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for those who stopped smoking....?
i stopped smoking 6/7 weeks ago, and i am now concerned about gaining weight.
i am a waitress, so i am on my feet for about 12 hours every day, and do not have time to exercise on the side.
My diet is fairly healthy (fish 3 times a week fruit 5 a day maybe 2 or 3 cola a week and up to 3 litres of water a day)
Did most of you who stopped smoking gained weight?
Did you have to be extra carfull about what you eat etc....
your stories please.
Additional Details
the 3 litres water thing is because i live in the Caribbean, so it is needed to dring UP to that much on a verry hot day.
Thanks to all of you that replyed.

i never smoked

Olivia J
I stopped many years ago but I do remember I gained maybe 3 lbs. A friend of mine who stopped recently gained about 7. As you can see, it was nothing significant. If you were going to gain weight you probably would have done it by now seeing as you've quit 2 months ago. Congrats on quitting.

your fine, i would not even worry about it.

I put some weight on but starting to lose it now i tranfered my cigs for chewing gum i must admit i always need to have it near me but feel better for it.I stopped 8 months ago

The reason why people gain weight when they stop smoking is because they start tasting more of the food they eat. Smoking kills your taste buds. so they want even more and start eating alot. Just eat like you usually do and NOTHING will change.

Not here anymore
I gave up smoking cold turkey in 2005 and stuffed my face! I put on weight because I craved sweet sugary snacks (as is quite common with kicking any addiction).

As you are working you will be on your feet so constantly in motion and burning off calories. Try not to snack at work, take in a packed lunch so you can monitor what you are eating rather than eating a meal at work.

Good luck

Cocoa Dusted Love
It depends on the person, and how much you miss doing something with your hands and mouth. I didn't gain any weight from stopping smoking, but may people do. You should watch yourself and think, why am I snacking? Am I actually hungry or bored or restless? If you are just bored or restless, then do something that involves the hands. Write a letter, knit, make something, be creative, clean, etc... Also brush your teath or chew gum at work. The mintyness puts you off eating something, especially sweet things. good luck! xx

It's the water that is putting on the weight . you are drinking too much. your body takes in enough through everyday rnormal eating / drinking. you should only increase when exercising. People have got by for years without this water thing. it is quite normal also to gain weight. You probably haven't realised that your eating / nibbling more. That will settle down.

nikknax (♥him)
well i dont smoke but my dad use too. when he quit he stayed the same size for the most part. there would be times after where he would gain some weight, but then loose it, then regain it, then loose it. i personally never noticed the weight change but my parents here complaining about having to buy bigger clothes. my dad cut out a lot of fried foods after he quit.

eternal boy
It' s normal,don' t worry...On the first months you ar gonna gain weight,so,eat less,after the first months your weight is gonna come back to normal,because smoking,changes all your system,it' s like a colapse,but don' t worry,you are gonna gain weight,but just in the first months,after all,everything will be normal again.but if you don' t want to gain weight,eat a bit less and drink some kinds of diuretic teas,your system needs cleaning ok???

Darragh Burke
am a bit but nothing crazy and i had a horrible diet so u shouldnt

You should be fine. I would cut out the cola though since it's really bad for your bones. As a woman, you can't start too early being careful about your bone health.

I can't give you any help other than that since I quit smoking for serious medical reasons so my case is entirely different than most.

Hi Well done you for quitting. I too have stopped smoking 4 months ago and yes I have put on about 5 pounds. I am sure that your eating/drinking habits are lots better than mine and I congratulate you for this. You are drinking plenty of fluid and on the NHS smokefree site they tell you to have a glass of water when you have cravings so well done. You are eating plenty of fruit and you are busy for many hours at work so should not need to do any extra exercise. All the people that say they pile on weight is possibly due to the fact that they are eating all the wrong snack type foods and doing no exercise. If your were going to gain weight you would have done so by now. You keep at it I am so so proud of you.

I did, but only because I ate instead of smoking. I realised later that what I missed most about smoking was the hand to mouth action, so without thinking I was eating loads of peanuts, crisps etc. Once I realised what I was doing I tried to switch my snacks to healthy ones like fruit and rice crackers.

The only reason people gain weight when they quit smoking is because they do what I did, and replace having a ciggy with eating something. Try and keep an eye on your munching and you shouldn't have a problem.

I think thats kinda like a mith hardly. I would rather date a girl who gained a couple extra pounds rather than a girl who smoked YUCK! Dont worry about it eat good and try to excersise you should be fine

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