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 If i smoked weed on friday and saturday will it show up on a test i took tonight?
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I smoked since I was 16.... I am 34 now......

 diagnose my symptoms please?
i have a fever of 102
i have a horrible headache
my stomach hurts on the lower right side
i have horrible chills
i have the worst sore throat i have ever had
my tonsils are ...

 Is it true if you poke where your ribs near lungs you'll stop breathing?
My Freind told me if you poke it youR ribs where your lungs are then you can stop breathing. Now Im scared to sleep on my side and stuff....

 My chest kind of hurts and I'm coughing up lots of blood it's pretty late should I go see a doctor?
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 is smoking weed a good idea?
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 Am I wrong for smoking weed?
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 How bad is weed for you?
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 Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
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 Is pneumonia contagious?

 how can i tune my body into needing less sleep,is it possible to have 4 hrs sleep and still feel awake?

 is it healthier to smoke really weak cigarettes?
i recently switched to smoking cigarettes with 0.1mg tar and 0.1mg nicotene.

this should make it healthier or not? and less addictive?
Additional Details
but if the amount of ...

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 wants to smoke pot. any tips?
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My ...

 Should i go to school when i have Bronchitis?
I went to the Doctor today and he said i had Bronchitis. He gave me some antibiotics, but i was wondering if i should go to school for the next few days of not? Also, is Bronchitis contagious?

 Should I got to the emergency room for this?
I was diagnosed yesterday with simmers ear. They gave me ear drops, and I have been using them exactly how they said to. However, when I put the ear drops in I experience sever pain and each time I ...

 whats the best way of relaxing after you hae finished a 9 page essay that is due on monday ?
im so stressed ...

Kaiyana M
side effects of steroid use?

well, with prolonged use it can cause: anger..... sweating..... muscles..... unwanted body hair.......and a smaller package on men ;)

Anonymous Viking
In colloquial use "steroid" can mean any of a number of different performance enhancers. True steroids such as testosterone boosters will make you very angry and very under-endowed because your body does not feel the need to produce testosterone of it's own. Other drugs such as human growth hormone will not shrink your nuts, but they will confuse parts of your body you don't want growing into growing such as the bones in your face or your breasts.

Try them all and if anyone makes fun of you for being the Incredibly Ugly Shemale Hulk crush them with your massive muscles! Until you also develop heart problems, kidney failure or your arms explode.


There are certain things that it's best not to mess with. Your body's signaling systems are one of those things. Of all the performance enhancers creatine is the least dangerous, but in high doses it will increase your chances for a condition called compartment syndrome where your muscles overpressurize and die due to poor circulation.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Lowers your immunity.
Can weaken your tendons and ligaments.
Can damage your kidneys and liver.

Shrinkage in all the important areas

my friend is a doctor, he told me the other day a patient came in who is only 25 yrs old, has been using steroids... in 3 months, he will need kidney transplant, his lungs are no longer healthy enough to function. so i guess it has many effects

Huge muscles that will inevitably make chicks want you and guys envy you. This will of course lead to fortune and fame and eventually...eternal happiness :-)

Joseph B
You won't get elected to the hall of fame.

k. renee.
That depends on the kind of steroid you're using. Since it's in Respiratory Diseases, I assume you mean like a Corticosteroid? The side effects of using steroids really depend on the kind that you're taking and how it is you are taking it. For example, topical steroids have different effects than those taken orally or inhaled. The time you take them also has an effect, because sometimes certain side effects do not appear until the steroids have been used for extended periods of time. Mostly though, if your doctor has prescribed them to you, s/he believes that the benefits outweigh the side effects. Good luck!

For girls, it
lowers your voice
makes your breasts small
gives u increased facial hair
can make you infertile. (neeeever able to have kids)

for guys,
smaller testes
you gain breasts
possibly infertile.

numerous health problems, and extremely fatal consequences upon getting caught.

considering all you gain is a little power boost...
not worth it!!!

Depends on the steroid and the dose.


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