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cathy lopez
i have pneumonia at age 10.the doctor said it was early pneumonia is it serious?
i feel so scared because i don't know if i can pass away or not.

learning to understand.
hey hun youre supposed to be a bit older to be on here....
and i would say to speak to your mom and your doctor. pneumonia at age 10 is pretty serious...as it is at any age, but i doubt you will die from it. medicine is now pretty advanced, im guessing youll be okay.
good luck. be strong!

no, it's safer to get it at an early age.

take your antibiotics, you will be fine i promise. i have had it and both my kids have had it. dont worry sweetie:)

Don't worry, I had pneumonia around your age and I''m still here! Just relax and treat it well. You'll get better, don't worry.

Pneumonia used to be a serious diasease but it really depends where you live. If you live in third world countries is still a problem.

No its not serious. Just relax and take it easy and rest up. Stay warm and dont go out in the cold. No physical activity for a bit either.

Well, it's not really safe, but it's not that severe if your really young.

I had it about 3 times when i was younger. The only thing the doctors worry about is your family history versus the illness. If your family medical history is good, you have Nothing to worry about.

Well, if they caught it at an early stage then it is easier to treat. Consider yourself lucky for this one.

Jen Kapo
No you'll be fine. He just means that you only have the early stages of it, so it's not too serious. Pneumonia is very treatable and common. It can be dangerous is people with weak immune systems like babies or cancer patients.

You'll be fine. Most pneumonia patients are elderly - or at least past 50. My cousins had pneumonia at ages 5 and 7 while my son got it at age 4. In all cases, they were fine. I do recommend talking to your mom about getting the immunization shot (Pneumovax) for pneumonia. If you are prone to lung infections, like bronchitis, or get a productive cough with colds, then it might be a good idea.

Robert B
No, "early" means that it hadn't developed into full blown pneumonia yet. I assume you are being treated for it now since you went to the doctor which means you will be fine.

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