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 what are some good smoking songs ?
i want some good songs to smoke to.
kinda like the shins, kmk, radiohead, im from barcelona,
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thank you if you respond to this! :D

im sick, someone please help?
So, today, i didnt go to school.
because my throat hurts, and my whole body hurts.
so i slept pretty much all day.. and i just woke up.
all day, i have been getting really cold and then hot.
its all worse, and i have a bad headache.
im crying it hurts so bad.
im really hot right now, and i feel like i cant breathe...

what should i do?
i cant call anyone because the phone is lost.
i just took an aleve...
Additional Details
im friggin 14, if i could drive to a doctor i would!
but my fever is 101.4...

my parents should be home soon though.

it sounds like your getting a disease called mono.. if you've ever heard or it. but it might get so bad you cant eat it hurts so bad.. and your throat starts to close, but it shouldn't close all the way, if this happens.. go to the hospital, it helps ALOT.

marshmellow dance
get a cup of milk, heat it up for 2 minute. add 2 table spoons of honey.
drink it.
also, this may sound gross, but its very effective; get a cup of hottish warm water, add some backing soda and salt.
rinse your throat with it and go "gargle gargle gargle" in your mouth, after which you spit it out.
lay off cold food and drinks.

turn off any coolers such as the air conditioner.
take a hot bath, get out and wrap yourself up in a warm robe and take a nap.

eat lots of onions and garlic. you could make a salad if you like.

good luck getting well.

Go to a doctor immeditaly!!! You could have something like the flu, although it could be a bad case of strep throat. I don't know if you've had it before or not, but when you have the true case of it to can, i know this is just disgusting, but your tonicls can get so iinflamedand puffy that blood could be gathering in it, cutting off your air way. AAlthoughthis is hard to catch, its still possible, and it gets worse as its not treated. Go to a doctor as soon as you can!

I'm pretty sure the doctors know more than most people here.
So, like the other people said: go to a doctor!!!

Hope you get better soon. =)

How old are you??
Tell your parents about it or if they
No then tell them its an emergency take you too the hospital.
Sounds pretty serious..
Before your body gets permanent damage
You should get off the computer and be resting or rush to the hospital

go to ur doctor!!

darwin e
you have the flu. drink plenty of liquids and plenty of rest. you will feel better in a couple of days

umm please go to the doc... get some hot tea and put some honey in it... and drink it that will help.. and i know this is disgusting but it works... gargle with salt water... it will really help... bundle up in blankets...and as soon as u can GO TO THE DOCTOR or u will get worse!!! contact me via messenger and i can tell u more to do if u want i am on right now

ok go to the doctor and helllo if u can go on the computer u can do anythin!

take medicine




Leigh S
GO SEE A DOCTOR. you dont have to call.
if you dont have a doctor, visit your local emergency room

D j
go to a doctor.. if you live in canada you might have listeriosis xD

Take your tempurature, if you have one then that's a good reason to go to the doc if it doesn't go away within a day or two.
Keep taking ibproufen (alleve, advil) or tylenol every 8-10 hours, it will help you. I usually take 600 mgs if ibproufen for pain, and I'm all good. You may need less mgs if you're a lighter weight person.
Drink fluids, and try to eat something, even if you have no appetite like jello/chicken soup/crackers/corrage cheese/yogurt...
Good luck!

go 2 a doctor

Joe Bloggs?
Go to a neighbor and ask to use their phone if you're up to it, otherwise get your parents or guardians to take you to see a doctor.

If you don't have medical insurance then get some.

Elsa L
When someone gets home, have them find a phone. Call and make an appointment to see the doctor.

Matt S
Maybe you caught the flu. Flu season is right around the corner.

go to a doctor

Joon Park Rox The House
Go to the doctor!!

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