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jamie t
smoking and kissing someone with asthma?
is it possible that someone with asthma couldn't kiss someone that's smoked anything from cigars to weed. they couldn't kiss them for a month so they can get all of it out of there system before kissing the person with asthma. if they did there throat could close up or die. is there a certain type of asthma or something that could cause this? or is this a lie

Naw Ma diick smoke and girls with asthma suuck it dey doin good

BAD! VERY BAD! it can kill that person if they keep kissing them!

Leg Smuggler
plausable. peanuts and bees can kill come people, so i dont see why not. obv im no Dr.

I ♥ Music!
Its possible THC (The smoke in weed. and in ciggerates.) Can stay in the lungs for a long time.

Toni R
well i think that if u r somkin u r just lookin for a way to get cancer and if u cant ven smoke around a person with asthma then how could u be able to kiss them???? i think this is pretty self-explanatory

Nathan G
Unless you still have the "puff" in your lungs and holding it in for the person with asthma no.

That is a complete lie lol.

Unless you have a mouth full of smoke and shoot it down into their lungs, that would never happen lol.

lol - it sounds like a lie to me. a month? no way. i have asthma and i can't be around smoke but i doubt kissing someone who had been smoking would bother me. smoke on their clothing might, because you inhale it, but... i think it's a lie. lol

Michelle N
thats crap. the only bad thing would be if you breathed the smoke into that persons mouth that your about to kiss.
and to the very most you would maybe just not have to smoke just before the kiss just to be sure.

This I never heard of ever. Doing asthma testing and allergy testing, this is not at all possible. I have heard alot doing my job but this one is the first I have heard, no is the answer and yes it is a lie. take care ;)
You can kiss away it doesnt affect you like a any type of virus because it is not a virus.

Haha, funny question.
I think it's a rumor. I have asthma and I actually smoke occasionally and I'm okay.
But I don't have an extreme case of asthma, it's just seasonal.

Sounds like a tall tale to me,however throw that garbage, weed and tobacco out the door,kisses will be sweeter!

No- unless you were blowing smoke down his/her throat- thats not possible. That whole not kissing for a month thing is BS too... =(

I wouldn't want to make the person with asthma feel tight in the chest just from smoke. If I were the person that smoked, I would try to lay off for a while if you were really serious about the asthmatic. I have asthma and I would not want someone to be careless and know that they are at the slightest risk of triggering an asthma attack on me.

That isn't true. They would have to actually inhale the smoke for their asthma to make any difference. So don't smoke around them. But yeah, kissing them after you're done won't make any difference. It's kinda gross though, why would you smoke anything?

And some people are allergic to weed, like me, I can't even be in someone's house that smokes it. I've never actually smoked it myself, but I found out I was allergic to it by staying at someone's house who did. Just the smell of it that had permeated their carpet made one of my eyes swell shut. So, if they are allergic to it that might be bad.

No there is nothing wrong and no ones throat is going to close up Myth..

it's a lie to get out of having to taste your nasty smoke flavored mouth

She could have an asthma attack but it is more like the smell of the tobacco is the trigger for your asthma in which case you are triggered by the smell.

If so, then she probably start wild coughing at heavy perfume, can't walk into a Crabtree and Evelyn store, and don't use room deodorizers.

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