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 diagnose my symptoms please?
i have a fever of 102
i have a horrible headache
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i have horrible chills
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 is smoking weed a good idea?
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 Am I wrong for smoking weed?
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 How bad is weed for you?
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 Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
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 Is pneumonia contagious?

 how can i tune my body into needing less sleep,is it possible to have 4 hrs sleep and still feel awake?

 is it healthier to smoke really weak cigarettes?
i recently switched to smoking cigarettes with 0.1mg tar and 0.1mg nicotene.

this should make it healthier or not? and less addictive?
Additional Details
but if the amount of ...

 urinary tract infection?
what is urinary tract infection?give me some ...

 wants to smoke pot. any tips?
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 Should i go to school when i have Bronchitis?
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 Should I got to the emergency room for this?
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 whats the best way of relaxing after you hae finished a 9 page essay that is due on monday ?
im so stressed ...

 True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol ?
Personal story on this if you can , please ?

Have a good evening , all . D :)
Additional Details
JB, Me 26 years sober : still smoking
My sis 7 years heroin ...

 How do I know if someone has swine flu?
I have read that swine fly can ONLY be diagnosed with a blood test in lab. Otherwise the symptoms are just like regular flu.

I have a 7 year old home from school today with a bad dose of ...

 My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How can she 'evade/trick' the carbon monoxide machine which tests her breath for these fumes, or at least bring her levels down? By 5:45 GMT, to be precise....

giving up smoking......?
What is the best way that you have found giving up smoking...all ideas welcome ;o)
Additional Details
I really want to give up, my date that i am settling for is the 5th January!

Rocket P
don't do it, smoking is awesome!

most people find that it's hard to give up smoking once you're addicted because you always need it. i'd try and get addicted, or take a big liking to something else that wouldn't actually affect my health that bad - like chewing gum.

I heard of a guy that quit smoking by playing Pokemon Diamond whenever he had a craving.

But basically you have to replace smoking with something busy with your hands and/or mouth every time you crave.

try the gum patches and the plastic cig my mate said that the plastic cig really helps you can get these from your doctors. x

If you're a heavy smoker, it's not a good idea to stop immediately. Just stop smoking as much as you used to. SMoke one cigarette less than yesterday and keep it up. If you're not too into smoking, throw away all of the cigarrettes you have and stick to something else, like gum or find your own hobby. If that doesn't help, go look for help from companies that specializes in the areas of how to quit smoking.

You can try all the stop smoking aids out there, but the key ingredient to quitting is will power. If you are truly ready to quit, you won't have any problem dealing with the withdrawal effects. Just take it one day at a time. Stay positive, and you'll be fine.

Best of luck!

I'm only 17, so have never smoked, however, my uncle did, and this is how he quit:

He was a pack a day smoker, 25 cigarettes, so in span of 4 months, everyday he smoked less and less until he was on 1 a day for several days, then after that, just never smoked again. He said it was a good process, and never desired to smoke a single cigarette again.

Every smoker CAN QUIT, they just have to want to quit. I hate how some people say, "I just can't quit", because if they want to, they can.

No one likes a quitter!!!

Just kidding, I wish you luck just takes willpower and I know its hard, I quit cold turkey and I see people smoke and want one lol. Its only been about 2 months.

clarie m
I gave up two and half years ago and i used to smoke 40 a day. I used the patches for the first 2 days and then i took the patch off and went 'cold turkey'. The first week was extremely hard and the second week was easier but not great but it does get easier and easier.

Where some people struggled being around people that smoked whilst giving up. Mine was being with people that stressed me out or aggitated me, that was when i really wanted a ciggie.

I smoked for 17 years and i tried the chewing gum and the patches full time and i didnt succeed. This time just using the patches for 2 days and then willpower worked for me but the difference being that this time i really wanted to give up and i just couldnt affford to smoke.

I hope all goes well for you.

I'm on my third day, and no longer own any un chewed pens!

It's so hard and I'm very stressed out at the moment.

The patches are working well :) Just chew stuff and eat fruit when your craving so it's a healthy option it cheers me up a bit!

Good luck

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
I smoked for 15 years, and quit several times for months at a time... I tried everything in the book, short of acupuncture! I now take Chantix, and although it's only been a couple of months, it feels different than it has the other times I've quit!

I will try to explain: I don't have the cravings.. in fact, I rarely think about it! I haven't had to stop drinking coffee in the mornings, I can have a few beers without bumming one from someone, and I can take road trips... Those were the all the worse times for me when I'd want to smoke. I work in an office where the only time I can really get away from the desk is to go smoke (like many jobs), and I still don't want to smoke.

Aside from that, I haven't had any weird side affects. I just have to be sure to take it with food, or it will upset my stomach. Of course, everyone is different, so you may react differently. Good luck!!

I quit smoking years ago, I quit cold turkey. It's very hard, I found drinking water using a straw helped a bit. I was still really cranky for about 4 days lol. I still crave a smoke all the time and it's been 3 years. just remember that even if you screw up at first and have one you just have to throw out the pack and quit again. Good Luck.

Giving up is easy. I do it about three times a year.

The really hard part is staying off them, which depends on how long you have smoked and what situations go in hand with smoking.

Go with the date you've set and have a go. There is no shame in failure, if you really want to give up, you will.

Good Luck to you.

n b
patches and gum coupled with wanting to give up

you gotta stick with it, its the easiest way i have found and it helped me stop.

dels replies
good for you . wonder why the 5th Jan. though Why not 1st. as a new Year resolution?
I smoked for over 60 years.. My health was really suffering, had to go into hospital for a while, Lungs were only about 40% efficient, saw my doctor,GP. who ran a stop smoking clinic. I had tried patches previously, without success.. A new drug had just been put on the market,, January 2007. called Champix. This is different as it is not a nicotine replacement therapy. it works by affecting the sensors in the brain that make you want to smoke, and it also very much reduces the pangs afterwards, You take a half dose for a week. while still smoking. Week 2 you stop and go onto full dosage . It is a 3 month course, you are normally given one months supply at a time and are monitored ,, I only took it fo 2 months, I didn't feel I needed it longer. I have not smoked a single cigarette since then, nearly 2 years now. I feel ever so much better, can do lots more things, Oh not cured , never will be, but not the invalid I would have been had I not stopped. Champix is only available on prescription n UK... Probably has the best results in helping people stop,, but at the end of the day you have got to want to stop , or nothing will work .. but best of luck .

get pregnant, worked for me!! lol

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