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 Is it possible to get a free peak flow meter?
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 Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
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If so...How did things go for you?

Thanks for any ...

 Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
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 why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?

 If any body know about it ?
I have sinuses problem cause flu and cough continue im very distrube nose is block if u know abt any medicine(tablet, nasal spray etc plz. diagnose me....

 Raw throat from coughing so much?
Ive had a cold for about two weeks now,and mid-cold I got the flu.
I have been coughing so so much that my throat is BURNING and completely raw.
Its like 3:00 am and I cant ...

 how do they test you for asthma?
i seem to think i may heve developed asthsma how can they ...

first time having panic attack does that mean its going to keep happening soon?
or it can possible not come back.
also is it normal that a panic attack made my heart get weaker. dont worry i went to the docter and will let me know the blood test results once he recieves it.

I don't think that means that it will definitely come back; but it's likely I assume.
I just started getting mild ones last year. I thought it was just allergies or something, because it only caused me to have a hard time breathing. The doc gave me a low dose Xanax prescrip and that did the trick. I took a pill whenever I had one. After like 3 episodes I was all good; hadn't had one in months.
Just this week though they reappeared. I had the worst one the other day. I was bugging out! I kept telling myself that nothing was wrong, that my mind was playing tricks on me, but it didn't work! I tried to get over it without the prescrip, but it wasn't happening (I suppose if I waited longer it would have but I couldn't deal). Took the pill and was fine 20 minutes later.

I can't afford therapy, and I only get them at home, at night, so I'm going to look into meditation or something. Maybe I'll pick up that book that was mentioned.

Good luck

fernando 86
yes you will i been like this for almost a year now i bought the linden method i just started so i don't know if it works yet , hope you find a solution soon and your not alone there is millions of ppl just like us be strong and remember that what your feeling wont hurt you is just the anxiety wish you the best.

I suffered for six yrs so I know what you are going through. I had one panic attack as a teen, and it didn't come back until I was 30, but then it got me really bad and didn't let up even a day for six yrs. Soooo... the fact you already know it is a panic attack is going to make it much easier for you. First things first though.. panic attacks do not shorten your life or cause any kind of heart problems. You can research me on this, and you will find I am being accurate. The reason that panic attacks like what I had, that went on and on for years, happen.. is because of exactly what you are worrying about.. You have one, you worry you will have another, which sets off another. However, if you understand what they are then you can prevent them from taking over. you may feel out of it and weird for a little while, but there is no reason to fear the attacks. Unlike what some Drs. will tell you, there is no need for meds and you can come out the other side completely and totally well. Read "Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett and you will feel much better!

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