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baby #2 due Jan 17th
former smokers only plz?
hi iam 19 years old girls 5ft3 140lbs iam a former smoker i quit smoking 5 months ago cuz of breathing prob now after that 5 months i cant run for 5 min i get daisy and cant breath and everthing turns black so i just stop i cant do any activity i just cant breath good does anyone know aywa to help me breath better and if iam going to have this prob forever thanks

maybe you should start smoking again
im not a former smoker

andy t
first of all very well done for quitting - shows will power.

takes a while for your lungs to recover you know the phrase "use it or lose it"? you just gotta push it a little
not to the point of passing out though.

run a bit walk a bit run a bit more! you will find if you push yourself, the running gets longer and the walking shorter!

Good luck and keep it up

That's the smoke effect ... keep practicing and exercising with time it will fade ... beside, eat healthy to recover your health

Fred W
Yes go to your doctor, while there have your heart checked, even though you are quite young.

You should probably lose some weight

krystal is right, there is no way you damaged your lungs enough to cause these problems, maybe you are just out of shape. i have smoked for 13 years and i have no problem breathing

Bug Fuggy
Sounds like asthma.

How many packs were you smoking per day? That may make a difference, or your lungs were delicate to begin with.
Go to your doctor. They do have a little plastic thing that you can get and when you breathe into it, it helps to strengthen your lungs.
My mother just died from COPD, last monday.
Please do not start again, it was sad thing to see her struggle for her breath.

You have asthma. It's caused by either allergies or a number of other reasons. You can go to the doc and get a nebulizer or inhaler to help.


You really should get to your docs.You should be feeling much
better after 5 months.Is your weight ok?

yep go to the doctor and tell all the symptoms. hmm seems like not enough O2 is getting in your blood when exercising.

i saw an episode of house m.d. where quiting smoking actually made a teenager get sick ehehe. hope that's not the same case. gud luck

It was a few years after I quit smoking (mind you, I chain smoked) that I developed a lung disease, and then asthma. Get it under control as soon as you can, because you don't want steroids. They make you gain a lot of weight.

I quit when I was 18!

when i stopped smoking,i started exercising.At first i could only walk around the track once.3yrs later iam the fittest i have ever been in my life,power-walking 3miles 3x a week,plus gym work and have never felt better.

Sounds to me it's not the smoking or not smoking, you might want to make an appointment to see the doctor, you may have heart problems. When your cardo goes up and you get symptoms.... Explain all this to the doctor. I quit while I was pregnant during my 3 babies... I have never experienced that before. Good Luck to you.

GO TO THE DOCTOR--you might have Excercise Induced Asthma or EIB (Exercise Induced BronchoSpasm)!!! Quitting smoking was a step in the right direction--but symptoms that serious 5 months later merit a medical visit toot sweet!!!

I would also talk to a doctor first... but if you haven't exercised in a long time, you may just have to build up your endurance and that will help. You must do that slowly though, it won't happen over night...

you might have copd or something else. go to your dr. or a pulmonary dr. asap

ive been "quit" now for 2 1/2 years. Your breathing will get better, but it takes time. If you are blacking out, you need to see a doc it could be more than breathing issues.

I agree with krystal above

It can take a while after quitting smoking before you're back to your "before" self but as said, too young for any permanent damage. Do see a doc if this bothers you

Oh and... GOOD JOB..for quitting smoking

Take care :)

krystal c
go to the doctor you are to young to have caused any damage to you lungs. Perhaps you have allergies or asthma?

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