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 Why has it been getting so cold at night lately?

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i really really need it

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Sophie W
is my boyfriend really badly ill?
hes had a cold and a terrible gut wrentching cough with phlegmn for more than a few days now but this morning he has awoken and cant get warm, ive got three blankets and the heating on, his cough is actually better than it was though, alot less often, im not sure if he is still getting phlegmn he hasnt mentioned it. i dont know if hes got a chill in him from going in the garden with the puppy last night in just a t shirt when he was already susceptable? im really worried. his temp was 37.1 but that thermometere isnt very accurate so i think it might be higher. whats wrong with him?

MEA XpliciT
It may be a very rare but serious case of strep i had it once and it doesnt feel good. ask him if he feels like he has to cough even when he doesnt if he does then it probably is strep. take him to a doctor they will do an oral swob and give u results within 15 min.

take him to a doctor.

I'm sorry but he needs to see a doctor soonest. He could have pneumonia and that is very serious.

Texas granny turtle
Could be broncitus or phenmonia. Needs warm liquids, heat pad on chest , fevor med, and prop up in bed. There are expectorate meds on market but if feavor is going up he needs medical attention. as soon possible. *mamatx

Lesley, 29, UK
sounds like the cold has gone into his chest and he has a chest infection get him to go to the docs who will listen to his chest and maybe prescribe some anti-biotics

Nurse Soozy
A temperature of 37c is normal. Take all the blankets off and keep him cool, rather than too hot, otherwise you will make his temperature rise. Going out into the garden in just a t-shirt will NOT make him worse. You do not catch flu from being out in the cold, you catch it from being in the same room as someone who has it. Don't take him to the doctor's as waiting rooms are generally crowded and he'll just spread it to everyone else there. Instead, go to your local pharmacist and describe his symptoms, or contact NHS Direct. Either of these should be able to tell you if your boyfriend needs to be seen by the doctor.

Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
No one but a Doctor can answer this, pyrexia can have numerous causes, he needs diagnosis by a medical professional. Keep him warm and make sure he keeps hydrated.

If he is short of breath and appears very unwell he could be getting a more serious chest infection, which will respond well to antibiotics. If he is shivering with three blankets, clothing and central heating in this weather I would say he almost certainly has a temperature..a sign your body is fighting an infection. No one can say your boyfriend is really badly ill as we don't know if he has other medical conditions which would complicate the story, but a chest infction should always be assessed by a dr. I had flu once,which worsened and I developed pneumonia. If you are young and healthy its not life threatening so long as you are receiving attention. Hope he gets better soon and don't worry.x

Sounds like hes got flu.

Mick Jagger
he'll b alright, sleep well, lots of hot tea with lemon honey, aspirin good good lovin & he'll be fine soon

Sally H
Man Flu - contrary to what men seem to think its not fatal. Keep him warm (not too hot), give him some paracetemol and make sure he drinks lots of fluids.

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