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i think i have swine flu...can it kill me?
the symptoms i have:
runny nose
sort of a fever
had an headache before but after taking paretmol its gone.

just rang my gp and waiting for the callback to talk to them

im 15, and if i do have it how can i prevent anyone else in my family catching it as i have two younger sisters and brothers (3) and i dont want them to catch it. do you think it can kill me?

it is unlikely to kill you, and you can prevent spread by washing often, not sharing drinking or eating utensils and use tissues to cough and sneeze into. Wash surfaces after you've touched them, or avoid touching common surfaces as much as you can.

basically, it's like a normal fever, only a bit more severe. it can kill you, you just have to be really careful. you're supposed to stay in a room that is shutup for like 11 days, you're not supposed to go out, and to prevent your family from getting it, they need to try and stay away from you. i know that sounds horrible, but it's the only way that they won't catch it.
your gp will probably prescribe you medication to take for it, just keep taking that and follow the advice they give you.
hope you get better soon :) x x x

austin c
It can .. go get some tamiflu .. as soon as you can..

u can die
but dont worry love u pro wont
there is like a 15% change u will

lil missy
yes, do you not listen to the news?
dont worry though.
you'll be in heaven with Jesus ;)

I had the same symptoms I went to the hospital because i couldn't contact my doctor but i found out i had a virus. You should wait for the doctor to call back. You should try not go near them. Wash your hands before and after you touch stuff. Don't use the same things your family uses. I'm 14

★ѕтσям★ ☆ ☂ ☆ нαят
I wish people would stop worring...both my young kids had it at the same time...they vomited 3 times and got hot...otherwise fine and eating as normal.

My husband and I haven't had it and this was 1 month ago...we aren't even worried as we know it's nothing.

It really isn't anything to worry about.

Swine Flu has only killed people who already had medical problems (and I mean very bad medical problems) even then - it was probably wasn't the Swine Flu that they died of, it was the straw that broke the camel's back... And remember, whenever seasonal flu comes along there's people who die from it (the old, the frail and the seriously ill) - year in year out.

As things go, if you live and share space with people it is likely that some of them will get it to some degree - but that necessarily isn't a bad thing. Once winter comes around, there are thoughts that Swine Flu will mutate slightly into a nastier strain.

If you've already had Swine Flu in the summer - you'll have some protection against this new strain, and will probably (if you catch it again) get a milder version of it and recover much faster.

As for the symptons though, it could possibly nothing but a simple common cold - but well done for calling the doctor's to check.

In any case - I've had it, recovered from it within five days, and that was without Tamiflu. I'm pretty uncertain to what all the fuss was about.

no it wont kill you.
everyone is getting mild cases. don't worry, unless you have other health problams it is unlikely to kill you right now but stay away from young children for a bit as i can easily spread. it should go away in a week without tamiflu or with tamiflu a couple of days but tamiflu can make it worse.

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