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dont judge.
my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
okay so my dad snores really loud. so sometimes at night ill hear him stop. then like a minute later he'll gasp for air then snore again. its a constant thing each night. im really nervous this might b a sign of something or maybe one night he will just stop breathing completely. hes not to old. about 47. not in the best shape. but not bad. can someone tell me if this is something not to rely worry about or if i should do something??!

go................................... to................................. a ...................................... doctor..................................… wow im really out of breath

That is called sleep apnea. It's when you stop breathing for periods of time. Then your body forces you to take a breath basically. Sometime from being overweight, but not always. Talk to him about it. Ask him if he know that he stops breathing. It is definitely something to be concerned about.

Little Ms Teeny Tiny
Its called sleep apnea, my mom wears a breathing mask for it. Caused by allergies sometimes. Make sure he gets medication... PRESCRIBED BY HIS DOCTOR!

He is having bad dreams

There could be many things causing this. Your dad should go to a sleep clinic to be evaluated. But before you suggest that, maybe you could get him to try breath right. it is ia nasal strip you can by at the store or pharmacy, and it helps to open up the nasal passage for easier breathing and less snoring. Your dad may also have sleep apnea. My husband has sleep apnea. And at night time, he snores really loud and sometimes stops breathing for a second. But he always catches his breath and starts breathing normally. Tell your dad how you feel about this and that you are worried that something bad might happen to him. And then you could suggest to him the nasal strips. If he tries those and they don't work, then I would suggest him going to a sleep clinic for evaluation. I hope I have helped you in some way. Best of luck.

He probably suffers fron sleep aponea. Its treatable look up the attached site

Tammy F
It is called sleep apnea.yes he should see a doctor.It can cause a heart attrack while asleep. My boyfriend has it too. It scares me to death when he wakes up choking. I amconstantly telling him to sleep on his side

Sleep apnea

Between 20-40% of adults suffer from it

Miss Ann Thrope
It's sleep apnea, and he should get treated by a doctor for it.

Definitely sleep apnea. My dad has it, too. He got tested at a sleep center in a hospital. Now he sleeps with a machine that has a mask on it that forces air into his nose every few seconds (and the air force can be adjusted to fit the patient). He gets much better sleep now!

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