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 my mom smokes a lot, how should I clear out my lungs?
My mom smokes a lot, and I've tried to get her to stop, but she won't. What is a good way to clear out your lungs and diapharam of smoke?

I want to last better for runner and ...

 how long can your lung hold breath? ?

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please ahow ...

 I'm having a cough and spit phleghm with blood only every morning. Should I be alarmed?

 ow! i have a cold and my chest hurts so bad..any suggestions to help my sleep?
I've been sick since last Thursday and i've been coughing so much that now it hurts to breath...like no joke...i'm on a bunch of different meds that my dr. prescribed to me but every ...

 my 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
He says it is "yucky" it is tixylix.Does anyone know of a good cough mixture for children that has a reasonably nice taste.I'm worried because he won't take it....

 U Know ? my wife unnecessarily slapped me in an unusually condition ?
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 Does anyone in Yahoo Answers have any advice/tips on quitting smoking?

 How do i sleep in bed with someone who snores?
My girlfriend snores and i am a light sleeper. its hard for me to get much sleep but there is no way i will sleep in a different bed with her?
does anyone have any techniques that could help me ...

 Is smoking old cigarettes bad?
Like not super old. Like a week old.
I forgot I had them, and I smoked one, and they're
obviously a bit old, but can I still smoke them?
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Alright, you ...

 Is there anything you can smoke that isnt harmful for you?
Like it could be water vapor or something.. just anything that looks like smoke
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hahah yea my friend and i have done hookah but a 1 hr hookah is = too 100 cigs.. weed ...

 Did anyone else besides me not know until very recently that Obama is a smoker?

 how do u make ur self get asthma?
i really need to k?...

 Im a girl..is smoking weed or cigarettes a turn off? ?
Im an outgoing person, and I enjoy smoking weed now and then. i honeslty find alcohol worse than marijuanna. I live in amsterdam now so its normal, but I know that lots of people just think its weird ...

 Swine flu Please Help !?
hi Yesterday i developed a sore throat,and now im like sniffing all the time Litteraly iv got a cold i got out of bed im not aching or anything just a sore throat could this ...

 How will smoking affect my looks?
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 What could this breathing problem mean I have, im a little scared?
ok so pretty often, everytime i get up, i start to feel lightheaded and dizzy, then I blackout,

it lasts for a few seconds. then after my mind clears, i can feel my heart beating really ...

 how can you stop someone snoring?

 Tuns out I have Pneumonia but...?
I've had many problems with my body and I'm only 16!
Pneumonia was the worst so far..
The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I've been taking the pills for a ...

 My lungs hurt?
I'm not sick, i don't have a cold or anything. Both my parent's are smokers. When i lean backwards i get a pain near the back of me chest, i keep coughing up flegm and the latest one ...

 will i die if i cant breathe and keep coughing?
for a few years now, i have been having this problem, since i was 5 im 13 now, and well im not sure waht to do, my friends tell me im probably going to die, but my parents wont listen to me about it, ...

three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

Yeah, it sure feels good getting lung cancer -.- , probably because they were selfconscience as a child , so they did it to fit in

*~Cam's Mommy ~*
1.) Highly addictive
2.) They started b/c they were pressured at a young age.
3.) Because they want to.

Usually habit...thats one of the reasons

For kids..because "It's the cool thing to do."
Then they are addicted so continues into adulthood.
Once a smoker gets passed a certain age they figure they have lived most of their life why not go ahead and keep on smoking.

No will power.
Being afraid of losing their "best friend." (That'd be nicotine)
No other way to handle stress in their lives.

Narissa G
Well, smoking started before they were really told what it can really do...so then people started finding out...now at this year teenagers think it's cool...so they think smoking will get them into the crowd.

its called an "addiction". believe me, my husband knows the reprocussions and yet he continues...

They start from things like peer pressure, trying to find something to relax, or just because they're curious. Addiction is mostly why people continue to smoke. Then again, maybe they just want to star in a detective film. Lol.

TTC #1 With PCOS
its really really addictive. my fiancee and I smoke, well he did until new years eve at midnight, he just quit, and hasnt looked back, for me tho, i was off them for 3 months, got bored at work, and started smoking, really regret it. Its all in the head, thats all

sassy lass
peer pressure
physical additiction
nicotine addiction

1.) Years and years of advertising by the tobacco industry and Hollywood to make smoking look "cool" still has a residual effect on todays generation.

2.) It's incredibly addictive.

3.) It satisfies something for people that fidget, people that need to constantly be doing something are easily amused by a soothing cigarette.

steve g
becuase it's good

In cognito
1. Start off young thinking it's cool
2. Become addicted to it
3. They resolve themselves to the fact that they are addicted

Jazzy, I Miss U Love!
It's a habit. The same reason fat people eat when they know eating and getting fat is unhealthy.

Good Morning!!

Because nicotine is addictive x 3

The physical act of taking out a pack of cigarettes, removing a cigarette, and lighting it is, in itself, an almost ritualistic satisfaction. Some people claim cigarettes actually taste good to them. Mainly, it is a unbelievably hard addiction to withdraw from. Do you think someone addicted to, say, crack would just quit because they know it's unhealthy? Forget cocaine...street drugs have nothing on cigarettes when it comes to addiction.

Delta Z
Idiocy and not having a strong enough will power to quit...weak

I have no idea I think when they start they cant stop its a HARD addiction to get OVER!!!

Plain and simple: One reason only, they're addicted and can't help themselves.

Oral fixation...thinks it makes them look cool...some smoke when they drink....relaxes them...they are addicted and can't stop.

because i enjoy it ... that's reason enough.... we are all going to die at somepoint .... I've had so many friends die at a very early age, not related to tobacco... that I realized to do the things in life that I like to do ... I will not die worrying when the sky is going to fall.... and I like smoking .. period

1.It feels good
2.it feels good

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