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smoking ?????
why is smoking bad for you and how you cut down what it can do to you ???

Rich S
Because inhaling a lethal mix of chemicals into your lungs will KILL YOU

Like it did to my father

Smokers die young FACT.

Smoking kills, see a doctor and try the patch or gum etc. Ask people to pray for you. I just did. You can quit, i've known many people that quit, and people that have died for not quitting.

El Cid
Because of the carcinogens, CO and nicotine in the smoke. You can cut the dangers down by fitting a particle extractor, a noxious gas extractor, a nicotine extractor, a CO and impurities extractor - in the end you are inhaling pure air, good for you.

r doug w
you could wait until you have a heart attack (like me) and then stop, i've been stopped 8yrs.and sometimes still fancy one (not often) good luck..

if you want to quit smoking then just do it, its simple, dont buy more cigarettes.
just brainwash your thoughts to something else

Mark S
Smoking is bad for you in loads of ways. Lung cancer, heart diease, heart attacks and loads more.

IAN B 48
I've smoked for 35 years and know the risks , so I would not recommend anyone to start smoking.
Although there is also the question of everyone breathing in
fumes from petrol , diesel , coal fires , chemicals etc etc so
there is No Such Thing as clean air and everyone breathes in this stuff every day.

smoking damages ur lungs & clogs ur arteries.Smoking low tar cigarettes reduces the damage.Not holding the smoke in as long will help reduce the damage as inhaling is when most of the damage is done.Menthol cigarettes r lower tar & nicotine.Look on the packet 2 c which brands have less tar & nicotine as it has to tell u on the packet by law how much of these it contains.If u roll ur own use proper filters to reduce damage.No filter lets the most damage through.Im a smoker myself.Iv switched 2 menthol ready made cigarettes & i use filters in my roll ups 2 reduce the damage.roll ups taste much better witha filter aswell & u can buy menthol filters for roll ups.Theyre dearer than regular filters but r stil inexpensive compared 2 ready made.

jeff k
It is a poison, why would you want to poison yourself to death, it smells horrible, makes you and your clothes stink and you don't notice how bad you do smell to a none smoker, I gave up 2 years ago, just stopped! decided I was going to give up and made a positive effort and will power, not smoked since, and saved so much cash, and feel much healthier no more sticky coughs, go on you can do it!

i smoke. you could cut down by just smoking half a cigarette at a time and then finish it the next time you need a cigarette. eventually that will become the norm for you and over time you will have cut your ammount of smoking in half and make a pack last 2 days and 7 packs last two weeks. it adds up to your benefit.

smoking is just bad for you full stop, it will slowly degrade your lungs ability to provide you with enough oxygen to do anything!. it can start cancer, but this is not always the case some smokers get problems with heart and arteries. i have lost 5 friends all non smokers! to lung cancer they never smoked or worked in places where people did and they never allowed people to smoke in their homes. the only conclusion i could come to was they were all subject to heavy volumes of traffic and they were all surrounded by alot of building work for several years! and a point to note my grandfather smoked like a chimney and died at the age 93 years? so the note that all smokers die young is unjustified. brickdust, plasterdust,soot,exhaust fumes,any dust below 5 microns will damage your lungs and cause cancer. and i have to watch another mate (nonsmoker) who has lung cancer! die!.

Smoking is bad for you in many ways and can give you many things like lungs cancer, throat cancer, emphysema- just t name a few. You have to use willpower mainly to cut down, but there are many products and helplines (NHS) to help you stop.

The introduction of unnatural chemicals into a natural system is always detrimental because the human body is not capable of compensating for a degraded respiratory system .

Ash W
you cant cut down on what it does to you! its bad for you for a million reasons you could easily find out elsewhere

Burning tobacco (and the hundreds of chemicals they add to it) causes you to inhale more than 4000 chemicals, of which more than 50 are known to cause cancer, mostly by harming DNA. You need to stop. It is essentially as important as eating to your health, and even more important than exercise.

sleep tech
I've been a resp therapist in a hospital for 15 years. If you ever watched someone dying from emphysema you'd stop. It's like drowning on your own mucus. It's a slow death and there's no cure.

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