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sxy latina XXX
my 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
He says it is "yucky" it is tixylix.Does anyone know of a good cough mixture for children that has a reasonably nice taste.I'm worried because he won't take it.

Does he like soda or kool aid? If so, when he is not looking, sneak the dose into a small glass, maybe 2-4 ounces, of either (or whatever his favourite drink is.) Tell him "here, mommy got you your favourite drink to make you all better."
Always worked for me. Good luck and God bless.

mix it into some ice cream or a snack he likes..... in ice cream he wont notice but not to much ice cream...

mix it into a flavored drink

tell him u will buy him a new toy

Audrey B
I agree with Dr Frank but if e has to take the medicine, give him the control. Let him pick out the flavor at the pharmacy. Then when it comes time for him to take it, put it into a syringe and give it to him to take. Kids his age love being able to do big people things so if he gets to push the plunger down and squirt it into his mouth he might be more likely to take it.

Let him learn the hard way- if he won't take it, he'll have a sore throat for longer. Cough medicines are not really much good for anything.

Why has he got a sore throat? Anyone smoke near him?
Perhaps he should see a doctor if it doesn't clear up soon

well go to the local to the local store and see if they got store and see if theyres those popsicles that cure the throat somethinglike that

Erika Dion
you could secretly put it in his food in something so sweet that he cant taste it.
it just might work
it worked for me.

tixilix isnt that bad- it could be your son is anti medicine as oppose to anti-tixilix.

maybe he likes having a cough?-ask him, ask him if he wants a good nightsleep, ask him if he wants to go out and do stuff tomorrow or offer him a reward- 'if your cough has gone by saturday we can go and do ...'Try to offer time as oppose to treats, it often works better.
Cant think of anything to offer?- hate to say it but a cough is a really good way of getting mum/dads time when normally they are too buisy.

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

Positive Lifestyle
make him drink some OJ. theres a really yummy cough medicine to me [= its chinese... its called pei pa koh. loquat syrup. really soothing. either that or make him eat some halls fruit breezers. oh yea, eucalyptus is really good too

emma l
You may just let him take a lot of juices, and warm water, and of course rest is very important for him to recover from sore throat quickly.

This might sound funny but when working with children you need to bring yourself down to their level,so to speak and talk in their language.Tell him it is magic medicine and it will 'magic the pain in his throat away.It worked on my nephew.Give him something he really likes afterwards.

If he likes milk
give him hot milk mixed with turmeric powder....

Have you tried giving it to him with a syringe? Just hold his nose and squirt it in .

Pit Bull
I agree with serephina......hold his nose and he'll have to swallow.

Sr kay
A good alternative is a honey and lemon mix and it's cheaper than some like tixylix. Or you could try a sweet like soothers

First, don't scare him. That will only increase his chances of becoming a hypochondriac.

If the cough isn't severe and he can get to sleep, it's probably not essential that he take anything for it. The human body is very well equipped to heal itself. However, if the cough keeps him (and everybody else) awake, then that alone might be enough to motivate him (along with the bribes and/or other humane tricks that others have suggested)

Cough mixtures dont really work, there has been no proof to say it works. Have you seen your GP, sometimes coughs are resolved with taking Salbutamol. My son used to cough during sleep but now i give him Salbutamol and he sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

My 2-year-old son won't take anything either. We always have to mix it with something -- applesauce has worked for us. Choose a food you son loves and try that.

Here is something your son will love to take: Immune Alert. It is an immune booster that helps keep the body healthy. It comes in chewable cherry tablets for kids and our son begs for it! He thinks it's candy. Anyway since he's been on it, we haven't had to give him any medicine so solved that problem.

Our whole family takes it. Try it at www.immunealert.com -- get a free sample when you pay for shipping and handling.

Florida Girl
find a pharmacy that makes medicine into lolly pops. They have a bunch in my area and most kids will be happy to have it. Or, ask a pharmacist to recommend a nice grape or cherry syrup that he will like. You might try to hide it chocolate milk or some other food or drink he will accept.

Why does he need to take a cough syrup for a sore throat? Cough syrups usually don't work even for coughs and are a big waste of money. They do nothing for a sore throat unless it contains a pain medication in it too. You post made no sense to me. If his throat is sore give him some liquid or chewable pain medication or just let it run it's course. Also as for the current medication tasting yucky...............what does it taste like to you? If you like it then it might be easier to get him to take it if you really feel he should have it.

go ask a pharmacist they'll help you find something good to your son's taste.

Dr Frank
There are NO usefully therapeutic cough mixtures.

So called cough medicine divides into 3 groups:

1) Expectorants- these are designed to make you cough
2) Suppressants- these suppress the normal cough mechanism. this is designed to remove irritants, the use of this type theoretically increases the risk of secondary bacterial infection.
3) Soothing- these are basically placebo.

Most coughs are self limiting, few are bacterial and thus antibiotics are seldom helpful either.

Persistant coughs should be investigated.

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