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i've just coughed up about 2 pints of blood?
i think it's coming out my ears but i can't see because it's coming out of my eyes and nose? help

best go to the hospital

Really funny, my friend has just gone into hospital with a stomach ulcer and passed out after vomiting loads of blood. Think yourself lucky and seek medical advice either for the blood loss or a sick mind...

If you have coughed up 2 pints then you probably have oesophageal varisces (caused by alcohol) or a bleeding stomach ulcer (also caused by alcohol amongst other things). These are the only 2 conditions I can think of that would cause the above. However, a paracetamol overdose would also cause bleeding, but not this excessive, from the eyes too. But I don't know of anything that will cause bleeding from the eyes, nose and through coughing. So I think you need to brush up on your medical conditions before posting such a silly question.

2 pints...are u still alive. If it rele was that much maybe you could get some help!!


Paula R
You're a bit of a wan*** ain't ya?

at this point going to the hospital would be an idiotic thing to do, there is nothing that can be done for this. More than likely it has been caused by an increase in blood flow to your cranium, this is to fill the vast cavity where your brain used to sit. this is not a bad thing, and if you do end up bleeding out the world will be less one idiot so please just sit there and continue to blankly stare at you computer screen until you finally pass out and just think "maybe I'll get a Darwin award for this"

Go to the ER now...any blood loss of that magnitude is a alert that the body is in distress.

You have got too be jokin ,well it's not funny .

If that's the case how are you seeing to type your question? Get off the computer and call 911.

if this is happening, you should not be on the computer you should be driving to the hospital.

I'd like to leave you with one thought...unfortunately I'm not sure you have anywhere to put it!


then how did you manage to type this question, idiot?!

If you really are serious you need to phone an ambulance now, as this could be a sin of brain hemorrhage, aneurysm, call your emergency services

Its a pain to get out of the keyboard isnt it ?

philip f

Collect it in a mason jar. Then add some aspic. Stir in some jelly beans and refirgerate.

It makes a special Easter desert that is especially good with either whipped Cream or straciatella ice cream! Eat it up yum,

if you are serious about this get to the hospital

if you are fooling around this is not the place to do it

Picture Taker
Yeah, welcome to Yahoo! Answers. That's how my daughter died. Very funny.

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