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 If I smoke just three or four cigarettes a day, will chances of lung disease still remain very high?
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 does asthma go away???????
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 I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?

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 Coughing up a small amount of blood! HELP!?
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 Should I go back to the doctor?
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i have cold my nose is running and cough suggest some home based remedies?

Steam,steam,steam. Rest hot soup. The reason why they say hot soup is because colds don't like hotter temps. Take hot showers.

Stay warm, avoid spicy foods...less chilie, no chiken, corn...etc.
Take ginger and salt in warm water...light amount only....you should be well in 2 days approx

Ricola cough drops-the ones that have the funny commercial with the guys blowing on the horn in the mountains. Stupid commercial but an amazing product.

• »нαяѕнα« •
take steam......
some soup or you can take tulsi ki chaii with some adrak and all um......
and lots of rest!


Miss G
Hi Amber....garlic, garlic and more garlic, lots of vitamin c and good ol chicken soup, regards glx

try to drink warm water more
and if u drink tea then throw one stick of menthol in it and drink the tea hot u will find all the cough and all had gone but hot tea should be hot and u should drink it at once there vapour should not be out.
or if u not consume tea then try with warm water.

boil some sage tea, add a little honey and drink it while it's hot 3 times daily. It will help to bolster the immune system and deal with the cough. for the cold, just blow your nose, spit out as much junk as you can and sleep. the sage will sort it out :)

holistic healing method can cure it... you should avoid milk ,curd,coffee,tea,sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs for some days..you should eat daily 400 gms of uncooked vegetables....write. .. [email protected]

Getting a lot of rest and a lots of sleep that was my home remedy. Mucinex cold medicine also works.

take steam with water in which ginger juice is mixed and 4 cough have ginger with honey

jaime rae
Here are tips that help me when I'm fighting a cold, respiratory infection, or flu.....

take a sinus decongestant containing Phenylephrine 5mg. you don't necessarily need all the extras it's often mixed with.
but if you want some extras, here you go: Guaifenisen (Mucinex is the brand name, but it's way cheaper at dollar stores. always read ingredients!!) liquefies your mucus so it's much easier to expel. But you have to drink TONS of water or it won't work, and you must be near a bathroom because it makes you pee a lot. (yet causes constipation... another reason to stay hydrated!)
Ibuprofen is an excellent anti-inflammatory, but it's strong, so alternate it with Acetaminophen as needed for pain, pressure, and headaches.


stay home. (even one day can make a difference to your immune system. plus, you'll keep your germs to yourself.)
sleep. (bolsters up your immune system)
drink plenty of water. (8 8oz servings a day=bare minimum!!) (pee out those germs and flush 'em away!!)
take vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea. (also strengthen the immune system)
eat too much garlic. (sorry, but it really is great for your health! and it will give you a good reason to stay home. :) )
wash hands well and often. use moisturizing lotion or hand sanitizer to keep from cracking your hands to bits.
avoid milk and chocolate. dairy foods will thicken your mucus and make your fight that much harder.

the meds and garlic are harsh, so don't take them on an empty stomach. i hope you allow yourself some time to feel better soon! take care.

also i just learned a new tip from John Popper of Blues Traveler: very hot water, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, and honey. SOUNDS GROSS!!! he gargles it and spits up all kinds of nasty crap. might be worth a shot, but don't hurt your vocals! to be safe maybe just drink hot water with lemon and honey. that works too, and it's much more pleasant.

you will benefit most from the mucinex and water. (generic is fine... but don't take any DEXTROMETHORPHAN (cough suppressant) during the day. take it at night so you can stop coughing and get some rest. during the day, you need to drink a ton of water and break that crap up so it will leave you alone!)

Boil one clove in half a litre of water. Sip it slowly at regular intervals. This will relieve ur running nose. Have hot drinks-soups, tea,coffee, n adequate rest.

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