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i can't stop smoking weed...?
pot for me is becoming a problem. it's kind of like a way out of my daily life. i don't like my job, don't have too many friends and i'm just not happy. but pot makes me happy for that brief moment. i'm going to europe for a few months and i'm trying to lose a bit of weight (munchies) before i go. but i don't lose it because i can't commit to the gym, because all i want to do is smoke pot. i'll find an excuse like "my neck hurts, i had a bad day, i don't feel good etc etc." and i'll smoke weed instead of going to the gym and then i eat and just laze around and do **** all and it's making me more miserable. what's wrong with me?! pot isn't supposed to be addicting but i think i'm addicted. has anyone else been through this?
Additional Details
i'm 21 and i have a great paying job and i work hard. i wait until i get home around 4 to start smoking. but i think maybe my job is what's making me depressed and wanting to smoke weed. i hate it there

my friend ****** up his life too u need professional help man

you cant become physically addicted its all in your head. Your mind can be addicted to the feeling but if you hide the weed from your self unless you let your self go to it you wot want it.






I have had addiction surrounding me for 15 years and what you are saying sounds like you are addicted. And as for the person who said that it is more of a mental thing than an addiction is kinda, well dim. Addiction is mostly mentally and partly physical.. You should also seek some professional advice before asking a people of the internet ( whom, I would suppose, you don't know). Seriously good luck

Whoever says pot ain't addicting is a liar.
All stimulants and stimulating activities have the potential to be addictive.
You have to get some help to re align your addictive nature to things you actually want to do.
NLP and EFT might be helpful bridges.
Good luck, you're gonna need it if you dont want to be asking this same question when you're old, fat and terminally stoned!

Discipline. No one else can do it for you. Talk to some councilors for advice but ultimately it's up to you.

Ash Queen
Go to a specialist. Everybody makes mistakes, and they're there to help. You'd probably be suprised to see how many people have gone there for help!

Blake K
If you think you have a problem then you should go to rehab or cut down on it.

Sophie Smith
i havent ever been through this but i think you need to go to rehab


there are soooo many kids that go to high school that are just like you
some do it in the restrrom every hour, some do it during lunch, some skip school a whole day to do it, its just totally not attractive.
i play softball and all my guy friends play football or baseball and they all make fun of people who do that stuff. so i see when you say you bareley have friends.

you are in control of what your body does, so you need to step up and no do it anymore.
no one is making you do it, your choosing too.

wake up one day and take a jog
shoot play some xbox livee
go do something productive

I tried to use weed for therapy when I was older (34) and all I did was smoke more and more untilI me and my wife went from smoking a half ounce every two weeks to smoking an ounce a week. To top it off I smoked marlboro reds- I would weaze badly when I went to bed.

I just quit the pot cold turkey. It is only mentally addicting- meaning you wont go through any physical withdrawls, but you may still crave it.

This was not near as hard as the cigarettes.I am happyto say July 3rd will be one year without cigarettesor even a puff of weed. Good luck to you. I would try working out and trying to stay busy.

what's your crime?
You're emotoinally attached to it.
Weed isn't physically addictive, but it is somewhat mentally addictive. Only you can control and stop it.

Yeah. Get rid of any paraphernalia. Stay away from places where you frequent when smoking, for a while at least

Watch "Super High Me"

practice abstinence.this addiction will not help you in your future life. ask someone to stay with you for a while and tell them not to let you have any involvment with this drug. or you could always try rehab as your last resort.

well i used to be the same, mainly in my teenage days. To stop i slowed my self down e.g take it 4times a week instead of everyday then try it for like 2weeks then do it 3times a week, just keep on doing that until you stop. It has worked for me now i rarely smoke weed, by the way it might not work with you. hope you do well stop smoking weed.

It sure is addictive. Maybe you can give it a rest in Europe and just enjoy being in another country. I am 30 years old and did smoke when I was in college but I know people my age that still do it and I think it's sad. Especially if you have kids. Try to find a hobby or something to get involved in to keep you busy and give it a rest while in Europe.
Good luck!

my brother had that problem. Its not supossed to be addicting but it is for most people. After a while its just in your head. Get a better mind set. If you end up having a bad day and all you want to do is smoke pot, try something else. pots fun, yes i know, but its bad after a while. At least try to stop.

This is why i hate little brats that argue weed is good for you. Think of smoking weed as a challenge to overcome. Know you are better than a plant thats running your life get over it. Go to gym and blow off some steam

Thom Thumb
Obviously you're emotionally addicted. That can be a very strong addiction. There are physical and emotional addictions. You CAN conquer it. Go cold turkey- make a HUGE change. Throw that crap out and never touch it again. If you get caught with it in your car when the cops pull you over you're gonna be in big trouble. LEAVE YOUR DOPE AT HOME!
I got over an emotional addiction to pot and I never touched the stuff again. You probably are lacking friends because they can't bear being around you when you're always high and acting like an idiot. I went cold turkey man. It can be done. You ARE strong enough, you ARE stronger than the dope, and you will find new friends. Make sure they are SOBER ones though.

Do you go to work? Where on earth do you get the money to lay around and smoke weed all day? If you can afford to go to Europe, you can't be doing too badly. Count your blessings, and give up the pot.

Jerri Blank
I was a teenage runaway for 32 years, and I rode the brown tiger for about 20 of them, my point is it is always better to abort.

i smoke alot of pot too idk im starting to feel really groggy and tired all the time and i dont feel happy until i smoke again, ive taken other pills and i drink and stuff but i get the worst tummy aches so i have to be careful on what but yea i feel exactly the same

i'm sorry to break this to u but pot can be very addicting just like cigarettes. I know plenty of people who are going through the same thing u are. They just won't seek help. You really need to get some help. If u haven't told anyone u should asap. The longer u wait the longer u will be miserable. When u get help u don't have to be open right away. If ur not comfortable opening up to people face to face it's ok many aren't. It just takes time. Trust me if u go seek help u will be so happy u did. Ur life will change in such a possitive way. If u have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I hope that helps.

There is a physical dependence ... regardless of what the UNEDUCATED say. Many people try to stop over and over but are overwhelmed by anxiety, irritability and sleeping difficulties. Physical dependence is marked by withdrawal symptoms when the drug is removed. The marijuana dangers include the bodies' adaptation to an almost continuous presence of the drug in its system. The brain adapts to the pain reducing reaction to the drug and its other analgesic effects like inducing sleep. Those who have only tried smoking pot once or twice might be amazed that anybody could function on the drug at all. But those who have been smoking the drug for months and years have become accustom to its effects and can often hide the fact that they are high at all.

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