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 OK Brits you think you're all high city flyer's and smart to boot....cough chuueerr flem.CACK!!!?
Spot the error if you can.
For XYZ=21900975 to Z Step/X*A+RND(Int(WXZ))
else Y Inc
End If

10 points to first ...

does asthma go away???????
i was called out of class and it said i had asthma
my parents told me i had it before when i was a kid
my weirdass grandma told me she made me drink some weirnd medicine drink from cambodia? when i was little and it went away
i was reading stuff on yahoo that said that asthma never goes away
so are they jst lying to me and i never had it or did it go away or at least weaken cuz i jst lose my breath quickly when i run and breath hard but im not fat and kinda fit

nope, it'll only get worse the older you get. by 20-25 you'll barely be able to breathe at all.

Mojo Ryzon
You never grow out of it like everybody likes to tell you.
It won't go away so get your flu shot.

It is a chronic disease, but there are cases of people growing out of it. My brother used to have it while he was in elementary school, but it gradually got better and better and now he's in the army and can run 3 miles no problem. Maybe you'll get lucky like him :)

ι ℓσνє ємιηєм
no it never goes away its with u for the rest of ur life..=(

Yes it does. Not for everyone though.... I had it when I was a baby, I dont have it any more. Well I hypervenilate, but no asthma attacks now.



Water is the most precious commodity in the interior of your body, and when not enough is coming in and more is being lost, this is a no-no situation for your body. The intelligence behind the design of the body has it such that a drought management program will kick in, and then allergies are a sign of dehydration because the system that regulates water balance of the body suppresses the immune system, because it's an energy-consuming situation. Then you get asthma.

We lose about a quart of water through breathing every day. It is actually the surface tension in the alveoli of the lungs that produces contraction of these tiny membranes, and air is pushed out. And in the process, that water will leave with the air that is leaving. So you lose about a quart of water in breathing. We need to replenish that. When we don't replenish it, the body tightens up the bronchials and plugs up the holes and we call this reduced air flow in the lungs because of dehydration, we've labeled it as asthma.

Drinking more water and adding more salt to the diet will correct the problem.

well Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways, which causes attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. but there is no cure for asthma, although symptoms sometimes improve over time. With proper self management and medical treatment, most people with asthma can lead normal lives...personally when i was young i had really bad asthma but when i had my attacks my grandma would give me black coffee or milk boiled with a garlic clove in it n it actually helped...i was also gived cod liver oil...ewwww nasty! but my last signs of asthmas was about 8 yrs ago n im 22 btw...

I'm all confused with the definition of asthma and everything but I'm sure that you can just do some sports that involve a lot of controlled breathing under physical stress like boxing, jogging, swimming or basketball if shortness of breath is your problem.
Not being fat doesn't necessarily mean that you will be guaranteed some endurance.
Lack of sleep could also affect endurance.

Would asthma go away? I don't know, asthma feels like a myth to me.

i was diagnosed with asthma when i was a kid, like 7 years old and now years later it doesn't really bother me. It only bothers me when i get a cold and it goes into my chest making me have a horrible cough. and yeah same with me, sometimes when i run really fast it is harder to breathe.
so i would say that it never really goes away, but it won't always bother you.

"It" said you had asthma?? Sometimes asthma can be outgrown. It depends greatly on what triggers it and how the asthma is managed.

Most of the posts above are WRONG, Asthma can go away, especially infantile Asthma. Which you get a young age.

Dr. C
Asthma is a chronic disease that does not "go away." However, it is important to understand that though it cannot be cured, its symptoms can be controlled. Asthma can range from mild to severe, based on how often and how severe your attacks are. Between attacks you may feel completely normal. However, when you encounter one of your triggers you may have an asthma attack. Common triggers include cold/hot air, dry air, exercise, pets, pollen, certain fumes, and more.

Children may experience more frequent attacks because their airways are smaller. As they mature, their airways enlarge. By adulthood, when they have an asthma attack, their symptoms may be more mild. This is why many people believe that they have outgrown their asthma.

To add to the confusion, not all wheezing is caused by asthma. Patients (and doctors) sometimes mistakenly believe they have asthma. Your primary doctor or a lung specialist may need to perform tests to confirm the diagnosis.

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