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Avril C
panic attacks?................................…
always in school when im asked to continue on reading out loud to the class or read an essay out that we had the night b4 my voice starts trembling and i cant breathe and i have to stop.the teacher dosnt know wats wrong and i cant answer - i just dont know whats happened 2 me.any tips on what i cud do 2 help my problem or what it is?

Hi hun
Are you dyslexic? Reading outloud for a dyslexic person is hell and can show outward affects such as redness or trembling.
Otherwise, are you a generally nervous person?
Reading outloud in the class is the hardest thing in the world... just go slow and read clearly as you can. TAKE YOUR TIME! This is really important... really important... just take your time and relax.

I was the same way when I was your age. At that time panic attacks did not exist. Today, I still suffer with panic disorder, but am medicated for it and much better. Talk with your parents about it, or your guidance counselor, even your teacher. They will understand. ALso, if possible, get evaluated by a doctor.

Holly C
You should talk to your Doctor about the panic attacks. They will be able to to help you. They might percribe medication and also find you a therapist. I have been using this alternative therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique on my anxiety and depression which has helped me a lot. It's very good at getting rid of all kinds of negative emotions and dealing with all kinds of issues quickly. It does sound crazy but does work. It might be something that can help you.Try some of the techniques from the third link.

Jessie G
Try taking a few deep breaths and get a drink of water if you can. Just focus on relaxing, try counting to 10 in your head slowly...100 if you are still stressed.

Brandie H
Panic attacks are a serious thing. Sometimes you need to take medication to relieve them. You might need to talk to your parents and possible go to the doctor and figure out the problem. I had them but they were not bad enough to take anything for them. Medication and or counseling can sometimes fix the problem.

Just take it easy and try to explain to the teacher whats going on and maybe the teacher will be able to help as well.

It's Anxiety my pal. I suffer from a varying form.

Go and see Doctor and explain....take your mum if you want or a friend along with you. My breathlessness wasn't connected to my airways or lungs, it was more my stomach muscles/diaphragm not expanding due to tension.

just remember one things...panic attacks cannot kill you. If you have to talk to your teacher and tell her you have problems reading out loud. She may let you skip that part. I know its a terrifying feeling though and I just have to stop and lay down until it passes. This website has some great tips to help you:


your probably jusdt nervous.
that used to happen to me.
you should get to know everyone so that your not worried in front of friends ;]
and then just pretend like your reading to yourself.
dont overstress it hunn
you'll be fine ;]

Elizabeth A
Try deep breathing, it will help calm you down. I used to have this and it got so bad that I would skip school. I would have these weird feelings of unreality where I would feel like I was dreaming, and like I was about to pass out. Also, make sure you get enough sleep and enough to eat. This is often the problem too.

Joy Xx
It may well be panic attacks. Or just extreme anxiety. I used to get the same thing. i got so nervous when i had to read out at school. Its not going to go away just like that. Try and think what makes u nervous. Usually its a fear of what others think of you. When a class is reading out like that are u that bothered about whos reading and how they sound? im guessing not so theyr not bothered when you are reading. remember that. Take deep breaths as soon as you feel urself gettin shakey and breathless. it does help somewhat. I know its embarrasing but talking to ur teachers and explaining that it causes severe stress to u should help. ask them if when u read u can just do small bits. Like 2 sentences. You will realise that its not that bad and u can do it without getting nervous. Good luck. I do hope it gets easier for u as i know how hard it makes lessons sometimes.

Tips for Stress & Anxiety
It's completely normal. You can start to control these feelings of anxiety with concentrated breathing exercises. Here's a tutorial that shows you how to do just that:

Practice the exercise taught in the article and you'll find the panic subsiding quickly.

First I would talk to my teacher and let her know what is going on. I always hated reading aloud in class. In college, I had to take a speech class (actually severaly classes required formal presentations) and it scared me to death. I was up there shaking and stammering - but I lived through it! And now that I've done it so many times - while it isn't my favotite thing to do, I get through it remarkably well. So I would recommend more practice. Read to your parents, relatives, friends. Anyone who will listen so that when you are in front of the class, you will be ok.

Oh My Gosh?
Aww, that happens to me. I used to get them about 6 or 7 times a week, and it was always in school when everyone was looking at me. I don't get them very much anymore.
I saw the school nurse and she was very helpful and explained what you should do when you have a panic attack. She told me to take deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth and then maybe get some air.
The teachers didn't know what was wrong either, so I told them and they were also very helpful. They now very rarely ask me to read in front of class. Lol.
I suggest you go and see the school nurse if you have one, or a doctor and they will help you and tell you how to deal with them. Also it helps me not to think about it, but if it happens I do the breathing thing, in through my nose and out through my mouth to calm me down. It seems silly, but it does work. Don't worry about it though, panic attacks are actually very common.

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