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wee neen
stopped smoking two weeks ago?
i was smoking for about 20 years sometimes moderatly sometimes heavy. its going quite well but i'm wondering how long if ever it will take for my lungs to recover, also i feel constantly hungery is this part of stopping smoking

they wont recover... but they wont get worse , eath really healthy..n smokin isnt that hard to quit...took me 5mins

i know that smoking can stop hunger, not sure how long itll take for your lungs tho

☼ Rissa019 ☼
Congratulations on that. :) that is wonderful. And to cure hunger pains, there is this gum you can chew for non smokers to fight it off.

Good Job!

My doctor told me that it could take about 7 years for my lungs to finish healing but regardless there may be some permanent side-effects. Like most people I immediately got a respiratory cold. I felt like I was coughing out everything I had ever put in, lol. It took my husband and I about 3 mo. to feel comfortable after we quit.

I didn't feel hungry when I quit but I did feel like snacking a lot.
So, keep things around that are healthy to snack on like grapes, apples, pistachios, baby carrots & peanut butter, sugar-free gum, grapefruit is used to curb appetite...

*The thing that helped me the most is that I went out and bought 2 water bottles.
I keep 1 in my purse and 1 at work. This way I could help keep my lungs hydrated, stay healthy, save money, and fill that smoking "hand to mouth" habit too. Plus a lot of the time people confuse thirst for hunger. Since I stay hydrated throughout the day now I can tell when I'm actually hungry.

Over 30 years, how could I afford to smoke +/- 80 per day.Good job keep it up you will soon be free of the need to have a drag.Popa

I was told by a friend it was 4 years for your lungs to recover but i dont think they will go back to the way they were but dont quote me on this hope this helps ...kinda

your lungs actually start recovering as soon as you stop smoking... BUT it will take time for a great improvement in your breathing... as for the hungry part, that is part of it. When anyone stops smoking, they eat like crazy for a while, and this is the reason sometimes that people go back to smoking. They would rather smoke than be fat... don't start smoking again. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin... which has actually been used to help people quit smoking, as well as for weight loss. I quit smoking and lost weight!

Good Luck!

Teri ann Rainbow
You should be noticing the difference in the mornings with a clear chest well done and you will get over the munchies eat fruit or chew gum when you feel the munchies coming on soon it will be like you have never smoked at all,you will be able to taste and smell much better and you may even feel sick when you smell others smoking with me it has been eight years.

The hunger is a very common experience peopel go through when they stop smoking. Nicotine usually curbs appetite so when you stop smoking you feel more hungry than you did before you stopped. Also many people use food to comfort them especially during the first few weeks they stop smoking. Don't worry the feeling of constant hunger will go normalize with time. About your lungs I am pretty sure it takes years for your lungs to heal themselves but i am not sure if there is irreversible damage to lungs or not.

it will take 2-3 months to recover but u shouldnt feel hungry if u feel hungry u should eat if u dont it will make u want to smoke more--just eat normally if still hungry see a doctor 4 medical advice

hope dat helps

10 years. It's a fact.

btw CONGRATS on quitting

dan is stupid , dont know why u would you have smoked to look cool orsomthin, you cant stop in 5mins if your addicted , its reali hard , it makes depressed , u cant enjoy yourself while craving but i found a way to stop by reading, yes that right, alan carrs easy way to stop smoking . he tell **** that put your off basiclly

drink lots of water to wash the nicotine away and not to put on weight. Eat always soups and light meals if you fell hungry.

Try to do any sport like swimming, dancing or even irobic at home.

Make yourself busy don't think of smoking, read, surf the net do any hobby you like such as music, painting...etc. Good Luck

steven m
smoking is an appetite suppressant
that is why many of those who quit gain weight to begin with

Get some more exercise - and try not to snack too much

your lungs will start to feel better

James E Lewis AKA choteau
It will take about 1 month for every year that you smoked before your body will have cleared all of the toxins. The first six months are the roughest as your body clears the toxins. And yes the increase in appetite is normal.

