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 I've got a terrible cough! i guess i got the flu!!?
Hey ppl, i got a terrible cough i am a smoker not a heavy one though! never had sumthing like this from smokin, got kinda fever n a bit of a runny nose! occasional sneezing, n breathin difficulties. ...

 Advair or Albuterol? I'm new to asthma,I have tightness in the chest?
I have never taken the advair but I have it, I take qvar daily.I had read the disclosure for advair and it sounded so extreme! I was scared to take it.Usually I take albuterol when I am sick which I ...

 How can I preserve my lung health from smoking weed?
I would like to know a good way to try to keep my lungs as healthy as possible even with weed smoke....

 I am 13 and lately I have been having to go to the bathroom every 15 Minuit's. is there some thing wrong with
I hav'ent been drinking any more than ...

 why does my head shake after a week of continuous drinking?
Okay, so i have been binge drinking for the past week. I guess i was partying too much with my buddies, and i had a little too much. After i put the bottle away, i had a really bad head ache and my ...

 how does cannabis help asthma?

 what is the best herbal smoke?

 quitting smoking ????????????????

 smoking weed?
if theres weed residue in ur pipe and u want to smoke but dont have any weed can u smoke paper in it and it will taste like a little weed because of the residue or will it ruin the pipe ??...

Well ive been sick for 5 days now. today was the first day i could breathe from both nostrils. ive been stuffed up for days. i went to the doc and he gave me pills for my thought infection. now i ...

 what can i eat having high fever?
i am so hungry but to weak to fix anything guess i got the hungry shakes too hadn't ate nothing today but scrambled eggs this morning and a ice cream sandwich a few hrs. ago, i wanna go to bed ...

 how can a person get swine?

 Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
When trying to go to sleep, i feel i can't breathe well, and have to manually control my breathing and take a big breath once in a while.

Is it serious? If so, is there anything i can ...

 Difficulty Breathing?
I'll try to explain....I quit smoking 4 months ago and haven't looked back. I am a nanny for twin baby girls so I'm constantly running around and up stairs all day. I'm not lazy ...

 my dads snoring is getting really annoying.?
my dad snores when he sleeps. he snores so loud that i can hear it from my room and our rooms are about 20 feet away. how do i get him to stop snoring.
p.s. hes got a machine thing but that ...

 albuteral helppppppppp???
my daughter is six years old and she takes albuteral sulfate when she gets asthmatic symptoms...i was told that he albuteral solution is not a form of steroid....but my best friend just told me that ...

 my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
okay so my dad snores really loud. so sometimes at night ill hear him stop. then like a minute later he'll gasp for air then snore again. its a constant thing each night. im really nervous this ...

 Constantly producing phlegm - No cough or cold?
For the past 2 months, i seem to have been constantly producing phlegm which i am forced to swallow (what feels like) constantly throughout the day - I dont have any sort of cough, and the phlegm ...

 Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
I am looking for common alternative relief, as my passive doctor's office is all booked and cannot see me until next week.

Since I've had a cold of some form 4 weeks ago, I'...

 Terrible coughing fits when sick?
I keep getting woken up when I try to sleep with terrible, harsh coughing fits that eventually make me feel like I want to throw up. I've taken some cough syrup, which lessens them slightly, but ...

Cody S
is smoking weed bad for you? ?
i smoke on the weekends and i dont want to mess up my body. i no that it dosent cause lung cancer and it has alot more tar then cigarettes but can you get addicted? Does it cause throat cancer?

well considering that its a drug..yes itz bad for you. You shouldn't smoke it, because it may cause health problems in the future. Yes you can get addicted, thatz why itz a drug.

pleassse dont smoke weed
its a bigg turn off for girls and i just ruins ur body
:[[[[ just dont do it its not cool

Well, it's obviously not good for you. I don't think it's addictive but it can be habit forming. Like for me, if I can't get high, I'll get really anxious and moody and even have trouble sleeping.

yes actually it does cause cancer. I'm not against it though. I'm for marijuana. Its better for you than cigarettes.

Practically anything can cause cancer these days. Smoking anything is bad for you, but you won't "mess up your body" by smoking weed. Don't worry about it. Just watch out for those drug screens!

Joe B
I do not know who told you that smoking weed does not cause lung cancer but, I do know they are wrong. According to a medical journal smoking one "joint" is equivalent to twenty cigarettes. In case your math source is as credible as your medical one that means that a single "joint" is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. In fact, marijuana smoke contains 50 to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke.

It can lead to dependence (not the same as chemical addiction) and it can make you paranoid and suppress your activity. You're probably getting some need met through smoking weed that could be met in another way that's healthier. If you ask yourself what those needs are and how you can get them met in ways that are healthier, you'll find the answers if you keep asking those questions.

Yes it is bad for you: 1) u dont know what ur dealer is mixing in there so u can be smoking Windex and not even know it! ( knows from experience)
2) It messes up your nervous system, its happened to me, when started smoking pot, my left leg started twitching and random parts of my body too will twitch. Last i smoked I had a panic attack and that was my last time!
3) Also weed can cause high blood pressure and anxiety.

I tell u all this from experience and research =3

i dont think so but it is a gateway drug atleast for me it was now i dont smoke it but am an addict to so many drugs and is true once you done heroin you never totally remit it be safe i thougt i could .lost everything to drugs im slowly getting my **** back together but just yesturfday i did belladonna tea and got arrested i wish i never started smoking i was 13 almost 14 now im 27

There's little chance of it being physically addicting. Consider that tobacco is inspected by government officials and has standards regulating it's quality. Weed has been grown and quality checked by your neighborhood drug dealer who couldn't care less about health effects. Gee, that sounds like the tobacco companies too. Maybe it's best not to smoke at all.

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