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smoking cigarettes and throwing up?
Im 15 and i have been smoking for about 1 1/2 year. lately i have been throwing up after smoking a cigarette. Sometimes i don't but mostly i just burp and sometimes when i burp some vomit comes out. I have never coughed out blood or anything just vomitting after a cigarette. Is this normal?

okayy. people by saying you shouldnt smoke and all that isnt helping him so just stop. because chances are he already knows that!!

but yeah thats not normal. you should go see a doctor becuase alot of the time that can result in cancer or i also have heard that can be symptoms of it eating away your lungs and stomach tissue. so maybe try and stop smoking for a few days or so and see if it gets any better if not definitely go and get it checked out soon!
good luck.

I Have never had a cig and i probably never will (maybe that's an exaggeration), but I reckon the best thing to do is stop. Smoking is addictive, so try something else that will take over the addiction. Chew gum, Spit on the street (I know this is pretty disgusting but it is better than smoking), twiddle your thumbs i dunno. If worst comes to worse, try smoking something else like tea leaves, there still bad because of the smoke but dont have as many chemicals in them.

here to help
nope its not normal! wen u smoke a cigg thr are 4,000 diff chemicals in it and wen u blow smoke into the air only 40 chemicals are in tht smoke and wen u first light the cigg and inhale the nicotine enters ur blood stream immidietly. a lot of the time the body doesnt want tht so most smokers who have been smoking to much vomit. if u smoke 30 ciggs in one day i will die bcuz of this chemical in it. but not a lot of smokers no so i wud say to quit ur ciggs and live a healthy life most smokers think its ok to smoke bcuz it effects ur brains rewired system so it saya its ok to have ciggs making u want more. i wud quit asap b4 u die buddy and go see a doc smoking is much much wors thn u think u spend about 15,000 on ciggs a yr u no tht. and if u have kids ur most likely gonna get thm into smoking wen thy are older ur ur kids will have resperatory problems as thy grow and just immagin ur not just affecting urself buddy ur killing so many other people and loved ones! would u want to have to go to a funeral cuz of second hand smoke from ur smoking addiction i dont think so. wud u want to live life noing ur killing much more ppl thn just u smoking 10,000 non smokers die each yr cuz of second hand smoke. u shud stop now buddy dont kill anymore ppl and more importantly urself. dont kill ur self u want to live a happy life and smoking causes depression and anxiety so u may think smoking will fix tht but if makes it worse i no its hard to quit but just break all ur ciggs and dont buy anymore andddd if ur tempted to just remeber this.

smoke weed not cigarettes...weed makes you actually feel something, cigz make dont do anything, and fu^^k ur body up

No, it is probably an effect from the nicotine. Some people have an allergic reaction or negative side effects from it. Smoking is really bad for you and since you are getting negative reactions, you should try becoming focused on quitting. You should also see a doctor about it.

Matt Stairs (PHILLIES)

of coz it's NOT NORMAL... go see a doctor and get off those cigarettes.

Bella Babe!
no but stop i hate guys that smoke its nasty to kiss them! eww just thinking about it i want to vomit!!


no you have what is considered lung cancer.my aunt had it and she passed in way.I often cry for her and those who abuse cigarettes.I also feel really bad for those who is going to the same struggle you are in.just remember to enjoy life to the fullest extent and pray to god you live long.yea write....just quit bro.............unless you are forced to smoke

I'm not going to lecture you about smoking cos I started when I was 14. I've had that happen. would happen alot first thing in the mornings sometimes. just take it slower. If that doesnt work maybe try a new brand. Quiting completely would take away the vomiting for sure, but whatever floats yer boat. You may have some acid in your stomach and the smoke and chemicals could be causing a reaction. Don't worry it is not lung cancer, take it from a guy that has smoked for the past 16 years. And dont substatute weed for cigs. smoking one joint is equivelent to smoking an entire pack of cigs. Trust me Im from Vancouver Island, I know alot about weed too.

blues breaker
of course it isn't normal! duh!
just quit smoking or before you know it, you'll cough up a lung

no i would STOP if i where u

Nicotine overdoses cause nausea. You probably have a very low tolerance for nicotine and hence you feel sick when you have even a low level of nicotine in your blood. In addition, it is likely that smoking is weakening your gastro-esophageal sphincter, the muscle that keeps food in your stomach. This is fairly common. If you let it go long enough, you will develop gastro-esophageal reflux disease, be at risk for esophageal cancer and be on medication from about the time you are 21 until you die.


Wow. Just stop smoking. You should know better. Smoking is NOT attractive.

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