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 Should I got to the emergency room for this?
I was diagnosed yesterday with simmers ear. They gave me ear drops, and I have been using them exactly how they said to. However, when I put the ear drops in I experience sever pain and each time I ...

 whats the best way of relaxing after you hae finished a 9 page essay that is due on monday ?
im so stressed ...

 True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol ?
Personal story on this if you can , please ?

Have a good evening , all . D :)
Additional Details
JB, Me 26 years sober : still smoking
My sis 7 years heroin ...

 How do I know if someone has swine flu?
I have read that swine fly can ONLY be diagnosed with a blood test in lab. Otherwise the symptoms are just like regular flu.

I have a 7 year old home from school today with a bad dose of ...

 My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How can she 'evade/trick' the carbon monoxide machine which tests her breath for these fumes, or at least bring her levels down? By 5:45 GMT, to be precise....

 what can u smoke to get a high like weed?

 how can i heal a stomache full of air?
i know im not full but i feel like some where near my stomache or actual stomache is full of air or gas since when i get up i feel full. is there a way to cure this or atleast know a type of disease ...

 for those who stopped smoking....?
i stopped smoking 6/7 weeks ago, and i am now concerned about gaining weight.
i am a waitress, so i am on my feet for about 12 hours every day, and do not have time to exercise on the side.

 Should I quite smoking, and why?

 I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds last night, but now...?
Okay so I've started smoking about a week ago...and last night I went a little overboard and smoked a whole pack.
I didn't feel sick at all and it wasn't unpleasant for me, just ...

 My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
I am worried to go to the doctors with my mother because when I went on holiday a few weeks ago I smoked quite alot.. Some days I smoked 10 everyday and other days just 1-4. I also smoked tobacco ...

Ok so i just went to the doctor and he said that i had bronchitis ...is bronchitis bad ??? i noticed that i had ALOT of trouble breathing since last night, like my breaths are really short and i try ...

 Is it okay to have a Cigar once a week?
I just smoke an expensive oliva cigar yesterday for the first time and i gotta say i was hooked, however after having another one today, i figured maybe i shouldnt do this everyday, so i switched my ...

 what is up with my throat?
when my mo checked it, it wasn't even red.
but it's very dry, and almost feel's cracked, it has been two days, and hasn't gone away. i spit up some blood this morning. but ...

 I tried my friends asthma inhaler and now i feel sick, is something wrong?
I tried my friends inhaler on Friday, i took one puff, because she said it tasted like cherries and i wanted to know what it was like. and ever since then i feel light headed and dizzy and my throat ...

 I've been having trouble breathing a lot lately and my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
like i said im having trouble breathing and the bad thing is my mom wont take me to the doctor and my dad says if its still going on when i go to his house which is like 2 weeks away he'll take ...

 What is wrong with my lungs?!?
So it is now Monday, last Thursday I felt this pain in my left chest/heart area, it was a sharp pain. It hurt to take a deep breath, but I did it anyways got get it over with and it felt like ...

 is bronchitis contagious?
im 13 and i have just gotten bronchitis from a high fever. i go to a elementary school k-8 and will they stop me from going to school if it is contagious?...

 please help.SMOKING............................…
okay well i am 14 years old. Yesterday i went outside and smoked a cigarette for the first time in my life,then i smoked about 4 more cigarettes.my parents have no clue that im started smoking ans i ...

 Is second hand smoking worse than actual smoking?

is smoking weed a good idea?
me and my best mate are thinking of trying weed but i dont know if its a good idea... any help

HAHA weeds not bad, feels like gettin drunk ,you can get addicted to it, but thats only if you have like 18 joints a day, you have to smoke it with toccaco anyway,

jsut go for it, i do, its not to shabby

Jimmy C
It's an easy habit to pick up,but very hard to put down, it'll just waste you.

i wouldn't. my buddy offered me some once, i held it to my mouth, nearly took a puff then was like "what's the point?" it bothered me for a while.

you know my story so my advice to you is do what you want. It's not as harmful as cigarettes, but it's addictive and any addiction can screw up your life.

Violation Notification
yes yes fcuk yes.

Question is why would you want to do it. I mean much like any drug if ure having enough fun as it is then why do them. i mean so many people get to points where they cant have fun without drugs i mean who is so lame as to allow a drug to control how and when you have fun. maybe the once if you want the experience under your belt but is that even worth it for the braincells you loose and the possibility's of unlocking latent mental illnesses. Personally every person i know who uses weed has gone a little bit paranoid and dependent on it to have "fun" and the ones that gave up are glad. Oh yeah and if you do decide to try it make sure you don't have any mental illnesses in your family history I knew a few people who had mental problems preceding there use of the drug hand ended up in mental hospital for a while..

Jessica H

Smoking weed is technically less harmful than smoking cigarettes (concerning addiction and respiratory harm), but I never did it any more than once a month. Though I have to mention I quit when I heard you have a 70% chance of getting testicular cancer :D

No it is not.

Play sport have fun, chase girls forget drugs.

it's your call, what are you trying to use it for? the experience is nice, just don't treat it like a party drug or anything.

Kennifer is Back!
If you're interested in trying it, try it.

Just don't get addicted and smoke too much. Weed is good fun in moderation. Just remember how easy it is to get addicted... :o(

Use http://www.erowid.org/ for all your drug info. You'll find lots of useful info relating to drug use, and effects.

Edit: Also if you have an addictive personality, forget it... :op Being a stoner is a bad way to waste your life... :o|

[email protected] H: That is such a narrow minded view, just for the record, my mum was one of the first people I ever got stoned with... :op I have arguments for every single one of your points, but I have work to do so can't be arsed :op

Jennifer P
There's nothing wrong with trying it. As for as "doing it much" or "getting addicted" WEED IS NOT ADDICTIVE! And you cannot overdose but if you over do it much your first time it can make the experience less enjoyable. Make sure your in a comfortable situation with people you know (ideally others who have done it before). Overall though, it shouldn't be too intense of an experience. But something to experience. In my opinion, it's less damaging and dangerous than drinking if done on occasion.

P.S. It does not have to be smoked w/ tobacco and it feels nothing like getting drunk that person has zero idea what they're talking about. And there is no increased risk of testicular cancer.

Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell
a good idea, thats hard to define, but please educate yourself on it first before you decide, the erowid pages are a great info source and lists of experiences good and bad as well as all the science stuff. Have to say though, its not a great idea if you are young, like under 18 say.

added - jesus people, there is enough bad info out there, no more please. there is no such thing as a 'gateway' drug, thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. honestly do you just repeat everything you read in the daily mail? eg if u want to try heroin badly enough (not recommended), you will, whether or not you have tried cannabis!

MOJO Filter
If you smoke good weed or hash yes.
Forget and ignore all the senseless media
hyped myths.
It is a wonderful healing herb.
Use it straight not with tobacco. Chillum pipe.
Learn about the plant and seek good quality
or also grow a few of your own.
Good hash especially is absolutely superb.

It's going to be divided here between ppl who tell you it's ok and the ones who tell you it's not.
You have to make that choice for yourself. MJ is a gateway drug for many, many people. The phrase, "I just want to try it once." has been the road to a wasted life and early death for so many.
The tragedy is that it's preventable. Just don't do it. It's not worth it.Do you seriously think " well it's not going to happen to me.". This should be on the tombstones of all the druggies and alcoholics.
It is not needed in anyway in your life. Just stay on the right track and you'll feel better than any drug can do to you.
I don't care if you become a bank robber, just don't do drugs. A bank robber on drugs might as well just hold his hands out for the cuffs. You can't be smart and high at the same time.
God bless.

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