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 smoking weed?
if theres weed residue in ur pipe and u want to smoke but dont have any weed can u smoke paper in it and it will taste like a little weed because of the residue or will it ruin the pipe ??...

Well ive been sick for 5 days now. today was the first day i could breathe from both nostrils. ive been stuffed up for days. i went to the doc and he gave me pills for my thought infection. now i ...

 what can i eat having high fever?
i am so hungry but to weak to fix anything guess i got the hungry shakes too hadn't ate nothing today but scrambled eggs this morning and a ice cream sandwich a few hrs. ago, i wanna go to bed ...

 how can a person get swine?

 Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
When trying to go to sleep, i feel i can't breathe well, and have to manually control my breathing and take a big breath once in a while.

Is it serious? If so, is there anything i can ...

 Difficulty Breathing?
I'll try to explain....I quit smoking 4 months ago and haven't looked back. I am a nanny for twin baby girls so I'm constantly running around and up stairs all day. I'm not lazy ...

 my dads snoring is getting really annoying.?
my dad snores when he sleeps. he snores so loud that i can hear it from my room and our rooms are about 20 feet away. how do i get him to stop snoring.
p.s. hes got a machine thing but that ...

 albuteral helppppppppp???
my daughter is six years old and she takes albuteral sulfate when she gets asthmatic symptoms...i was told that he albuteral solution is not a form of steroid....but my best friend just told me that ...

 my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
okay so my dad snores really loud. so sometimes at night ill hear him stop. then like a minute later he'll gasp for air then snore again. its a constant thing each night. im really nervous this ...

 Constantly producing phlegm - No cough or cold?
For the past 2 months, i seem to have been constantly producing phlegm which i am forced to swallow (what feels like) constantly throughout the day - I dont have any sort of cough, and the phlegm ...

 Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
I am looking for common alternative relief, as my passive doctor's office is all booked and cannot see me until next week.

Since I've had a cold of some form 4 weeks ago, I'...

 Terrible coughing fits when sick?
I keep getting woken up when I try to sleep with terrible, harsh coughing fits that eventually make me feel like I want to throw up. I've taken some cough syrup, which lessens them slightly, but ...

 what can make throat close?
i know that allergies and asthma attack can close the throat but is there anything else?...

 i think i have swine flu...can it kill me?
the symptoms i have:
runny nose
sort of a fever
had an headache before but after taking paretmol its gone.

just rang my gp and waiting for the callback to ...

 cough, ahsma, or possible chest infection?
About 2 years ago I had a chest infection and had to wait for nature to make me better as I can't take antibiotics, anyway, since then I have found that I keep getting coughs and my chest hurts, ...

 took my 1 year old to the emergency room and we just got home?
she was coughing bad last night and coughing up phlegmy stuff, shes getting better, weve been there all night. but she does not want to eat drink or sleep she just wants to be in my arms. are there ...

 does long hours on the computer cause noise bleeds in children?
My son is 12 years old and he recently have started staying long hours on the computer since he's out of school. I notice he has frequent noise bleeds when he stays on the computer more than 30 ...

 do you smoke ????????
i do not, and you??...

 What are the common cause for nose bleeds?
My friend suffers from very frequent nose bleed. What may be the cause?...

 why do teenagers smoke cigarettes..?
does cigarettes change your mood or somthing. i smoke pot but not ...

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Jane A
how do they test you for asthma?
i seem to think i may heve developed asthsma how can they check... Read More


Raw throat from coughing so much?

Ive had a cold for about two weeks now,and mid-cold I got the flu.

I have been coughing so so much that my throat is BURNING and completely raw.

Its like 3:00 am and I cant sleep... Read More


urs devoted
If any body know about it ?
I have sinuses problem cause flu and cough continue im very distrube nose is block if u know abt any medicine(tablet, nasal spray etc plz. diagnose me.... Read More


why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?
... Read More


Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
Last night, after getting into a fight with my mother, I started having a really hard time breathing. I was upset, and suddenly started breathing very heavily and then it seemed that I couldn't g... Read More


Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
The x-ray said I had a 2.1 cm nodule. I went yesterday for a dye CT scan. I guess I'll hear something by Friday (maybe).

If so...How did things go for you?

