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small amount of blood in morning nasal discharge?
For the past three weeks or so, I've woken up with small amounts of blood in my mucus, both dry and wet. Once I blow my nose though, I find no more blood in my nasal discharge during the remainder of the day. I have not experienced this before.

Some other info: the weather here has been pretty consistently wintery. I have a cat, but I am not allergic. I smoke between 3-5 cigarettes a day, but have been doing so for quite some time, and not just for the past three weeks.

Any ideas what's up?

Charles C
cocaine is a hella of a drug

you might be to do with smoking or you might have to much blood in your body so try giving some blood it is just your body is trying to get rid of exes blood

Nicole H
nose dry discharge blood need see dr

No biggy, nothing severe, is just that the air you breathe is causing your nasal pathway dryness. Get some over the counter nasal spray and put a warm air humidifier in your room and you will be fine. Otherwise if you have Vicks in your household. Get a quitip and apply a small amount of Vicks inside your nose. It will cause a little discomfort, but it will definitely helps you alot. If none of the above helps, you might want to go to your doctor for professional help.

the dry air from your heater will cause that. I get it too. get a humidifier that will help.

i love to singa grl
when you turn the heat on put a small bowl or bucket of water next to it.your place maybe to warm and it is causeing you to have blood in you mucus thats what happens to me most of the time

that has happened to me before, its just your sinuses bleeding they do that when they are dry sometimes, use a humidifier, or you can get a nasal spray, although I think the humidifier works better. Either way introducing some moisture should clear it right up.

Your nose can dry out from the winter weather and having to heat your house ,get a humidifier that will help. If not see a doctor..

Get a humidifier and run it at night. You're just dry.

My first question would be "How long have you been smoking?" Respiratory disease/conditions can take a long time to develop. Check with your doctor about nasal cavity/
pulmonary bleeding as soon as possible!

Good luck.

Chances are you just have dry heat so your nasal passages are drying up to the point of being irritated at night. Try running a humidifier in the room where you're sleeping at night or if you don't have one (cool mist version is best) then simply hang a large wet towel (wrung out so it's not dripping) in the room and the moisture in the towel will evaporate into the room air as the towel dries during the night.

When the air in your home is dry your nasal passages dry as well. Sometimes this can lead to tiny tears that bleed a little. It's really common so you don't have to panic. I would suggest sleeping with a humidifier on in your room. You should see improvement in about a week.

Jonny B
The inside of the nose has thousands of tiny little capillaries in it and they are very close to the suface. it could be that perhaps your climate is very dry, causing it your skin inside the nose to crack and bleed a little. Check the humidity in your house and see if its low.. im guessing it is..

Your nose is probably drying out from the weather causing it to bleed slightly. The cigarettes are probably not helping either.

I get the same thing every winter. It is from the air being REALLY dry. Try putting a humidifier in your room.

probably just the cool weather - you may have a sore in there that is breaking (stop picking your nose) :-)

10S Player
Could be because it's very dry outdoors. But I'm no doctor. That's who you should see.

the air in your home during the winter is much drier than at any other time of year because of the furnace. Suggest that the blood you see is a result of your nasal membranes drying and cracking during the night. Use of a saline nasal spray will help a lot.

If it's "wintery" then you probably have the heat on. Heat can cause sever dry air which can then in turn cause the lining of your nose to bleed. This used to happen to me all the time when living in cold areas.

This could be due to your nasal passages being over dried, causing cracking in the lining resulting in bleeding. Or it could a sinus infection. It is very common to have blood in nasal discharge when you have a sinus infection. Press lightly ( or tap lightly)on your cheek bones and in between your eye brows, if this causes a slight pain, it is a good sign you have a sinus infection. Also, if you are getting any pain near the eye area is a good sign too.

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