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♥ confused lady.... ♥
i have really bad chest pains and finding it hard to breath..?
M y chest feels like sum 1 is sitting on me while im getting stabbed in the heart, im also finding it really hard to breath don't no why....
Additional Details
i have had these pains for 4 days now and they are getting worse... i have been doctors when they started but the just gave me pumps and they dont help me what so ever i realy dont no what else to tell u part from i dont smoke!!

well... the extremely obvious and possible answer is asthma.... but then.. do you smoke? Perhaps you have a muscle cramp near your chest?...I've sometimes gotten these random pains in my chest... but they left like in a minute, you should tell us how long you've been having these pains for :D

its probably a panik attack. i had plenty of them, because of stress.

Go to the hospital right away or if you live in the United States call 911.

ann f
Call an ambulance NOW

i think you need to get to the e.r. quickly. could be a number of things ,too high of a chance it could be your heart. this is not something to wait too long on. good luck.

ur question = heart attack. 999 = life

Stuart H
possible heart attack
Phone 999 if in UK
000 if in Australia
911 if in the States.


i have this to

wtf is 999?

Irish Lada
anxiety attack?

Go to see doctor urgently, no more delay, danger of life!!!

well i also experience that when my chest specially the heart feels like it have been squeezed by something. well it rarely happens to me so i just ignore it. but for you, just go to the doctors. cause doctors knows best and it is better to ask the experts abt that, not us. because someone might give u some bad tips.

You need to phone for an ambulance & fast.
Good Luck

Lewis W
chest pains could be anything from minor to serious!! 999 now

Joe :)
What they said... but one would think you'd have the common sense to come to the answer on your own.

You should be okay considering you seem capable enough to get onto a computer and ask a question here anyways, probably overdramatising however chest pains are serious and it's definitely a necessity to get it checked out as soon as possible.

call 999 now!

don't delay ring 999 today

Dial 999. Don't waste time asking on here.


You do really need to seek urgent treatment. I don't know what it is but I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and I find breathing difficult. You need a diagnosis and fast.

Mike Hunt
Can you add a comment if you have survived? I would like to know

You could be having a heart attack or you could have stomach problems - indigestion. Is the pain in your upper shoulders? Do you feel better when you walk around and start burping? Either way - you need a doctor immediately,

The Geezer
999 NOW

ok, there are a couple of things here, you say it feels like someone is sitting on your chest, this is reason alone to call for an ambulance. however, you say it feels like getting stabbed in the chest, this may indicate that it is NOT yr heart, but possibly pleuritic.

is the pain worse on breathing>? if yes, its pointing more to muscular or pleuritic. is there a productive cough?? if yes and pain is worse on movement and breathing, possible chest infection. is pain going anywhere else?? if yes eg arm, jaw, teeth, then yes theres a chance this pain could be yr heart.

but at the end of the day, its chest pain with short of breath so indicates yeah, call an ambulance! if nothing else its peace of mind. you want to rule out any heart damage. dont just sit there with chest pains. even if they go away be sure to see yr gp for a blood test to rule out heart damage.

Good luck! x x x

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