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my dads snoring is getting really annoying.?
my dad snores when he sleeps. he snores so loud that i can hear it from my room and our rooms are about 20 feet away. how do i get him to stop snoring.
p.s. hes got a machine thing but that doesnt help at all...when he does wear it. the catagory sais its a desease but its not thats the only catagory i could find that had to do with my question

sounds like sleep apnea
tell him to get a nasal mask

for his cpap nasal pillows work the best


he needs to lose weight

Sam F
From what you are saying, your Dad is using a CPAP machine, so I guess he has already seen a Doctor. That is important because you really need to find out whether he has a problem called Sleep Apnoea. Having said that, snoring generally occurs when there is some kind of blockage in the breathing passage when you fall asleep. The airflow in your bronchial passage becomes irregular due to the constriction that occurs when your throat relaxes. Disrupted airflow then causes the soft palette in the breathing passages to flap causing the snoring sound.

So keeping the airways open is the key. Here are some suggestions to achieve that:

• Give him a thicker pillow or multiple pillows will help reduce hissnoring, a pillow that's too soft encourages throat muscles to relax and narrows the air passageway.
• Don't let him drink alcohol, take sleeping pills, or similar before going to sleep, they will cause his muscles to relax and limit his air passage way.
• Tell him to avoid dairy products, which can cause mucus build-up.
• If he is slightly overweight, losing some weight will reduce snoring by increasing the space in his air passage way.
• Try to get him to sleep on his side instead of his back
• Try following a regular sleep routine.
• Don't let him eat a big meal right before bed, a full stomach will push up on the diaphragm and limit breathing passage ways.
• If he is a smoker, get him to stop smoking, if that is not feasible then avoid smoking right before he goes to bed. Smoking causes inflammation and swelling of the throat.
• get him to try exercising the muscles in his jaw, mouth and throat - strengthening these will reduce the airway collapsing when he is relaxed. There are books available that describe the best excercises, and they do work!

There are many other Stop Snoring Aids available such as nasal strips, sprays, mouth guards or even surgery, but I would sugest exhausting the list above, and doing the excercises before you go down that path.

Good Luck

I have this problem to, use ear plugs. You can't cure snoring. but you can definitely block it out :)

ask him to see a doctor about it

try wearing earplugs :)

I think that you should get foam ear plugs to deal with the noise.

turn him on his side my mom had the same problem with my step dad and then she figured it out

I used to have the same problem. I learned that a non silent fan will solve this. Open the window, and turn on the fan and blow it out the window. The sound will drown it out, and the air will circulate much better giving you a nice fresh room feeling when you wake.

2 for 1 ;)

Snoring can be very aggravating for both the person who has the problem and the person who has to listen to it every night. Instead of reaching for those horrible nose sprays and nasal strips, people are looking for a more natural cure for snoring.

Try an anti-snoring pillow, click the link in my source for more info..

eliminated the
the only thing i can think of is listening to easy music or something to drown out the noise

If he uses his machine he should not snore. If he does the machine is not set correctly. My guess is your dad is not using his machine. It take some time to get use to--about a month.

Best wishes.

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