organs and chances of cancer to those of non-smokers (takes about 20 years to do that)

yes, there are people who smoke all their lives, but one in three people will have cancer in their lifetime, if you smoke your chances are increasing signficantly

I think if you have a healthy lifestyle you will be able to restore your body to its intended health level with 10-15 years after 2 years of smoking and drinking

good luck!

J *
I thinking drinking is worse in the short term (drunk driving, blackouts, alcohol poisoning, etc.)

Smoking is worse in the long term.

One year of smoking or drinking can cause permanent damage yes. Although probably not enough to even notice.

definitely it can cause damage, its very addictive.

cancer liver diease kidney failure many things just dont try it

They both can kill you. It doesn't matter which one is worse. Just don't do it and if you are stop right now!

Well speaking from an experienced smoker= Lung Cancer, COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Drinking= Liver Damage, loss of bladder (no big deal if you like to pee on yourself)
There are tons of effects for both. Just google the info and you can find out.

♥lauri babii♥
lung cancer, getting arrested for drinking when driving or before driving , car accident



I would say smoking is worse, but there both bad. They both can do longterm and short term damage.

Smoking can give you lung cancer. Drinking can damage mostly liver and kidney. DO NOT TRY IT!

the most harmful effects of smoking are that it can give many different types of diseases in the lungs and in the mouth.the most harmful effects of drinking are that it goes straight to your brain and you could get serious defects in it which soon leads to brein and memory loss.

They both are terrible.
smoking can cause:Lung cancer COPD a lung disses
drinking can cause:liver failure

Any alcohol, drug related, yes is harmful!!

it can not appear, now but year later like when getting old it has its consequences!

Love Chick ;)
It can cause heart disease ....lung cancer...lots of other bad bad stuff. Please don't try it!

they can both kill you just like drinking to much water can kill you. just dont over do it or anything for that matter. oh yeah more people die from symptoms of being over weight then from smoking

basically they caus respiratory diseases and damage your lungs the most, also your kidney, heart, and brain. Even a couple of years of smoking is harmful, but then again it matters on how much you smoked. For example: a pack a day for 2 years is horrible for you and you will soon be diagnosed with lung cancer, but if you barely smoked only at parties with your friends maybe once a month total for only like 5 minutes, then the effects wont do much at all. drinking isnt as harmful and has immediate effects not long term ones. One more thing, they both are addictive, so if you do it for one or two years, then you are likely to continue if you havent already received help

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