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Andrea M
how long can your lung hold breath? ?

Additional Details
please ahow reference

Chandler D
The average adult person is about 3-4 minutes.

80 years.

Depends on the person. average person before they pass out or die I think is 2 mins. That's with the whole struggling for your life part in there too lol. That's also a guess, not a fact.

My lungs aren't the strongest.. About 30 seconds!

Eileen Snape©/Raven Snapeφ
the average human can survive about 3 minutes without breathing.

35 seconds:O

Chris B
like 2 minutes but 3 minutes if you hyperventilate first.

Maddie N
It really depends. Singers might be able to hold it for longer than other people, and some people in other countries who dive for pears in the ocean can hold their breath for up to five minutes!!


do you mean,'' how long can you hold your breath? ''
I can do it for about 2-3 minuets. but to be a navy diver you need to be able to do it for 270seconds( 4.5 mins) minimum. there are people who can do if for 13-14 mins. It's all about lung capacity, and cardiovascular fitness.

normally about 2 minutes, but if you train yourself you could probably go for 5.

WalkingDream ♥
1 and 45 seconds idk y tho

It depends..
For me I have smoked for years so when I hold my breath under water
I can't do it for very long, probably less than a minute.

Terrible thing..don't smoke!

Clarence P
As long as it wants. I think what you're trying to ask is: how long can you hold your breath without dying?

Its all subjective.

i thought david blaine TRIED to do it for 9 minutes but failed, huh.
i think he got like 5 or 6
most people, when forced, can hold their breath for up to 4 minutes but if your just challenging yourself, probably like 30 seconds - 2 minutes
me - 52 seconds but probably less under water

The average person can be fully functional under water for a couple of minutes without any fresh air.

Our brain tells us to exhale when the carbon dioxide level in our lungs reaches a certain threshold. After thirty seconds have passed, we really want to start breathing again because that threshold has been met, and likely surpassed. Keep at it long enough, and you'll really start to feel uncomfortable. The important consideration is that we decide to breathe based on CO2 buildup rather than the lack of oxygen in our lungs.

the longest i've heard is , till DEATH

♥Red Roses♥
2 minutes for me then i gotta breath xD

richard t
somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes..the deep free divers up to 7 minutes..google for your own references........

depends on your cardio-respiratory health and training. Olympic swimmers and synchronized swimmer train their bodies to hold their breath for much longer then the average person.

not long like 30 seconds

1 min. i swim a lot so.

1 minute. i practiced in science class last year and had competitions against other people because class was so boring.

Not long, I've got a lung condition so it's probably more decreased than most - all I know is that it takes me about 10 blows to fully blow up a balloon

Personally I can only hole it for about 2 minutes. You might be interested to know that David Blaine sits atop a sphere where he set a new world record for breath-holding, Wednesday, April 30, 2008, at 17 minutes and 4.4 seconds, during a live telecast of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. Crazy right!!! :)


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