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how can i get my 13 year old to quit smoking?

I don't know. Try to persuade him by telling him how it can be so harmful. Tell your son all the consequences of smoking and how it is bad for his health. It will affect your son health when he gets older. Try taking him to the doctor and let them talk to him about it.

Slap him upside his head and lock him in his room!

who is buyin the cigs for him/her?
Make sure you give her no money for school or anything.
Talk to her/him about it.

Sew their mouth shut. lol

put her into a private school or rehab.
your the mother you should not let your daughter doing this.
threarten to make her life a living hell if she doesnt stop. cuz if your being nice about it, its not gonna help

little mama
tell her about what may happen if she cant stop.if that does not work go to jesus at church and he will tell you what to do to make your daughter quit smoking and live forever and for entirety so she will be bad and she will make things away for good unti she quits for good and vows to quit the dang stuff so he or she wont die or get a desise that she will live with forever

Tell them all the diseases that can occur after smoking so much and show them a picture of what their lungs will look like after so many years, it should scare them enough to get them to stop smoking.

Thirteen is way too young to be trying to quit smoking. Tell the kid to wait until he or she is 25 or so and quit then. For the next 12 years, keep the kid supplied with cigarettes and everything will be fine.

well if you now any one that works in a hospital ask them if you can show your kid the things that happen to people that smoke

ok first of all 13 year olds can't buy ciggerates...so a parent must smoke to suppliey them, take them away, if a parent or family member is smoking try to get them or urself to quit to..contact the school, school consolers can help...trust me! put the kid on restriction don't let he/she hang out with friends who maybe smoking and no video games

Honestly, now
It may backfire, but I know a couple people who got caught smoking young and their father sat them down and made them smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in one go. They got sick and puked, couldn't breathe right for a week, and never touched a cigarette again.

In response to those who say, "stay on hir *** 24/7 so s/he doesn't have the time to smoke"--that only makes it more appealing. That totally doesn't work. You can't watch your kid every second of the next ten years, or however long it'll take to outgrow the desire. If the reason hir parent is totally up hir butt is over smoking, the firt thing s/he'll do once you turn your back is light up.

wow i dont think he/she should be smoking at 13 but the best way is to talk to them.... there is probably a reason he/she is smoking at the age of 13.... there might be something bothering him/her

Kilroy Roboto
Smack him upside the head. Seriously.....he's not too old to spank. I would suggest making sure he has no money to spend on cigarettes. Tell him that you will not bankroll his poison. He has shown he cannot be trusted and you will therefore treat him as such.

ok a lot of people gave you really rude answers. a lot of kids started smoking very young. I noticed that a lot of kids that went to middle school smoked then.

its hard some of the kids that grew into young adults from middle school stopped and some didnt.

its not weird for a 13 year old, its neat to try new things but not all new things are good. smoking is one of them.

telling your 13 year old how bad it is just wont work, we have all the information we need its just something that people do.

I really dont have that much advice to give but if you are smoking as well you can make a deal, you dont smoke he or she doesnt smoke. that worked for a lot of people.

another good way to make them stop is bring it down to money, take in how much they smoke a week how much is costs them then tell your child what he or she could buy with that money.

an xbox,guitar,clothes, anything money will help reach them

well, the worse thing for a 13 year old is to be embarrassed. You're the parent, you can think of ways to embarrass him/her i am sure....then make it progressively worse and worse and be so relentless that the kid will quit smoking just so you will lay off.

Unless your child is already so out of control that you can't even influence him/her that way. Where does the money come from to pay for them? do you smoke? if so, then your position is a bit harder and I would try to be upfront and honest about smoking.

Maybe the smoke a whole pack is a good option.

Take them to the terminal illness ward of your local hospital to visit the people dying of smoking related cancers.

tell them to

Quit giving her money to buy them. Don't let her go out without supervision.

What the hell is a 13 year old smoking for?

Rabbits in the Precambrian
whiskey might be the trick

Take her/his money away, alert everyone, give consequences, and don't let her/him have anymore! ever! EVERRRRRRR! who got them for your kid!? that's horrible!

Alexis W
well i dont think u should tell the school unless its huge and out of control this is your kid. you can handle it.
You need to get him to see that smoking is really "uncool." Because smoking this young really is lame.

cigarettes or weed?

ok everyone stop getting on the parent. and the private school thing wont work. i go to the best private school in louisville, ky and i smoke cigs and weed and drink.

idk but i'm 10 years old and i promised myself that i would NEVER smoke. i'm trying to get my mom to quit too. she's been smoking ever since she was 12 then she quit for 10 years and now she started again.

take away the cigarettes. ground her. take away something important to her until she quits. but remember to give her a little support too.

take their cigs away. ground them. spank their butts!

ryan the greatest
slap a hoe

Who is buying his cigarettes?

Well I started at about 11 or 12 and developed chronic bronchitis by the time I was 18. When I was around 23 a Doctor found a spot on my lung and told me I was going to die if I didn't quit smoking. That did it, I quit in 1970. It was 10 years before I didn't want one, 20 years before I didn't want to stand next to someone that was smoking and 30 years before I couldn't stand to be near someone that was smoking.
Perhaps you could talk to a child psychiatrist about options. One of those camps in Idaho might help or walking them through a lung cancer ward might help. If a close relative smokes it's going to be harder, kids pay more attention to what adults do then what they say.

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