Well done you! Your lungs will feel much better in a few weeks, but I do know that the rubbish gets out of your blood stream in about 3 days. The food cravings are awful, try hard to use gum or something like carrots, or anything other than sweeties, because you will put weight on if you do not try and swap the craving for cigs with something healthy. I used to smoke 60 a day...been given up just short of 3 years...keep up the good work!
And the other answers about lung damage...as I said 60 a day for over 20 years...no emphysema, no asthma, no cancer thank the Lord..lung capacity has increased, i swim and excercise..they do recover unless they are damaged and your doctor can check that for you, but it does take years for your body to be as if it has never smoked. Check out the smoking cessation websites for the facts.
Well, there you have it a doctor below so listen to him/her!

Titania R
Your lungs began to repair themselves within the first week, so it is all gravy from here on in.

As for the hunger, that makes sense, your body is naturally satisfying it's hand-to-mouth instinct. Most people gain about 10lbs when they quit. Soon, that instinct will fade and you should lose the weight fast enough.


me n' mona
Yay for you! Congrats. It's hard to stop, I've been through it. I know that I got hungry more after I quit smoking, but you have to remember that cigarettes are an appetite suppressant and that has a lot to do with it. Here's info from a website...sadly our lungs will never completely be recovered.

Immediate Rewards

Within 12 hours after you have your last cigarette, your body will begin to heal itself. The levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in your system will decline rapidly, and your heart and lungs will begin to repair the damage caused by cigarette smoke.

Within a few days you will probably begin to notice some remarkable changes in your body. Your sense of smell and taste may improve. You will breathe easier, and your smoker's hack will begin to disappear, although you may notice that you will continue to cough for a while. And you will be free from the mess, smell, inconvenience, expense, and dependence of cigarette smoking.

Immediate Effects

As your body begins to repair itself, instead of feeling better right away, you may feel worse for a while. It's important to understand that healing is a process­p;it begins immediately, but it continues over time. These "withdrawal pangs" are really symptoms of the recovery process.

Immediately after quitting, many ex-smokers experience "symptoms of recovery" such as temporary weight gain caused by fluid retention, irregularity, and dry, sore gums or tongue. You may feel edgy, hungry, more tired, and more short-tempered than usual and have trouble sleeping and notice that you are coughing a lot. These symptoms are the result of your body clearing itself of nicotine, a powerful addictive chemical. Most nicotine is gone from the body in 2-3 days.

Long-range Benefits

It is important to understand that the long range after-effects of quitting are only temporary and signal the beginning of a healthier life. Now that you've quit, you've added a number of healthy productive days to each year of your life. Most important, you've greatly improved your chances for a longer life. You have significantly reduced your risk of death from heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and several kinds of cancer­p;not just lung cancer. (Cigarette smoking is responsible every year for approximately 130,000 deaths from cancer, 170,000 deaths from heart disease, and 50,000 deaths from lung disease.)

HaSsAsIn ..SmOoTh CrImiNaL
well done to you then :D

my uncle who quit said its not that its hard to quit u can always quit its just because you enjoy it that you carry on

Yes...you could be pregnant!
10 years for your cancer risks to go back to normal.. your lung damage will never recover to normal but you have stopped it worsening quicker..congrats..never smoke again..if you feel hugry munch on low fat snacks like nuts

Congratulations! The addiction should ease within two weeks, the food thing is well known but try and stick to heathy foods as they will help you recover your lung health more quickly. Rememebr every day you don't smoke, your lung health is improving. Exercise will further speed up the process.

.its me.
unfortunatly i think yours (&my) lungs are forever damaged...however i quit smoking 5 years ago and my lungs definatly feel better and i cant believe i smoked for 15 years because now that i dont do it, i think its the tackiest and most disgusting thing ever! good job for quitting!

Steve S
Congratulations. Keep it up!

Sunshine Hell
yea the hunger is part of it. its the action between hand and mouth. eat healthy snacks. could take years for your lungs to clear but, i dont know for sure.

Good for you! I hope your lungs are healing now from all the smoking. Good Luck!

Your lungs will constantly be healing themselves. Smoking is an appetite depressant, so it's natural to become hungry after you stop smoking. You can taste and smell better, so food is much more appetizing to you now.

good for you! I don't know you but I'm proud of you! Don't worry. What you are feeling is normal. Your lungs will recover, and you will have brand new pink healthy lungs. Do you know you can actually reverse the affects of smoking if you stop? The lungs can repair themselves. All you have to do is stop smoking. And you did it! Yes, you will feel hungry. Try to eat healthy things. Exercise. Walk. Lift. Body build. You will feel better, sleep better, look better, eat better, and be really healthy. Congratulations to you on not smoking!

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