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Jeremy Adams
took my 1 year old to the emergency room and we just got home?
she was coughing bad last night and coughing up phlegmy stuff, shes getting better, weve been there all night. but she does not want to eat drink or sleep she just wants to be in my arms. are there any ways i can relax her to get her some rest?
Additional Details
just fyi she dosent have a mom anymore

tell her, "if you dont go to sleep, Santa wont come and bring you the best gift of all!"

Sparkling Water
just hold her and reassure her , she's young and just wants her mum she's probably scared . Sleep with her if you have to .

that stinks it happens to my friend sometimes because he has bad allergies. Maybe just give her a teddy bear and tuck her in? When i was little i had a stuffed animal that would relax me.

Read her a story or play some soothing music as you hold her.
If you have a cool air humidifier, have it running in the room where she is located, this may help soothe her airway and loosen up the 'gunk'.
If she is still restless, try giving her a warm bath for about 5 minutes, then dry her off, dress her snugly pjs; lay her down; sit by her bed and read to her as you stroke her forehead or back.
Give her a Popsicle or something clear and sweet to drink; sit on the couch and watch her favorite dvd or cartoon.

Hang in there!

Poor little thing. Put her in her bed or your arms with her favorite cuddley animal or toy. Or rock her for a few minutes and sing to her or play soft music. Keep the lights low and activity about the house low. She will drop right off.

just feed her and take care of her. you cant force her to go to sleep. she is a little traumatized so stay with her. she will fall asleep.

She does need to drink some water, little ones dehydrate easily. Try rocking her with her favourite blanket and a book.

Put her in the bed and lay next to her. Eventually she'll fall asleep. Good Luck!

Infant Tylenol and infant Motrin. The Tylenol will help her, and you sleep.

We've been in this situation a couple times before and this is what the doctor told us. Children get sick, and they just have to work through it so that it can build their immune system. Give your child the Tylenol and Motrin to relieve any symptoms and keep them hydrated with pedialite and gatorade if need be.

My child didn't like pedialite and he wouldn't drink gatorade unless it was with a spoon or with a dropper. Hope that helps. By the way what did the doctors at the ER say?

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