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how do i get rid of this cough?
Ive had flu, and a virus and been treated twice with antibiotics, also given up smoking a week ago, i cannot shift the cough, i cant sleep when i lay down i start cough again, and phlegm comes up its green at night light green in mornings, ive had cough mixtures, lozenges, honey and lemon soothers even strefen anti-inflammatory's nothing works please help xx
Additional Details
I have been using an inhaler, been to A&E as GP refused to see me cos of chest pains, no it doesnt hurt more if i breath depply just cough like mad, not painful now just annoying as i cant sleep & have vomited after coughing fit,antibiotics finish tomorrow

Gargle alcohol. Seriously.

Cough up a lung.

Hi H

Drink some mint tea mixed with lemon juice and a spoonful of honey.

Omni C
your coughing is increasin because you quit smoking only a week ago. thats normal. just stick with it and it will go away. eat lots of cough drops and drink robitussin

go to da docs

LNW qoOnies { FostAville Jects}
sounds like phemoniua



If you breath RIGHT in, Does it become more painfull?

Jennifer T
anitbiotics can be good and bad. Meaning if you're on them for 2 long they kill the good bacteria that kills the bad bacteria. it's sound to me like you bronchitis.

Here's what you do. 1st: get a vaporizor from Wal-mart or Walgreens. Get Vick's vapor rub and or the liquid stuff you put in the actual vaporizor. 2nd: Got to Vitamin Shoppe and/or GNC and get Wheat Grass and an immune booster. Also Probiotics...basically they're good bacteria in pill form. Only take as recommended.

You want to keep propped up or sitting up at all times. You want to keep you lungs as moist and warm as possible to cough up the green and yellow infection. Coughing is good...do not get a cough supresent...if you cant sleep them get a Robitusson..but not make sure it doesn't say supresent on it. you want to keep coughing up that stuff on you lungs.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT smoke or be around smoke for at least a week. If and when you go outside (if you live in cold climates) keep your head and chest/neck covered as much as possible. Take one hot/steamy shower for 20 mins and make sure to cough your brains out. Hot tea with honey, lemon and brandy/whiskey is excellent to help sooth the cough also. The hot tea relaxes your throat and opens your passages, while the honey is a natural antibiotic, the lemon helps to break up the phlem and the whiskey/brandy helps you sleep and also kills the infections.

Also google "natural antibiotics" there are natural foods you can eat that will help fight the infections. Also google "hot toddie" thats the "tea remedy" i just gave you, but you can get creative with it. Stay way from milk, creams and dairies...they only increase the phlem.

pour hydrogen-peroxide in one ear and leave it that way for ten minutes, then do the other ear. that should help. hydrogen-peroxide does not harm you, but it harms the virus. you can drink only if it is pure, if it isn't, it is only used for externally. besides that, i would recommend staying well hydrated, washing your hands, staying warm, and eating well. a hot bath or a steamer may also help loosen your synesis's.

it sounds like your developing pneumonia. i've had it twice before. it took a steroid given to me by my doctor (low dose) that i would spray in my nose. it kinda worked, but what worked best was hot tea and a personal vaporizer.

When you quit smoking, you develop a persistent cough for awhile while you lungs heal. When my husband joined the military he had to quit smoking for the duration of 6 weeks during basic training. While he was in basic, his cough persisted due to NOT smoking. They thought he had asthma, but it was really his lungs rejuvenating themselves and getting rid of the crud.

Fun T

Lily B Talus
try sleeping propped up on pillows and give it time

If you just quit smoking that could be adding to your phlegm. the best thing to do is get a humidifier and a decongestant and cough all that icky out. when you go to sleep try to sleep with extra pillows so all the crap in your lungs flows down and doesn't just sit there causing you to cough more.

Lisa L
The Flu/cold that is going around at the moment does leave you with a cough for about 2-3 weeks . It shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you don't have asthma or any other ongoing respiratory disease,giving up smoking is definitely a plus!! Try and and keep it going. As long as your flu symptoms have gone and you don't actually feel fluey anymore it should clear up on it's own. however if you are still feeling unwell, then it might be worth revisiting your GP and doing a sputum specimen as this will determine whether it is sensetive to an antibiotic. having already had 2 courses of antibiotics it does sound more viral which antibiotics wont help. But things can change and if you are not improving it may be worth having it rechecked. Otherwise its just ride it through and take lots of fluid and rest. Try not to mix with too many people as you will only spread it.Alcohol as some one suggested certainly wont help. Ii sounds as if you are doing all the right things, but do revisit your GP if you actually feel "unwell" with it

Sam A
take more medicine...

First off quick smokes forever 2nd give the antibiotics some time 3rd take some over the counter cough meds

Try Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of your feet before you go to bed. Coat them well, then put socks on, believe it or not, it WILL work!

Dont use medicine at all. The body heals itself naturally. I suggest you drink a lot of filtered water and green tea. Take a bath in green tea too. You want to keep flushing your body (use the bathroom a lot).

Look at my source to see what green tea will do for you.

psycho bob
Green phlegm means chest infection. Go back to doctor. btw antibiotics don't work with viruses

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