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♥femme fatale♥
ow! i have a cold and my chest hurts so bad..any suggestions to help my sleep?
I've been sick since last Thursday and i've been coughing so much that now it hurts to breath...like no joke...i'm on a bunch of different meds that my dr. prescribed to me but every time i cough i have a REALLY sharp pain just below my ribcage (I think it's my diaphragm muscle). Is there anything i can do to relieve this pain? If i take a deep breath or cough or sneeze...OWWW...what can i do?? please help....thanks~katie

Maybe some good cough surup .

Shayla G
Yes, I know what can help! Eat a lot of fruits and drink a lot of water. While you are doing that, think about your life and all the positive changes you can make in it.
Best wishes for getting better!!!

Suzie s
Give your chest a good rub with vick, and that will help.

Alan T
A good over the counter medication (see a doctor ASAP), liquids, and try to sleep on an incline - prop your head and upper back up on pillows. If you have a vaporizer or similar device, there can be a medication that can be added to it to help breathing, too.

jennifer h
Sounds like you need to go back to your doctor. Try a hot water bottle on your chest and a pain killer or rub some tiger balm or vicks in. stay warm

Jody L
run the shower till the room gets real steamy and sit in there a while, put a pillow under the head of your matress so that your upper body is elevated. the pain could be from coughing. you haven't used those muscles like you are now. feel better

Melanie H
Vicki Vapor Rube and Vick's Vapor Riser. Sit up in Bad, Drink lots of water and Some fresh air. I Dehumidifier works as well.

Ugh, I feel for you.

Try sleeping on a different side than normal. Sleeping on your back will PROBABLY hurt the worst, but on your side or stomach may feel alot better!

well u should grab abowl and put boiling water with salt to relieve ur chest pain u can also sleep in a 45 degree angle

thats is something you have to see your doctor again in the meantime why not do some kind of home remedy stuff like do some hot water steam or some nebulizer kind of thing using some vicks vaporub formula that will relieve some congestions and maybe give you a couple of hours sleep. drink some hot tea, too.

Michelle B
For one thing, MAKE SURE you are using a humidifier in your house......but especially while you sleep. (if your humidifier has a resouvier, a few drops of tea tree oil in there would be good) Dry air will aggravate your condition. Also, don't disqualify good old fashioned "vicks" vapor rub....it isn't exactly a comfy feeling having vicks smeared on your chest, but do it anyway.

Vicks Vapor rub or any Mentholatum, If you do not have a humidifier then put it under your nose. It may get a little warm but it will soothe your respiratory tract and open your lungs some. Get a vaporizer for the pharmacy.

Dr. Kalyfran
Hold a pillow against your belly and squeeze before you cough. Does wonders. If this continues, you need to go back and see your doctor. Could be a med change is needed. Let me know if doesn't help iyou. I've been there, done that!

I would try sleeping in the orthopnic position. Patients with COPD and other chronic respiratory disorders often sleep this way at night. just put three or four pillows under your upper back and head so that your elevated to about a 45 degree angle. When you lie flat, your lungs are compressed, which makes it harder for you to inflate them when they are inflamed. If you elevate your upper body, it reduces the compression, making it easier to breath. I know it's not the most comfy position, but trust me, it will help! Good luck!

I'll give you u a natural remedy. Drink 2 table spoons of Organic apple cider vinegar ( make sure it has "mother" on it).... eat a tablespoon of a organic raw honey. Drink a cup of a worm chamomile tea. You'll be set :)

I know this sounds crazy and I don't know if it will help you but..... Try slathering your feet with Vic's Vapo Rub and then put socks on and go to sleep. Its weird but it works for my kids. something about feet being connected to your upper body. Like if you rub garlic on the bottom of your feet you'll taste it after a few minutes. Anyhoo try that and you might try an OTC sleep aid if you're really having problems sleeping.

Take 800 mg of Ibuprofen---like Motrin. If you have a vaporizer, use it in your bedroom. Vick's vapo-rub on your chest will help......but personally, I can't STAND the smell.

my mom gave us a shot of whiskey in hot tea and rubbed vick vapo rub on our chest and put it in our noses cover the chest with a towel or a warm shirt and flannel steam helps also drink a lot of water to help loosen the phlem

Sick of F*ckwits
hot tea w/ honey and lemon juice; when u dont drink it keep ur nose close to the steam n breath it in

Tony G
It sounds as if everything else is failing, so try these ancient methods related to acupuncture. What you are doing here is touching some of the more energetic places on your body relating to health.

1) Breathing, fever and cold relief: Hold your left shoulder with your right hand and your right shoulder with your left hand.

2) Aids in clearing chest: Place thumb over ring fingernail. (make a circle with palm side of thumb over ring finger.)

3) Revitalize lungs: Place right hand on top of head. Place finger(s) of left hand between the breasts on the sternum (breastbone). It may take longer, but it still works if you reverse hands.

4) Improve sleep: Hold the little side of the wrist bone. This also aid chest congestion.

5) General well being: Place hands together as in prayer or anyway that the palms touch.

6) Give your body a hug. Place the thumbs on the upper front part of the arms, on the joints of the front part of the arms and shoulders. Place the fingers by the sides of the scapula (shoulder blades). The thumbs help relax the lings for easier breathing and fingers help clear the tension/stress in the shoulders.

Do each for as long as you have time for (try for 36 breaths each). Repeat as often as you can. If you are some place where you might feel silly doing these, give yourself a hug.

liv t
mucinex, call your doc before it gets worse

Great answers, the first thing I do is the vaporizer, a lifesaver for me to sleep. But when awake and downstairs I put a pan of water on the stove, put Vicks vapor rub in a pastry dish in the water. Let the water melt the vicks then keep the stove on a low temperature all day. the air stays humid and the vicks vapor carries throughout the area.
While at work or away from home I use this AROMAFLORIA HERBAL THERAPY SINUS HELP INHALATION BEADS. It has a gauge bag to fill w/beads take a wiff, opens you head, I put it under my pillowcase, at night. lay it by the computer at work. can be bought at drug stores or 800-424- 0034

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