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Claire W
i can't breathe?
I have been diagnosed with rhinitis...the symptoms are a continuously blocked nose..so blocked sometimes i find it hard to talk..even when i blow my nose it feels like it blocks styraight back up i have been using nasal sprays but they don't seem to work...any suggestions
Additional Details
First of all the doctor prescribed me the nasal sprays..they didn't workso i was reffered to the hospital who did allergy tests...i am allergic to usual stuff dust mites etc...the only other option is to have my nose cauterised which only lasts up to six months and will be painfull

Tea tree, Eucalyptus, head covered by towel over a bowl of hot water with olbas oil

Get off the nasal sprays. They are addictive. No wonder you can't breathe. Put 2 tablespoons of salt in half a glass of water and inhale it into your nostrils a teaspoon at a time. Start taking a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day to help with air born irritants. Your body will need time to work with the honey to develop immunities. If you feel that 'the doctor knows all' you will find that they will put you on more and more medications and after awhile, you will need medication to fix the problem that the first stuff caused. Local honey will help you breathe better and will reduce the frequency of colds and flu symptoms as well. You have nothing to lose by trying this. Honey is 100% natural, has no side effects, causes no long term deterioration of internal organs, is easily obtained and tastes good.

I so sympathize with you friend. I would avoid those nasal sprays (other than saline spray) because they are so addictive. I was hooked on them for years. I had to have a bottle of spray with me everywhere I went- in my purse, by my bedside, ect. If I found myself stuck somewhere without a nasal spray, I would immediately become congested and unable to breathe. My allergist finally got me off the stuff after years. She says the rebound effect from that is the worst, making you even more congested and increasing swelling in the membranes in your nose after the initial effects wear off. Something like this Neti pot may help clear your congestion:
I would also recommend just a plain over the counter decongestant, like Sudafed, if you don't have any medictions that you take that it would interfere with, or high blood pressure. Best of luck to you. Feel better soon :)

Pete T
If you have been diagnosed with rhinitis did the doctor put you on any antibiotics? They should sort out the problem.

Adele M
go back to your doctor i have this too. nasal sprays are a pain dont work for me either and give me sore throat. can get allergy tablets that help too.

Find those medical people that can help

"will be painful"

I thought you could not breathe

makes me laugh the ones who have been to the expert (The Doctor) and then ask the nobodys here

maybe you got Polyps and the Doctor never looked in your nostrils

Amyy Hear x
Hiyaaaa :x Antihistamine Tablets Are Very Good For Allergys :x Ii Use It For Hayfever :x But It Really Does Work :x Amyyy x x

Cant your doctor help you and give you something stronger than a nasal spray? I think you should pay your doctor a visit again!

Go back to your doctor and see if he can give you something for it. And if he can't you need to find another doc.

you could try benadryl... but maybe you should talk to your doctor, he should be able to prescribe something for it. nasal sprays are good but they can cause rebound stuffiness of your nose...

Who diagnosed your condition- the cat? If it was a doctor, then you should have been given go-away pills, at least.

praise the lord and beg for mercy. he knows what u did last summer.
he still knows

Peanut Butter
I would see if your doctor could help you out with maybe a prescription and/or some home remedies.

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