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if i smoke only 2 times (TWICE) a week will that still kill me?
and if so...is there a safe frequency of smoking?? how many times a week or a month can i smoke and not get killed??

Professional Peon
You can get lung cancer even if you don't smoke. The best is not to start, cause it doesn't make you look cool, it's super expensive and you can get the same buzz from holding your breath.

I would be more worried about the chemicals in the cigarettes more then the smoke... although that's bad too.

well smoking will end up killing u if u do it at all

no matter what smoking will kill you, it doesn't matter if you smoke 1 time a month, each time you smoke a cigarette you loose 12 min of your like, i know what your thinking, who cares 12 minutes, well if you smoke you will get addicted and an average smoker looses 12 hours of there life smoking a week, so that is 2 days a month your loosing, its really sad

There is no clear answer to this because everyone's body is different. I know people who have smoked for 20 years and don't have cancer, and some who smoked for 5 and got it. Truthfully, a few times a week would probably not KILL you, but normally people can't control it that well.

You remind me of the babe...
there is no safe way to smoke. you know that, right?

if your talking about cigarettes then its no point, just quit.
if your talking about something else, idk

smoking in any amount is bad for you. even second hand smoke is bad. just dont do it:)

make peace not war <3
if u smoke at all you will die!!!!! so smoking is bad u should just quit

Smoking is dangerous regardless of how much you do it.
Even if you start smoking "twice a week" it is an addicting habit and will most likely become more than that, simply because you started.

So to answer your question, yes, it could kill you later in life. There is no "safe frequency."

it always depends on the person. some people smoke 5 packs a day, and live a long life. and then some people smoke 5 times a week and get black lungs. try to slowly lessen the amount of cigarettes you smoke. it definitely helps that you don't smoke that much, but HOW MUCH it helps is a question no one can answer.


EiTaK ♥
the more you do it, the more it will hurt you.. there's no good number for smoking. my grandma smokes and has her whole life and she's doing better than my grandpa who drank his whole life. but my other grandpa died of smoking when he was only 60. it's different for everyone.
if your REALLY worried, quit. it's better to quit now then later when it will be more of a challenge.

E2K N008
Smoking itself kills you!

well not smoking at all would be best - but since GW Bush wiped out social security for our generation i started smoking a pack a day. what the hell am i gonna do at 75 anyway.......

Every time you smoke a cigarette, you cause your longs to become all clogged up! I would stop it all together because smoking is so bad for you. Every time you smoke, you take time of your life. Just stop it all together because really it isn't worth it in the long run (:

every cigarette takes 11 min.s off your life so that's 88 minutes gone off your life A MONTH. a safe frequency is 0 times a lifetime.

Stay Beautiful!

you're gonna die anyway...do what you want.

Dr. L. Brenan
Any smoking, inhalants, or drug use can kill you. Though your usage is less than many, the smoke reaches your lungs (no matter what your smoking) and deteriorates them, causing risks for lymphoma and lung cancer. Smoking period can kill you.

Hope this helped you understand.

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