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 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

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how to get rid of a cough fast!?
okay so today is tuesday and i am going to Idaho on Saturday morning. my problem is that i am starting to get a cough! i can barely talk and i cough ever 5-10 minutes! so i need ANY POSSIBLE WAY to get rid of it because i dont want to be sick on my vacation!! please help me!! thanks you:)

don't cough.

mor e
green tea

Vitamin C and sleep with a humidifier in your room at night! It works wonders!

i throw myself up it acually works its bad but it works

PS3 Winner
I chug water...

anthony d
Garggle with salt water.....

cough meds/tea/drops, chicken soup, double dose of vitamin C (organges, could do juice), increase water intake, and rest.

adore me
they have these things at Albersons, their kinda like Icey hot, but they are used to put on your neck for coughs.

Eat some onion...it clears out your throat real good. I know that when I have even the slightest of a cold, a raw onion peel will chase it away in a matter of a day or two. You will see the results...just try it! Also, drink hot fluids, as these help clear your throat out and loosen up the mucous that causes you to cough! :) good luck and have fun on vacation, hope you get better!

Mix honey, Pineapple, toasted Lemon all together and you'll break up that mucus in your body in no time!

idk, i have had my cough sinse begining of november... nothing is working!

chad h
lots of protein and vitamine c

black horse
see a doc. drink lots of water enough rest and u should be fine by the wkend ....

sqeeze fresh lemons into a 3 tablespoons of honey, thats your cough syrup! It will work.

cough medicine

Drink alot of water, and alot of vitamins.
My science teacher drinks this green ****, but it has all natural vitamins and stuff in it. She said it looks alot grosser than it tastes but with all the vitamins and water, she gets better in days.


Drink lots of water. ( tea, put a little honey in water, or salt)

Fish are friends, not food (:
Take some meds.
and drink green tea !

El Jefe
Drop it off on the side of the road 3 towns away and drive like crazy! This always works with cats......

Greenfield Middle School Marci S
drink hot milk i done it to my whole brothers n sisters

Alex Dean
green tea and drink lots of water as fast as you can

Drink some green tea with lemon and honey. Take some cough drops and get some vicks vapor rub to put on your chest and for the shower.

sorry. there is no way. There is an area of the brain which suppresses coughs and no over the counter remedy touches it. The only thing that does is codeine. It is for your own protection since if you cough you are dislodging the secretions in the lung which, if left where they are can cause an infectious pneumonia so coughing is actually good-unless it keeps you from sleeping . In that case you need the codeine.

what is the cause? TB, asthma, allergies, infection, bronchitis, stress, injury, ....... see a doctor.

your best remedy right now is drink lots of water and rest. try to take some lozenges also. this is for simple cough only. if your cough seems getting worse, you better see a doctor fast.

Monte T
Go to the Dr. and get a codeine prescription.

dream in pink
see your dr. if you need antibiotics, you need to get on them right away!! Dont trash your vacation. I personally think the BEST OTC cough med is Vicks D, but if it's a really persistent cough that you can't lick with OTC there is a tiny yellow capsule (tussin?) OR cough syrup w/ codine, which is great for nitetime and helps you sleep. Both of the above are prescription only. and PS3 Winner is RIGHT. chug LOTS of water to break up the mucous. Sometimes a humidifier really helps at nite, too. The fact that you are losing your voice leads me to believe you need to see a dr. Good luck and have a great trip!!

Da Joker
Lots and LOTS of minty food.

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