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pulse of 34 bpm, what does it mean?
I lost loads of weight a couple of years and from time to time my pulse would get very slow, I thought it was due to undereating but now I'm pretty much back to my old size and fine and I have eaten really well.
My weight goes a bit up , a bit down like any normal person now and seeing I haven't been able to eat quite enough in the last week as I have had ridiculous amounts of netball, I have lost a little bit of weight but since a few days ago I have been pushing to make it come back so I don't loose any more and this is totally normal and my pulse is normally fine and everything else is as well but suddenly my pulse is like at 34 and I keep getting pins and needles and I seriously cold feet. but it is cold at the moment
I have eaten really well but my body is not responding!!
what does it mean if my pulse is at 34? and why do I keep getting pins and needles? do you think it's becuase my metabolism is taking a wierd turn? I am buzzing with enery and just hoping it's not bad for my health and that it will correst itself....
any comments or advice would be appreciated
Additional Details
I didn't mean to be in the "respitory diseases"
I have checked my pulse again. its is always around the 30's atm unless I move alot obviously.
I have had an ECG before and there is nothign wrong with my heart, I don't really know if I had anorexia but I was a bit obsessed but didnt drop that low in weight, like from BMI 22 to about 18 in not very long time, my weight is not a problem really.

Hate to say it but that is not nessesarily bad. Its high heart BPM that is to worry about. A low heartrate means that your heart is strong. Most athleats have low rates, but what kills them is stupidity. Its nothing to worry about. If you think im wrong look it up carefully.

Heart is beating 34 beats per minute

id go to the emergency room
maybe its inaccurate how have you measured your heart rate?

its most likely caused of lack of circulation, something is clogging your heart arteries. Your blood sugar count may also be low, but from loosing all the weight and eating and gaining the weight back depending how fast you may have clog your arteries

Ashok p
go to a doctor take salt in water
injection of adrenaline it is bradycardia
go for ECG

You must have an ECG done ASAP.
You probably have a cardiac arrhythmia.

Were you or are you anorexic? This is a very common problem in anorexics. Your pulse rate is called bradycardia, or a slow pulse rate [less than 60 bpm]. What else can cause it?

This cardiac arrhythmia can be underlain by several causes, which are best divided into cardiac and non-cardiac causes. Non-cardiac causes are usually secondary, and can involve drug use or abuse; metabolic or endocrine issues, especially in the thyroid; an electrolyte imbalance; neurologic factors; autonomic reflexes; situational factors such as prolonged bed rest; and autoimmunity. Cardiac causes include acute or chronic ischemic heart disease, vascular heart disease, valvular heart disease, or degenerative primary electrical disease. Ultimately, the causes act by three mechanisms: depressed automaticity of the heart, conduction block, or escape pacemakers and rhythms.

You really must get to your physician [or better yet, a cardiologist] to find out what is going on.

I had a tumour of my adrenal gland. Some of the symptoms sounds a bit like yours. In the early stages I had lots of energy, I was very active, too active, but my hands and feet were always cold and I did get pins and needles. The affect of an over production of adrenalin will cass peripheral vasel shut down which causes the cold hands and feet, the excess adrenalin will make you very active and cause your heart to race. I also had irregular heart beats and sometimes a slow pulse and slightly low blood pressure. As time went on the tumour grew and grew and the symptoms became quite bizarre.

normal pulse 70

Calvin W
34! :| That's really low. mine is like 58

It means your heart is beating 34 time a minute *Beats per min.=bpm. The average beats per min is 60-80. You need to seek medical attention ASAP! That is not good for your heart to be beating that little amount. You posted your question under respiratory diseases, your heart rate has nothing to do with respiratory--thats your lungs not your heart. You need to get medical attention or you could seriously die.

Joe Paramedic
A pulse of 34 is very dangerous. You need to see a doctor, it sounds like a couple of thinks but if you start with diabetes, you may be able to save yourself some time. Have the doctor do a Hemoglobin A1c test and an ECG. Your screwing up your heart with your weight and eating habits.

I would go see a doc. Pins and needles sounds like you're not getting circulation, which could signify a heart problem - esp if you are at 34 bpm.

Amanda L
Ok, that's not normal. Normal resting Heartrate is going to be between 60 and 80 roughly. You need to call your PCP and go in. Pins and needles, sounds like a circulatory issue whick makes sense because your heart isn't beating enough to circulate the blood to the areas farthest from the heart. Don't mess around with cardiac stuff. They can put you on an EKG and determine what the issue is easily.

Don't want to scare you bu that sounds bad. Your pulse is too low and pins and needles and cold feet suggest they aren't getting enough blood. See your doctor

gangadharan nair
Bradycardia, as applied to adult medicine, is defined as a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute, though it is seldom symptomatic until the rate drops below 50 beat/min. Trained athletes or young healthy individuals may also have a slow resting heart rate. Resting bradycardia is often considered normal if the individual has no other symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, chest discomfort, palpitations or shortness of breath associated with it.
You need a pacemaker. Consult a cardiologist.

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