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 My throat is killing me, and I'm coughing blood!?
My throat is really hurting me, I thought it was just a cold but I never had this pain. I can’t swallow, I can’t smoke, I can’t drink or eat I’m in hell can anybody tell me what’s wrong?...

 What would happen to me if it is my first time smoking?
I'm thinking of just smoking one cigarette probably with some of my friends at a party just to see what it's like...I wouldn't get addicted right off the bat would I?...

 What does it mean when your chest feels tight, like theres alot of pressure on it and its hard to breath?
My friend is having a problem it came last night and she said it feels like her chest is tight and its hard for her to breathe. She said that her breathing was really short and shes been trying to ...

 What's wrong with me?
Recently, I am experiencing severe chest pains, causing me sleepless nights. I have asthma and have been taking my Salbutamol inhaler constantly. I can't rely on that all the time but I feel ...

 how do I get rid of my cough?
Ive had a bad cold since Halloween Ive been to the dr and they put me on a Zpac and Ive taken other antibiotics and they haven't worked. What can I do to get rid of my cough??????? its so bad ...

 What are those disgusting things you can cough up?
The look like little tiny white balls and they smell soooo bad.... I cough them up every once in a while and idk how to get rid of them... my sister said thwey are puss balls..IDK its disgusting can ...

 has anyone stopped smoking and actually been happy about it?
i have given up, cut down etc, but i was never happy with the thoughts of never ever having just one when i wanted, so are smokers or ex smokers ever happy when they decide to give up, or do they ...

 what are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
which one is worse?
even if someone smokes a year or two.
others smoke their whole lives.
can one or two years of drinking or smoking cause permanent damage?...

 Will i be able to make my lungs healthy again?
I have black lungs from smoking tobacco for 6 years on my 18th birthday i want to quit.

Can i make my lungs healthy again or they just going to be black permanently?...

 Why does it hurt when I breathe through my nose?
Whenever I start breathing through my nose it feels like my nasal cavities are burning. It's really uncomfortable.

What should I do?
Please no one say "breathe through your ...

 Why smoke when you know it kills?
Why people kept producing cigars when they know that cigarrete smoking is dangerous to their health? Are there any advantages?...

 Is there anything that you can smoke that's not bad for you?
I like the activity, but hate the health risk....

 Does it matter if you breath into a paper or plastic bag when having a panic attack?
I just wondered whether there's a difference....

 Who doesn't drink or smoke?
Iwish there was a smoke free world....

 How old were you when you started drinking or smoking?
Additional Details
im just curious because i started drinking when i was 14 and im 15 now and just started smoking, which i know is bad im trying to stop before i get ...

 are there any good remedies for toenail fungal infections?

 Can 6 cigarretes permanently damage the lungs?
I smoked 6 cigarettes over a course of 1 month because my friend smokes and I wanted to see how it is. I lived with a smoker and am smart enough not to take up smoking because of what I personally ...

 Natural ways to beat asthma?

 Thinking of Taking up Smoking!!?
I am 17, and i get really stressed sometimes... and once i tried smoking a cigarette and it seemed to calm me down!!

But i don't really want to spend all my money on smoking, what ...

 Why are anti smokers trying so hard to make others stop? Smoking will come back,It always has and always will?
It's a battle that they just can't win. You can't tell young people what to do they don't want to know, They are all rebels so don't even bother to try. Just look to yourself ...

how can you stop someone snoring?

kill them.
when a person cannot breathe they cant snore
look it up on wikipedia if you dont believe me

Grab the lamp or alarm clock, whichever is handiest, grab firmly and smoke him/her in the nose. That should take care of it for the short term. Longer term, sleep w/someone else.

We all snore, so i suggest joining the gym and daily work outs so you sleep heavier, ask them to lay off the booze too.

Snoring may be due to hereditary reasons .Leading an active lifestyle , sleeping on your side, avoiding alcohol or eating heavy meals at least 4 hours before sleeping will help . More remedies
and details at http://nosleep.in/snoring.html

Wkae them up! hahahahahahaha!

STEP 1. take trip to wal-mart. Buy cottonballs, mini plugs, n some chocolate
STEP 2. once person is asleep take plugs out of package
STEP 3. place one plug in each nostril
STEP 4. open package of cottonballs
STEP 5. stick a cottonball down the snorers throat
STEP 6. open package of chocolate sit back watch them suffer & enjoy (chocolate helps with anything) haha good luck > no rly tho get'em some frikin medication lol

Yes,Put a pillow over their face, just kidding. no,I'm not !!
I'm listening to a snoring person right now. Surgery, sprays,

If you hold the pillow down
long enough.

gently pinch their nose until they stop.This can be done without killing them,or even waking them.be prepared for strong denials in the morning.Try coating your fingers in KY jelly before the pinch maneouvre.When they wake up,there is no way they will even get to sleep again for fear of where they have had their nose.

nasal surgery

Don't breathe when you sleep.

kick them into the spare room or shoot them!

emo eyes
smack them in the face.

cheryl j
My snoring is very loud, sometimes I wake myself up. I tried the Breathe Right Strips, and a product called Snore Ease. My better half was happy, they both worked for us.

Put a balloon in their mouth and the noise will be trapped in there as they blow it up and down.

yeah...peg their nostrils

An elbow to the ribs usually works. If you don't want to be that mean, try getting them those breathe-right strips.

my daughter snores bad. i think the best thing to do is to sleep in another room

Suffocate them.

For a friend
apart from the obvious of thumping them cos it does yer head in... i recorded him snoring on my phone (as I use it for an alarm clock) and then when the snoring gets so bad that no amount of poking, turning and thumping will shut him up, I found playing their snoring back to them (doesn't have to be mega loud either!!) wakes the snorer sufficiently and then does something that makes them look spooked in their hazy sleep they have just woke from and shuts them up snoring. No more than twice is required. And its also sweet revenge too cos it looks pretty hilarious to watch them get spooked by their own snoring!!!

Get them to sleep on their side (left side is best so as not to promote acid reflux), not their back. If they're willing to sleep with a pillow tucked between their legs, it'll discourage them from rolling over in their sleep.

have this person go for a sleep apnea test
might just correct the problem

hold a pillow over their face until they stop breathing.

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