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people smoke next door and it's affecting my breathing?
i live in an apartment complex that isn't non-smoking, but the person next door, i can smell the smoke in my kitchen, and this crap is bothering my breathing to the point where its affecting my sleep, and making it so i have to fight for air. my lease is up this febuary the 28th and i have to let them know within ONE day if im moving or not, i've been looking all month. i can't find a good apartment, and i'm running so low on time or i gotta sign another six months. i absolutely CAN'T stay here another six months and this is friggin ridiculous. this should be illegal, because i already know i have allergies, no asthma, and i'm suffering like an asthma patient with tons of buildup in my ears, my eyes burning, ect.
Additional Details
ive been to the doctors and hospital multiple times and havent been diagnosed with ANYTHING, and have no wheezing. i dusted my house and it's not pollen im allergic to. plain and simple, the smoke is screwing my breathing.

That's terrible. You should report them to your landlord...maybe he can see what to do.

Debs Mom
You non-smokers never fail to amaze me!! So many work or live in cities, with factorys', warehouses, exhaust fumes from cars, smelly garbage trucks, the list goes on.... but let one person come within fifty feet of someone smoking, and they cant breathe, their lungs are filling with flem, and their eyes are watering.... What in Gods name did you complain about ten -fifteen years ago, before this big ruckas over smoking!!! I just refuse to believe that someone who doesn't even live in your apt. is causing your allergies to flair up~ and it also causes you to lose sleep? C'MON !!! What made me really laugh is when you said you must FIGHT FOR AIR!! Wow! too, too, much!

I'll answer your question with a question. why are they being allowed to smoke in a nonsmoking apartment ??? if the rule is "NO SMOKING" then no one should be smoking .. I would speak to them about it first.. If that didn't help then I would contact management.. If you do not want to do a face job, write a letter to management. explain the situation and tell them you didn't sign the letter.because you are afraid of reprisals . Stand strong that's your castle .

possibly smoke coming through the walls. plus you need to report you neighbors to your landlord that they're smoking inside the apartment. you know their is a federal law no smoking inside buildings. your neighbors have to go outside to smoke. if this is not the case you need to request to be move to a nonsmoking section

sounds like your screwed

Miss Informed
Go to your Dr and get a note stating that this affecting your health, and call the DA and see what your surrounding laws allow you to do, but I'm pretty sure that if your health is being affected the complex should allow the break in your lease assuming they don't want a law suit. Good luck to you.

go to the land lord. if its a non smoking building theres gotta be something he can do about it. If not call the cops and complain. This neighbor signed an agreement to not smoke in this building and now he's breaking that agreement, theres gotta be something someone can do for you. If both of those don't work, go beat his A%&!

That is terrible!! I hate smoke!!! Have you tried talking to the mgmt at the apt. Do they have another apt in the complex that is going to be available in the next month or two.

Maybe you can put a clause in the new lease that you get the next available apt. and if one doesn't come up in two months then you can drop the lease.

Good luck!!

SInce you are obviously complaining about the second-hand smoking you are getting from your neighbor, maybe you should move. Theres no point in cutting your life short, right?

i'm a non-smoker, and i hope they curb this banning smoking crap, you people realize how much they tax cigarettes, if everyone quits they are going to raise your taxes on something else, so don't get pissed when your property taxes go up when all the businesses start moving out of your town because of lost revenues and nobody is buying cigarettes, they have to make money somehow. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT.

With issues such as the ones you describle, it is incomprehensible that you would not check to see who smokes within the vicinity of your residence prior to signing a lease. The building does not discourage smoking so your neighbors are well within their rights. In additon, clearly they checked to see if they could smoke prior to signing the lease.

I quit smoking a month ago but believe smokers have rights as well. I have a neighbor in the apartment below me who goes outside to smoke since his wife does not like smoke. The smoke drifts up and into my front balcony door. I simply close it when he is outside smoking. In the summer I will ask him to walk further away from the building which I am sure he will kindly do.

As for your situation, unless the smoke is drifting in your window from a neighbor standing outside, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for smoke to come through walls or even ventilation systems to cause you lack of sleep cause you cannot breath, eyes burning, build up in ears. It is simply not possible. Please take no offense but I am thinking that you either have extreme anger towards the neighbors or hypochondria could be a condition you are suffering from that could certainly benefit from some care.

