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 can a doctor tell i smoke?
im a few years under 18 i smoke sometimes.when i go to the doctors my parents always go in with me.can a doctor tell i smoke with a stetescope or any other way just in the office please i need help ...

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I've had a sore throat now for about a week and a half, my sore throats never last this long. I've been brushing my teeth, washing it. It just started, I haven't been around anyone ...

 Chest pains from smoking cigarettes?
For the past couple of weeks I've been having these strange chest pains, especially when I smoke more. Is this really serious? (I've been smoking since I was 12, I'm now 19)

 what is an ICU?.!.?.!?
I've just learned that my ex boyfriend was put in an ICU...I'm just wondering what it is...and if I should be worried...I just dumped him, for just a few reasons dealing with my family.....

 whats the point?
whats the point in having tonsils or appendics because all they seem to cause is illness?...

 is snoring in a 4 year old bad?

 do obamas smoke are you sure?

 I've got the flu...OK to go to work tomorrow?
I started with the flu very suddenly on Tuesday afternoon. It is now Friday night. I was sick all night Tues. with aches, pains, chills and headache. I was sick all day Wed and called off work Wed ...

 Does Swine Flu Scare you?
The question is in the top. I just would like to know....

 what does coughing blood means? my girl friend just called me she had coughed blood twice today?

 Coughing for almost 40 days...how do I get rid of it!?
I have been sick for a month already and I can't take it no more! I have been coughing alot, no fevre no runny nose just coughing. Been to the Dr. 3 times they just tell me I need REST they ...

 Breathing trouble...PLEASE HELP?
Well I am 12 and have asthma and i have had asthma attack and all that great stuff but for like a hour now im short of breath and it hurt when i breath in. I have never had that before and dont know ...

 how do u pronounce phlegm?

 What makes a sore throat better?
Ohh it hurts so bad :'(
I can't even talk,
I've taken medicine,
what will make me feel
better? Please help me?...

 Violent hiccupping. Please help!?
How do I get rid of it?
What does this lead to?
Should I tell my doctor?...

 i have cold my nose is running and cough suggest some home based remedies?

 Question about smoking...?
I'm not a real smoker or anything, I have about one or two per week, and on the weekends if i'm drinking I may have another two or three, I've been like this for well over a month and I...

 What is harder to stop- cigarrettes or drink?

how do i stop snoring? help!?
i snore a bit and its really embarrassing when we go for excursions and my friends tease me. i am really thin so its not obesity or anything.please help me out of this problem!

go tothe chemist they can help

Do you still have your tonsils and adenoids?
You do not have to be obese to have sleep disordered breathing.
Breathe rite strips work if the problem is due to narrow nasal passage.

§tone in Love =)
Breathe through ur mouth

Unique J
I think Kanye West Biggest Fan answers all of your questions

they have these nasal strips at the store i forgot what their called tho

The nose strips, dont sleep on back and dont eat anything that causes flem (like ice-cream and dairy) right before bed.
DONT get the operation to correct sleep apnea- you will regret it.

get a netti pot

Kanye West Biggest Fan!!!!
Stop Snoring Tips

Elevate your head by sleeping on a thicker pillow or multiple pillows will help reduce your snoring.

Don't drink alcoholic beverages, take sleeping pills, tranquilizers, or antihistamines right before going to sleep, they will cause your muscles to relax and limit your air passage way.

Avoid dairy products, which can cause mucus build-up right before you go to sleep.

If you are overweight, losing some weight will reduce snoring by increasing the space in your air passage way.

Sleeping on your side instead of your back will help to prevent snoring.

A common remedy to prevent sleeping on your back is to sew a tennis ball to the back of your shirt; the discomfort of sleeping on the ball will prevent you from staying on your back.

Try following a regular sleep routine.

Try taking in a little bit of honey before sleeping.

Don't eat a big meal right before bed, if your stomach is full it will push up on your diaphragm and limit breathing passage ways.

Avoid eating "rich" foods such as cakes, cookies, chocolate and pizza.

Sleep on a firmer pillow, a pillow that's too soft encourages your throat muscles to relax and narrows your air passageway.

Inhale steam before sleeping or sleep in a room with a humidifier turned on, which will reduce congestion and moisturize the throat.

Purchase some nasal strips and put them on before going to sleep. Nasal strips will open up your nostrils and allow more air to come in, thus reduce snoring.

If you are a smoker, stop smoking, if that is not feasible then avoid smoking right before you go to bed. Smoking causes inflammation and swelling of the throat.

Take anti-snoring pills or use anti-snoring nasal spray.

Consult a medical profesional if your snoring continues to adversely affect your sleep.

Quit breathing.. HA Jk but seriously sleep on your side or your stomach cause then that opens the nasal passage or something like that. Or just blow your nose alot so there is no snot.. Thats what i do xD

don't sleep on your back.... :)

They are called breathe right strips.

Matt W
Exercise more, smoke and drink less, and wear nasal strips. Breathe Right brand are the best nasal strips around.

My girlfriend snores and I think it's really cute. Don't be embarrassed; you can't really help it!

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