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how do I get rid of my cough?
Ive had a bad cold since Halloween Ive been to the dr and they put me on a Zpac and Ive taken other antibiotics and they haven't worked. What can I do to get rid of my cough??????? its so bad that it has me gasping for air, my chest hurts, I have spells of coughing that last up to a minute....
Additional Details
ive been to the dr 5 times already...

the Gibbler

.... *grins at own foolishness*

Alexis K
go to a dr it might be something
i really need help with my question

try coughing or cough syrup! my name is norm justian and I approve this message!

(♥JOC [email protected] !S @[email protected]!NG♥)
mabey you have cancer or your mite on the virg og getting it

Nancy L
get colloidal silver spray in the bottle

at a private vitamin shop or organic health nut store.

look it up

Mel-am Meru
Do you have asthma? have you had your pertussis immunizations? Whooping cough has made a come back especially to adults who have not been immunized for it and it can last for a long time. Does it sound like a bark when you cough? You need to see your doc...
It may be bronchitis too so if you still have a lot of coughing make sure you doctor prescribes a steroid for the inflammation, and an inhaler to open your airways and running the hot water in the shower can help ease the spasm and congestion.

you cant its impossible

Yeah, you're probably going to die.

eat healthy foods

vicks 44

lets see do you smoke or have smoked?? if so i would go back to the doctor and have it checked for that !! if not then when i get my coughing i drink a a mint tea and put some hunny in it.. hope it works..

Use Cepacol spray and lozenges!!

The best thing to do is :

1) Get some lemon juice or some lemonade.
2)Pour in some honey.

Do it for about a 1 week or 2 and you'll be fine

don't swallow anything that you cough up. spit it OUT! i know it's gross but unless you spit it out there is no point. you need to ask for a stronger antibiotic!

IOne tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey mixed with one glass of lukewarm water, drink as many glasses as you can and no other liquid....should get well by the third day.

Is there any environmental factor that might be making you cough? New pet in the house, chemicals next door, someone smoking?

If you're gasping for air, the doctor should have given you a rescue inhaler, like Albuterol.

If the coughing is has been persistent and powerful, you need a stronger supressant - maybe one with codine (prescription) or need to stay in a hospital for observation.

I'm not a doctor, but once I had coughing so powerful, it punctured my windpipe, and air got trapped under my skin. This was when I got sent to the hospital for observation.

If you take a hot, steamy shower, does it help? If so, go to the drugstore and buy a humidifier. Never mind the cost, this is your health.

Vick's or buttercup

you should just try taking some vitamins.surprisingly, a zinc,vitamin c,and iodine suppliment will go a long way.

Kitty J
If you smoke- stop for atleast two weeks.
Smoking is the worst thing you can do when you are ill.

If you dont smoke then i suggest you go see a doctor incase it's not just an average cold.

You're dr. honestly doesn't seem to know sh it about respiratory problems. You learn in freshman year biology that antibiotics kill bacteria, NOT viruses, NOT fungi, NOT allergens. The only reason your dr is prescribing antibiotics is because it will prevent secondary infections from happening and he has no idea what to do about the primary infection. You need to see if you can get an albuterol inhaler ASAP, some Advair, some robutussin, put an air purifier in your room and check for any toxins or toxic substances that can trigger allergies (Look Carefully), and drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Your symptoms sound to me like allergies of some sort. It could very easily be a fungal source in your room.

Monaye L
You may need another diagnoses or second opinion.

My sister just went through something that sounds similar to your experience. They finally diagnosed her and my nephew as having
RSV infection.
(click link)


So dont let it continue for too long cause it could be something more serious than a cold.

Get well soon!

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