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i'm a 14 year old boy and started smoking cigarettes and worried about my parents finding out that i smoke?

Hayden Baxter
your very smart keep smoking :) it never hurt anyone

First of all, only smoke outside. Do not smoke in your house for any reason. It may be tempting to light up a cigarette in your bedroom when your parents aren't home, but trust me, the smell will leak throughout the rest of the house and be noticeable for days. Even with the windows open and you blowing the smoke outside, the room will still smell like burning tobacco.

Also, never smoke in a car. I know you are 14, but if you have any older friends who have cars, never smoke inside them. Again, even with all of the windows open, the smoke will still stick to your body. Plus, once your smoke in a car, the smell sticks the the seats and everything, so the next time you are in that car, whether you smoke or not, the smell will rub onto your clothes.

Do not smoke right before you see your parents. I've noticed that if you smoke outside on a windy day, it still takes at least an hour to get all the smoke smell off of your clothes. And even if your parents are not home, do not go inside your house with smoky clothes, since the stale smoke will fill the room. Leave your smoky clothes outside and change as soon as possible after smoking. Make sure to wash your hair as well, as much of the smoke will build up here. And wash your fingers a good as you can. Even just holding a burning cigarette for a few minutes is enough to make your fingers reek of tobacco. To prevent this, you may actually want to consider wearing gloves or something over your hands while you smoke. Trust me, the fingers can be the most noticeable part.

Always carry breath mints with you. The taste in your mouth is not the only problem. Your breath will reek of cigarettes, even hours later. If you get too close to anyone, they will immediately know that your were smoking.

Another good idea is to make sure that you parents know that you have at least a few friends who smoke. This way if they smell a little smoke on you, it can be easily passed off as your friends' secondhand smoke. But do not rely on this as an excuse. If you come home from school every day smelling like an ashtray, your parents will become suspicious. And being around secondhand cigarette smoke will not cause your fingers to smell like cigarettes or your breath to smell like smoke.

One more tip...do not keep any cigarette butts around. An ashtray filled with only one or two cigarette butts emits an extremely strong odor. Make sure you discard the butts somewhere far away from you and your house (or car). If you do use an ashtray, clean it out after every cigarette. And don't let your parents find cigarette butts lying all over the yard.

Remember, cigarette smoke is an extremely difficult smell to hide or cover up. Even with these tips, there is a good chance you will get caught. Just don't smoke too much. Time is your friend when it comes to smoking. Be careful.

Best of luck!

you probably should stop. but youre a kid. its whatever.

to keep from getting caught-
-hand sanitizer
-switch shirts after
-light cologne (dont over do it)
good luck!

just don't get caught.

dude. they can smell it on your clothes.

trust me.

Easy answer: quit. It's stupid to start.

P.S. Many states are imposing higher taxes on cigarettes, so they'll be hella expensive.

GET SOME HELP TO STOP SMOKING!! It's so bad for you and if you start this early, who knows what's going to happen in the future..

if you smoke everyone knows. this girl in my math class smokes during lunch and everyone could smell her. i moved my desk away from her so i could breath. Just quit smoking. Your parents WILL find out.

George A
all i can say is your a mug for starting

well i started around 13 now im 14 and my parents found out but i made up a stupid story and said i quit lol just be smart dont come home smelling like smoke or smoke around your parents

they will when you die, that is disgusting.

Tanner D
they will find out...you will smell and cough...please just STOP

please answer http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090426115034AACL6Kw

why did you even start in the first place!!! pfft

michelle s
well they are not going to be over the moon about it they maybe disappointed, but now all they can do is advise you.
what i would like to know how are you getting them you now have to be 18 to buy in the shops, but your not my child so im not going to worry about that.

Sweetie You Had Me At Hello
Well if you don't want your parents to find out then don't do it.....

You should stop smoking. That's terrible.

Those death sticks are VERY deadly. I'm almost 16 and never started. It's normal to be curious about drugs/alcohol/smoking. But it is deadly to even start. Quit now before you get addicted.

juss quit, its easier to quit now than later

NO SMOKING got it? you'll be happy if you stop ok?

Why are you smoking anyway?
To get attention or to be and stay popular?
Just stop, it doesn't do any good for you,
I call them "deatharettes"
because your going to die sooner or later from them.

Your parents must've know already since you probably smell like Cigarettes.

Well, anyways, try quitting?

whatever u like
its annoying how ppl say o just stop. its never that easy when i started smoking i thought my parents would find out. If you just started u are not addicted, so never ever look for cigarettes if someone offers it to you u can do it, but dont look for them. That's the first step on stopping.

Quit while you're ahead. Seriously, you'll be thankful later on in life.

PLEASE stop right now.....I started smoking when I was 13 and am 51 now. THankfully to God I have not have anything go wrong with my health yet. I am very lucky. Don't worry as much about your parents but your own health...If you need to talk feel free to contact me any time at [email protected] GOOD LUCK Melanie

stop smoking.
smoking is not worth it at all.
too many people die from it.
you're not just hurting yourself, you're hurting the people around you.
life is already too short, do you really think smoking is worth making life even shorter?

Then you shouldn't have smoked in the first place.

stopping will keep them from finding out.

they'll find out when you die of lung cancer

tess is a girl
If having you parents find out is your biggest worry in this situation you need some help.

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