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him........or smoking???????
well my sister is going out with this guy and they have been together for 3 months. she loves him soooooo much and he loves her like crazyyyy they are perfect for each other. they are both 15 and they are already planning out everything in their future. the only thing.....she smokes, he told her today that he had to break up with her if she didnt stop because it could effect their family in the future. what should she do?????????????
and dont say all that stupid crap about how smoking is bad n stuff uggghhhh

umm 15 and thinking of a future shes lucky to have have her *** dumped

why should i not say that smoking is bad?it is!!! your stupid sis is 15 and shes already smoking, tell her to stop, its not hard!!! did i forget to mention smoking is stupid....along with your smoking sister!!!!!!!! and i dont mean shes the smoking as in hot i mean cigarette, bad stuff, etc. get the point? yeah well you should because she is a stupid retardo!

Happy Camper
Unfortunately for you, thats pretty much all I can say, because it's the truth. All I can suggest are nicotine patches, maybe? If she really likes this guy, lets hope she quits.

LOL 15 and planning they're live together.... good luck with that!! unless your in a small country town the minute something hotter comes along he is gone !!! Sorry to say it but good luck

Our social relationships are what mostly determine our future happiness. Yes, your sister likes to smoke, yes she may even be addicted to smoking. However, being with the guy she loves will give her greater future long-term satisfaction than smoking.
Her boyfriend has a right to ask that of her, although he prob should have done that from the beginning of the relationship.
Well, good luck!

KING Arthur
Just STOP smoking!!!!! The world is just doing the same in most countries. The immediate good is HE stay with her, the end result is good health, less sickness and a happy family but too early at 15 and need to slow-motion till 21 for a real together in ONE.

Okay well what do you want me to say then?
smoking is bad, that's a given. Other than that all I can say is for your sister to calm down if she is only 15. Hey, I usually say take somebody for who they are. But when smoking comes into play, it's hard to do that. Because it could ruin families. My father and I could have a closer relationship if it wasn't for his smoking....
Also don't act like a silly teenager "and dont say all that stupid crap about how smoking is bad n stuff uggghhhh", what is that??? Obviously your school doesn't teach you any health education and your parents don't teach you manners. Good luck kid.

well they are both 15 u WILL date other people im sorry

I would say smoking and that "stupid crap" is called accurate information. He obviously likes her enough to care about her health and future kids...she's 15 she should stop before she's on a respirator at age 21.
But they are both too young to be planning a future and smoking. Are they graduated from College already with a good paying job and living on their own? This is how shows like "16 and Pregnant" get started...Read a book! Learn a language! Get a job! Please don't let her become another statistic

well if smoking means more to her then him then they arent perfect for each other and should break up. and if shes fifteen shes and idiot to be smoking, there is a reason for laws. at 15 your still figuring out your life, and she will probably change her mind a lot. i had a friend like that too, they were engaged, but ended up not going through with it, it was the best thing for her cause they are two different peple now and happier appart.

Susan D
That's easy, quit smoking. If she doesn't, the message is clear, she loves the cigarettes more than him. Good for him. He's right, smoking is bad. She is risking his life and that of any future children. The longer she smokes the worse it gets for quitting and the more damage she is doing to herself and to him. It's not stupid stuff. It's reality and at least he has the maturity to understand that. It's too bad you and your sister don't.

Some posters call this minor. It is NOT minor. A lifetime of disability, death by heart disease and lung cancer, premature babies, etc. are NOT minor.

Besides, it's disgusting to kiss a smoker.

A 15-year-old-boy with maturity and common sense and a sense of values. He so deserves better than her. Cigarettes are chemically engineered so that women become addicted in 7 days. When you plan for your future and part of your plan is burning money that is not a good sign. She should quit because she is mature and has self esteem and self confidence and it is very harmful. 8>}

explosive diarreah
well besides the fact that smoking is very dangerous especially that she's doing it at such a young age, I'd say she should listen to her heart. If she desperately loves this guy than she should drop the habit.Chances are, he won't be the first one to dump her because of her smoking.

Him because she'll be happy and won't have any regrets over it in the future.

EDIT: No offence but him saying that sounds like he seriously cares about her as well.

what does she love more? tell her that... does she love smoking more or him.. im pretty sure she will choose him.. and when she does im sure she will NEVER regret that she did choose him and he will be happy as well

Smart guy. If she really see herself with this guy, then she would at tleast try to stop smoking. Anyways, they are 15 and love never lasts at 15. So they will be broken up anyway with or without the smoking.

Well...I was a Hospice nurse, so I saw a lot of patients die from cancer. It sounds like your sister has a great guy there. However, if neither you nor your sister want to hear the truth about how smoking is bad for your health, then you're out of luck. You may call it stupid crap, but it's the truth.

Marcelo V
him because u gonna end up having cancer if keep smoking

If she really likes him, she will regret not making that sacrifice in the future and always wonder "what if.."
Also, if she's only 15, her smoking addiction (hopefully) shouldn't be too intense.

Jessica P
Smoking at 15 and planning her future with another 15-year-old? There are just so many things wrong with this picture. Geez.


im against smoking so i think that if its reeally love, she should listen to him because to him, smoking is probably something bad, and he doesnt respect that. she should try and stop because thats what he ants, and its pretty realistic to want your gf to stop smoking

Sorry, but smoking IS bad for you. And smoking around young children (like in their future family) is really irresponsible and disgusting. If I were her, I'd quit smoking. Of course this guy is more important than a silly stick of rocket fuel and rat poison!

If she loves him so much, than how can she even compare losing him to loosing a smoke?
She's fifteen! take the boy. and be thankful he made you quit!

stupid question.
if she loves him and is planning her
future with him, she shouldn't let that
go because she wants to smoke.

but whatever makes her happier....


Smoking is bad, and that's all I'll say.

First off, really? Their WHOLE future at 15? People change by college. Or college age, if that's your direction.

I say quit smoking, because while the relationship might end, smoking will defnitly kill you. This question is nearly self explanitory.

Little P
she should quit smoking. if he's that important, it should be easy to quit because nothing means more to her than he does.

shining girl
if she really loves him she will give up smoking

I think that if she really loves him, then that is something she can give up for him.

Michael H
She's fifteen and she smokes?

No comment... although... I would say choose smoking, because if a guy truly loves her he'll stay with her when she smokes.

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