Thanks for any info... Read More


Is it possible to get a free peak flow meter?
I've been looking at prices of peak flow meters, and in stores I can only find meters that are $35 at the cheapest. I'd rather pay less than $30 for one--I've found them online for $15... Read More


Foxy B
OTC relief for a sinus infection?
Ok, so i'm pretty positive i have a sinus infection, but cant get into the doctor till monday. I am really miserable. I have taken alkaseltzer but it hasnt worked... anything else i can try to ge... Read More


Lance Bloodbane
chest pain, after screaming?
today i literally screamed at the top of my lungs, and afterwards, it hurts. so now, whenever i take a deep breeath or move my body so that my right side lung gets compressed, it hurts.

is it da... Read More


Am I getting sick from my air conditioner?
I spend Monday morning - Thursday at my boyfriend's & then Thursday night through Sunday at my house. He has central air at his place that's kept at 70 degrees & I have an A/C unit i... Read More


Why do smokers complain when smoking harms them?
I'm sick of hearing smokers complain when they get sick. For example, when they get strokes, emphesema, lung cance etc... They say things like "it's not fair", or "why did thi... Read More


My boyfriend always has bad gas is it bad for the environment, can it make me sick?
What can I do?... Read More


How can I stop smoking?
Is there some kind of method on how I can stop smoking? My body is now in bad shape now and I want it to get back on good shape. But I find it very hard to stop smoking. How can I do it?... Read More


Has anyone heard of Funnel Chest syndrome?
I was born with a genetic chest indentation. My grandfather had this also. My doctor said that it had no potential to harm me, but I wanted to gain information on it nonetheless. I am slightly afraid ... Read More


Who are the scientists who study Cystic Fibrosis?
I am doing a project on Cystic Fibrosis. It is a gene disorder and I cannot find who studied this disorder.

I need names of the scientists please.... Read More


What the risk of having seizures?
My friend just had a baby and after delivery start having seizures, 9 to exact within 5 1/2 hrs, is this dangerous? What kind of risks is she expose to? She presently in the hospital, but I am worried... Read More


I have a chest cold (or something) and I have to sing in a concert tomorrow. HELP!!?
It might not be a chest cold but I have a lot of phlem in my throat and my voice is all raspy. It wasn't so bad before I took this cough medicine and it made all this mucus come up but now I can&... Read More


first time having panic attack does that mean its going to keep happening soon?
or it can possible not come back.

also is it normal that a panic attack made my heart get weaker. dont worry i went to the docter and will let me know the blood test results once he recieves it.... Read More


Anthony Sanders
Can enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids causes a anxiety attack?
Can enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids causes a anxiety attack... Read More


Cool Kid James
what is phagocytosis?
... Read More


Yahoo's #1 Doughnut
How do i get ride of smokers throat? + im quitting soon, please help me.?
Okay i am 19, and i am quitting smoking in about 2 weeks because i still got one pack left, and i was wondering how i can get ride of the hacking up and sore throat mean while? its annoying i was tryi... Read More


what do i have when every time i run my chest tightens up and it is hard for me to breath?
and i could hear myself breathing outloud... Read More


why cant i stop smoking?
my mom thinks ive been sober now for about a year,but truth be told,i was only sober for about 4 months.i was smoking cigarettes and weed,i do both regularly now,and i feel horrible lying about it whe... Read More


My 82 year old has a bad nose bleeding?
I have had him in the ER and his nose was packed. after three days and still bleeding. The doc says we have to wait to see. I think a vain must have busted in his nose. He looks so Bad I think he,s on... Read More


cold allerjeee solution????
guys n gals pls give me a proper solution for cold allerji

or this is goin to ruin my carreer

pls help!!!... Read More


Billy B
Chest pain what could it be from?
I have been getting chest pain on and off now for about 4 months. The pain is sharp and is located just above the nipple and a little to the right and goes down. It last for about 5-10min when it come... Read More


Help , sleeping problem / asthma gas problem?
Hi im 16 and ive been having trouble sleeping lately. i have asthma and it always take me like 30 min - 1 hr to fall asleep every night. I went to the ER took xrays and ekg and its normal . i went to ... Read More


Tracy P
How can I make my husbands snoring not bother me at night?
My husband used to sleep on the couch but has recently decided to come to the bed again. He SNORES soooooooo LOUD that it wakes me up. I get angry and can't sleep and when I ask him to turn ove... Read More


Any relation between Thyroid Disease, Swollen Lymph nodes between the lungs and Granulomas?
I was just thinking about what the doctor told me at my last appointment and wondering if these three things had anything to do with each other?

In January 2006 I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid... Read More


sleep well
How effective do you think homoeopathic medicine is in relation to bronchitis?
... Read More

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