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 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
Additional Details
Wow rianna that is scary....

 How do you stop someone from snoring?
I live with my mom and grandmother and they both snore, it frustrates me....

 I've quite smoking for a week now...?
I've quite many time's before... but this time I intend to...
Majority of people I know smoke... & I have stoped for health reasons'

Have you seen the new images ...

 I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
btw im 26 been smoking for about 8-10 years... and dont really do much physical activities, im 5'10 160...

 my son is a pot smoker?
my son smoked pot but now he stopped. how can i get him to start again?...

 how can i quite smoking?

 What can be done about the swine flu?
I know doctors would recommend rest, drink fluids.

Is there a swine flu vaccine? Should I get injected?...

 2nd hand smoking ?
i heard that 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than 1st hand smoking

2nd hand smoking occurs when a non-smoker are breathing in the smoke beside the smoker

so to prevent the dmg ...

 Should I breathe today?
well...should I?...

 What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?

 My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
and is due to come home in about two weeks. She is 77yrs old and had pnuemonia,septicimia and a hole in her lung. The doctors said she would not make it, but today she had a home visit to see how she ...

 I have chronic asthma. My co-worker loves to wear perfume & scented lotions. How do I ask her to stop?
She knows this agravates my asthma & seems concerned when I have my attacks (which are getting progressively worse) but doesn't understand perfumed air fresheners are the same as perfumes. H...

 Help me. My wife is pregnant and she's cold. She's coguhing and has sore throat what is good for her?

 smoking and kissing someone with asthma?
is it possible that someone with asthma couldn't kiss someone that's smoked anything from cigars to weed. they couldn't kiss them for a month so they can get all of it out of there ...

 if i smoke only 2 times (TWICE) a week will that still kill me?
and if so...is there a safe frequency of smoking?? how many times a week or a month can i smoke and not get killed??...

 I smoked a cigarette and it burned the back of my throat?
It was my first time smoking a cigarette.
When I inhaled it burned the back of my throat. Is that normal, and I'll get used to it? Or what?
Additional Details
Please don't ...

 I think it is time for me to stop smoking help how did you do it?
the things i am worring about is my family will keep on about it while I am stopping I think I will go to Doctors clinic to help has any one else done this years ago I tried with patches but I kept ...

 How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
I've supposed to quit smoking for months, due to an up-coming operation, can anyone tell me how long it takes the nicotine to get out of my system, or anyway to get it out quickly, besides not ...

 I recently smoked a cigar and i felt sick after. Why?
im new to smoking cigars and have never smoked one to myself. About 20 minutes after finishing the cigar i felt very sick. Does anyone know why and have suggestions about what i can do to prevent ...

 Who here loves smoking?
Who here absolutely loves smoking?...

Sonja M
how easy is it to stop smoking?

smiley :)
get true the first 4 days and u will b fine

Jacob G
It is not easy but does get easier with support.

really easy ie done it thousands of times

Aaaa A
if your're very addictied its not easy if your not its not that hard

Depends on your will power i suppose

Just STOP Throw it away,

not that easy i no im only 13 but my mum smoked and when she tried to give up she just couldn't you can buy some things or go to some1 about it

Not at all easy, otherwise there would be very few smokers as most people have tried to quit at some point or another. That doesn't mean it isn't worth while though.

Its very hard. :( You need alot of self control. I know someone who gave up smoking by using nicorettes and now hes addicted to them haha

Mr Bad Boy
Not easy at all if you are heavily addicted. Ain't gonna lie. But do it anyway.

Cautious Norm.
It's easy, I just stopped.

★♠RAE in N.Y.♠★
Very easy, just learn how to say "No". Mean it!

As easy as you want it to be - I quit on NYE after 10 years of smoking with no patches or gum or anything like that... Ok - only been 7 days but i don't even think about it.

or, perhaps its the year of nagging from my girlfriend that has finally stopped that making it easier... who knows

Depends how addicted you are to the habit and the nicotine.
I don't have an addictive personality so I found it really really easy to quit.
For some reason nicotine really didn't effect me. Meh. Yeah it's tough on most people.

Eli B
i always find the first 2 weeks aren't that bad....but after that i feel like i wanna punch anyone in the face that even looks at me let alone talks to me!!! its like a horrid itching twitching feeling al over my body that wont go away!!!!!

i think its easier to give up if you actually WANT to give up, as oppose to giving it a go half heartedly

not very. lol
i keep saying to myself ryt thats the last one ever then 5 mins later... lol.

im gonna die :'(

Chris C
NOT VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's hard but not impossible.

Lots of people have kicked the habit. There's loads of support available these days and it's really worth doing.

Anyone giving up could put the tobacco money in a jar and see it mount up - they'll be able to afford one or two luxuries!

And think of the health benefits.


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