Good luck. Try to find a place where you have researched your needs a little more thoroughly so you can find some happiness.

Marci G
Get a quality air purifier.

Did you know that indoor airpollution is 2-5 worst than outdoors and sometimes it's the common chemicals under the sink?(EPA website) I have more additional information I can share but am limited here so email me at [email protected]

I have an asthmatic son and have conducted lots of research about this!

Jamie Lynn
you need to let your landlord know that this is a major issue affecting your health. you need to let your neighbors know this as well. once you do that, if they don't stop, you need to move out, but make sure to move into a non-smoking building to prevent this problem from happening again. tell your landlord that you are moving, and that if you can't find a place you'll have to live on the street because you can't put up with that.
unfortunately if it is a smoking building you can't really do anything about that, because you knew when you moved into it that it was.
good luck!!!

O.K. , I'm sorry, but u should'a, thought of that, if your allergies , are that bad, BEFORE, you moved in. Try Fans, one of thoose air cleaners??? I truelly am sorry, & I do Smoke, but, I am not rude about it. Have you maybe talked to the person? Maybe between the 3 of you, {yourself, the person & the Lanlord}, you could come up w/ a solution, Don't give up & don't be RUDE about it & maybe there's a solution. GOOD_LUCK!!!!!!!!!

jared l
yeah you got to leave, if you must go live in your car or a crappy motel for a couple weeks. Then find a okay apartment, but anything is better than the ashed up apartment anyways right?

Basic is whats the law in your Town ???

If smoking is allowed then you have no choice but to move to a place that doesn't allow it


I am an ex smoker, I do ask if smoking is allowed, If it is , I go elsewhere that simple

look for a non-smoking apartment and tell them your moving and if you can bunk with a friend

I skimmed your details, and let me tell you, you are NOT alone. I am a 13 year old girl who has asthma and I have been sick for about a year, no lie. You might want to talk to your landlord and talk to your doctor.

Here is some medication you might want to talk to him about:




Hope I helped.

A Concerned Teen/ Future Doctor

Dr Universe
i`m like you bro. it affects me the same way. thats why i had to move as well.

Clown Knows
Have you tried a heavy duty air filter, it might help.

report them to you landlord, and hopefully they could make your building a non-smoking building and have your neighbors take it outside! or maybe your landlord could move you to another apartment within the complex since your lease is going to be up it shouldn't be a problem.

i react to cigarette smoke badly as well, i don't have any allergies, asthma or anything but when cigarette smoke gets into my lungs its not a pretty sight!! i feel ya bud!

s an apartment manager I have heard this complaint a hundred times and I really feel sorry for you. Unfortunately it is really hard to find non smoking apartment communities. If I can offer you a suggestion it would be to address the matter with your apartment manager and ask her if she would be willing to move you to another unit or if she/he would be willing to have maintenance worker come to your apartment and caulk around all your pipes etc to try to reduce the smoke from your neighbor. If all else fails try to rent a house...no adjoining neighbors.

karen l
It is your neighbor's right to smoke in their own home. I also think you are overreacting a bit. I know if I was your neighbor and you complained about my smoking, I'd probably laugh at you.

Why did you move into an apartment complex that allows smoking, if you have health problems that could be exacerbated by smoke?

They should be allowed to smoke in their own home, unless the apartment complex doesn't allow it anywhere. You can ask the complex to seal the walls better, or to fix the ventilation system - whichever is allowing the exchange of air. Or just ask if you can switch to another apartment in the complex - maybe the new one will have a crying baby next door, then you can complain about something else instead.

i would talk to your landlord about it ask if you can just stay another month and not sign a contract, pay up for that month and good luck finding another place

move back to your parents

No its not illegal as long as they allow smoking there is nothing you can do about it..your only choice is to move

Sweet n Sour
You really need to move. Look harder and find some place where you can breathe clean air. If smoking is allowed in your building, and it's in your lease, then there is no legal way you can get the chimneys next door to quit, and you know they never will.

It's worth it to your health to find someplace perhaps less desirable in other ways, without the 2nd hand smoke driving you to distraction.

Get some help from a realtor specializing in rentals.
good luck!

If you cannot move, purchase a high quality air filter. Maybe your landlord can move you to a different apartment?

stop lieing.

second hand smoke is a farce!

and if you dont like it..MOVE!

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