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 I think it is time for me to stop smoking help how did you do it?
the things i am worring about is my family will keep on about it while I am stopping I think I will go to Doctors clinic to help has any one else done this years ago I tried with patches but I kept ...

 How long does it take to get nicotine out of your system?
I've supposed to quit smoking for months, due to an up-coming operation, can anyone tell me how long it takes the nicotine to get out of my system, or anyway to get it out quickly, besides not ...

 I recently smoked a cigar and i felt sick after. Why?
im new to smoking cigars and have never smoked one to myself. About 20 minutes after finishing the cigar i felt very sick. Does anyone know why and have suggestions about what i can do to prevent ...

 Who here loves smoking?
Who here absolutely loves smoking?...

 I've had a cold for over two weeks, what's up?
I've been really congested for over two weeks now and within the last week I have developed a cough that I believe is from all the excess mucus my body is producing. The thing is, besides the ...

 I've been coughing nonstop for about a week now...Just started drinking robotussin but it's not helping;
Well the cough went from a very wet cough to a dry one but I still have a lot of snot that I constantly have to tend to... What do you think the problem might be. I have to go to my doctor later ...

 smoking ?????
why is smoking bad for you and how you cut down what it can do to you ???...

 32 days smoke free? Feeling weird?
I still not feeling good. Still have this anxiety a running thoughts in my head ending up searching for symptoms to what I feel. I hate this. When will this subside? Give me "ANSWERS" ...

 Is it ok to smoke(cigarette's) at a young age???

 How much time off work for bronchitis is 'acceptable' ?
I've been off work with bronchitis for a couple of weeks and am still feeling very run down and lethargic because of it. I have been signed off work for this period & given me antibiotics (...

 I'm getting a cat and my son is allergic to cats. What can i do to get my house ready for him??
my son doesn't live with me all the time, but i have him every other week....

 How long is my period spose to last?
I'm just curious how long my period is spose to ...

 Why doesn't snoring wake up the snorer?

 I want to quit smoking marijuana but I don't know how to do that . Can you advise me ?
I am not a very big smoker....

 Why don't flies get hit by raindrops?

 I am coughing, sneezing, my eyes are watering, and I have a sore throat.?
What's up with me?...

 I'm a smoker , and i have a question.....?
I have smoked for about 12 years(i'm 27) and lately i have had chest congestion and coughing up yellow stuff, i have been short of breath and now tonight it hurts when i breathe. I know I know, ...

 side effects of steroid use?

 why do i always feel like i cant Breath correctly?
i am 13 years old and i always feel like i have to yawn to catch my breath but sometimes when i yawn i cant catch it it happens every seond when i try to open my mouth and inhale i sometimes cant ...

 Why do non smokers make such a big deal out of smoking?
Its like... if someone wants to smoke and their of a legal age.. basically whats your problem? If you dont like the smell or the actual smoke... move away from someone whose smoking.. you dont need ...

how can i quite smoking?

hari prasad
by giving up

Repo Man
By learning to spell. Spelling properly decreases the amount of anti- inflammatory membranes in your head which thus gives you better mind over matter control, to quit smoking.

Tess Tickles
don't bother. if you enjoy it then cool, carry on. if it kills you then tough. you're a grown up

Gladys C
try taking Wellbutrin. It helps calm and help you quit. It does suppress the urges to smoke. And works very well as a support aide.

Steve F
The best way I found was to take up jogging. Do a few miles and then light one up and tell me how you feel about it. Nothing tastes worse than a smoke after a run. Shouldn't take more then a week to kill the urge completely.

Michael Jackson 1958 - FOREVER
FIRST AND FOREMOST YOU MUST BE REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT WANTING TO STOP!!! Go cold turkey That is what I did i was a heavy smoker and I have been smoke free for almost 10 years now and I'm proud of it! Please remember EVERY TIME you light one up your are putting your self at risk for cancer.My mother died a horrible and i will say it again a HORRIBLE death due to smoking.Can you go and visit a hospital as you may be able to look at some of the poor people who are dying of lung cancer.I wish I could send you a last photo of my dying mother ( 60 pounds body weight) but it would be very distasteful and disrespectful to do so.
You can do it if you really want it...you will add years to your life.If you need support i will be there for you send me a message.The best of luck to you and God Bless.

with determination buddy! if you're not determined it is useless.

I am a non-smoker but I have always been around smokers all of my life.My husband has been smokefree for a year now.He tried the gum and it really didnt help him.He joined a quit smoking group and it really helped him.They gave him a card to put in his wallet and write down his reasons for quitting.(His was our daughter)You can call them to talk and for help if you feel like having a smoke.The number one way is to just have the willpower and just do it cold turkey,everyones is going to be different
though.I really think you should start by slowly taking away the most important times you smoke,replace it with having a run or chewing gum just something else to focus your time on,take up some kind of activity youd enjoy.Stay focused on your goal try having a journal and write down how you are feeling as your lungs start to feel better.My husband would always say how could he felt when he first stoped smoking,he could taste food better and breathe easier-I really hope you get to expierence that too!Good luck:)I think the number is 1-800-quit-now(Im pretty sure of that)You could always join something online or an actual class too,thatd be more fun if you are outgoing!:)

[email protected]
First of all Nicotine is more addicting then any other drug there is. It's not easy but what will make it easier is that you do want to quit. What you have to is replace the habit with a good habit. Ex. if you get the urge to smoke go for a walk instead. You really need to hang out where you can't smoke. Hang out with non smokers. You really need to change your life style. Be proud of yourself if you went 1 or 2 hours without one. Don't expect to quit all of sudden. It took a long time to develop the habit and it going to take a while to quit it. Don't tell anyone that you are trying to quit, just see if they notice. Because if you tell others they are going to judge you if you decide to go back. I wish you all the luck. Just think of how much $ you'll be saving. Add up what you spend in a year that might work. Also for every 20 minutes that you don't smoke you add 1 hour to your life span. Good luck and keep us posted.

until you are 100 % ready you cant

I used to smoke a LOT but I decided to leave that behind because I know that wasnt good 4 me hang out with good people dont let nobody pressure you on what u dont wanna do no more.

I quet smoking by buying a carton of cigs. Then I opened 3 packs. I put 1 in the house, another 1 in my car & the other in my bowling bag. I only used out of those when I was in the house or in my car or when I was bowling. They became very stale. When I would smoke 1 of these they would tast AWFUL. My brain would tell me I did not need this & after about a year I didn`t want any more, it took my brain about that long to tell my body I didn`t need them any more. Haven`t smoked or wanted to smoke since then. That was 10 yrs. ago.

Tom C
Develop a backbone. That's a start. Then reflect on why you'd want to kill yourself in a rather horrible way. There must be a reason. People do it cold turkey. That's the best way. You have one hellacious week and then you're clean. That week takes the backbone. Good luck. It's your life to conrol.

"believe yourself"

stop buying...

I quit smoking by changing my perspective and putting on a "new pair of glasses", I had to redefine the way I viewed myself in the world, rather than a smoker, I saw myself as a health oriented person who was going to live a better life and not be a slave to a damn pack of cigarettes making some already too wealthy people even wealthier at the cost of MY health...best of luck to you

start by eliminating the morning smoke
then eliminate the last smoke of the night
you'll be surprised how much less you'll be smoking in no time
gradually ween yourself off

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