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ani roxs
smoking is good or bad habit?
i dont like it.

smoking is not a bad habit but too much of smoking chokes the lungs.it is especially good for people who is having more fats in the heart area as it reduces the fats through nicotine in cigarettes.

Actually its Bad habit

But it depends on the person who smoke, are really like it or not.

curious cat
are u kedding me....its the worst habit there is!

David C
On the plus side it reduces stress and appetite so you can lose weight, on the minus side just about everything else.

As a habit? Generally bad.

Drinking as a habit is bad too, but the occasional drink won't kill you.

The occasional cigar won't kill you either.

Going democratically smoking is definitely good. It is good for the cigarette/bidi manufacturer, the tobacco producer, the cigarette distributor, the paan wallah, the doctor and finally for the govt which collects huge taxes and spends that amount to build roads and dams etc for all of us. The habitual smoker whose health is affected is a loner here. So you see what is good for the majority cannot be bad for the country. If everybody stopped smoking, there would be another recession, we would have to substitute the crops with other things, the factories will have to be redesigned to produce something else. The govt will have to impose high rate of taxes on wheat or whatever is produced in fields of tobacco to compensate for the loss in revenue. So if you do not want another recession - smoke and smoke heavily. I

yes it is a very bad habit.it is seriously dangerous to health and smokers are liable to die young.

Hey Ani rox....i think u have changed ur name..now u r a guy..
obviously smoking is injurious for health so never smoke....be safe:)

Have you been in a cave or something? Of course its bad for you

i'm a heavy smoker for more than 13 years,i'm now gettig sick of being skint and being unfit due to it so ive made a plan to quit,i wish i never started, its crap and uncool.


For sure..Bad Habit :) :)

bad. why kill body for need of body? use nicotine tablets to fulfill needs of body than smoke it up.

hi! about smoking !! smoking is risk factor for bloodpressure,strock cardiac attack.. it doesn't affact instantly but its effect is not reversible.so stay away from this habit. it's also not looking socially better.ok

it,s bad. its injured lunges, i also dont like it

its a bad habit..because it can cause unwanted disease, like lung cancer, gum disease, it stains ur fingertips yellow, your clothes will begin to reek of it, and you are harming the air that innocent people near you have to breathe, hope i helped!

bad habit! kick it! :D

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