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 Y do we have 2 have all none smoking pubs would it b better 2 have smoking & none smoking?

 im sick, someone please help?
So, today, i didnt go to school.
because my throat hurts, and my whole body hurts.
so i slept pretty much all day.. and i just woke up.
all day, i have been getting really cold and ...

 How do I tell my manager I'm quitting today? W/O notice?
I work at a company that is going to be gone before the holidays, and frankly, the liquidation is getting too stressful in conjunction with school. I am far behind in school, and today is crucial... ...

 My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-ohohKwaaaaaaargh… yours

 What are some tips that would help getting my mom to stop smoking?

Additional Details
she promised she'd stop on like, my 10th birthday, and that was 3 years ago. I thought for a while that she stoped, which i think she did, but since she's a ...

 How do i get my parents to stop smoking?
I am a softball pitcher and im reallllyyy good..and i want to go to college but my mom smokes(my dad stopped) and im wondering if the smoke will affect me and i wont be able to play in college...and ...

 My husband snores so much I can't sleep with him... it's kind of a problem.?
he might have sleep apnia..not sure. he wears these nasal stip things that are supposed to work for snoring, but he still snores. Anyone know what we can do?...

 Is it more unhealthy to smoke weed in a car?
A few friends and I were smoking in the car and we would open the windows about every 40 minutes. Is there more of a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in a car than in a room or outside?...

 collapsed lung??? i'm so worried please help?
My boyfriend has trouble with walking every time he breaths in and out it hurts so much he can hardly bare it, and some times he has a cough with it, he feels like some things tight around his lung ...

 Should I tell a "smoker" who is having a hard time breathing that he did it to himself?
He's 56 and has a hard time breathing and walking over a hundred feet. He was warned over the last 40 years. Should I say "I told you so"?...

 I've tried holding my breath, chugging water, even breathing into a paper bag. How do I stop them?
What's the best way to stop the hiccups?...

 What will happen if I inhaled a small plastic resin bead?
Will the body break this down? I might have done this a few months ago, and since then, I have know symptoms or breathing problems....

 why do you smoke.......?

Additional Details
why is it when we stop we wish we hadnt, but when we start again we wish we hadnt ......

 Does anyone know how to deal with asthma?
i had a severe asthma attack yesterday on the bus and i was wondering if anyone here knew any good tips to help me keep my asthma under control....

 Does smoking cigarettes make you look cool?

 a question about the 1st of july smoking law!?
right i am not sure if i really understand this. i am a 16 year old girl smoker. from the 1st of july i can't smoke indoors anywhere but i can outside. is that correct? thnax in advance!!!...

 Is smoking good for you?
I am sick of hearing that smoking is bad for you, but is there anyway that smoking is good for you. Like can it make you taller, or is it good for your brain, anything?...

 Are you a smoker..............?

 ive stopped smoking and feel real ill?
i stopped smoking a week ago and i feel teribble my throat hurts and is making my asthma bad ,i felt great before i stopped why is this happening to me?...

 do you breathe when you pass-out?

diseases caused my smoking?
besides cancer, what diseases can you get from smoking?

My stepdad lost both of his legs due to buerger's disease.
But hes just an idiot.

Oh yeah, and my great aunt is in the process of dying from emphysema.

I know there are thousands, and I have a feeling Heart disease is one of them.

just me
Nicotine addiction, birth defects, black lung, gingivitis, yellow rotten teeth, esophagitis and ulcers just for a few.

Marcelo V
VHD lol ???????

Unattractive mouth stink syndrome. Also known as UMSS.

A girl
lung, throat, heart & gum disease
your teeth could fall out
you will die

lung cancer, emphysema, heart attacks, birth defects, COPD

"Smoking is an important risk factor for the three diseases that cause most deaths in Australia: heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. It is responsible for around 80% of all lung cancer deaths and 20% of all cancer deaths. Smoking has also been linked to cancers of the mouth, bladder, kidney, stomach and cervix, among others. Smokers are also at increased risk of having reduced lung function from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Using tobacco has been linked to a variety of other conditions, such as diabetes, peptic ulcers, some vision problems, and back pain. Smoking in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth."

Heart and circulatory-
* Coronary heart disease
* Atherosclerosis - fatty deposits in the arteries which can lead to strokes, peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, and aneurisms
* Buerger's disease, which can lead to gangrene.

* Lung
* Mouth, nose and throat
* Larynx
* Oesophagus
* Pancreas
* Bladder
* Stomach
* Myeloid leukaemia
* Kidney.

Respiratory -
* Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases
* Recurrent infections in the airways
* Damage and loss of efficiency in the lungs.

Other disorders -
* Peptic ulcers (ulcers in the stomach and duodenum) - increase both in incidence and the time they take to heal
* Tobacco amblyopia (defective vision) and other eye diseases such as cataract
* Reduced fertility.

theres a whole chapter about smoking in A levels thats how seriously effed up it is..

SMOKING itself is considered a disease now.. officially

if u read about bronchitis and the effects of carbon monoxide and nicotine and especially TAR i bet u'd be so disgusted ..

emphysema, stroke.


you won't like what it does to your skin either.

ur teeth will be nasty.
cant ur hair fall out?

Mike Juliet Whiskey Echo

Shabam S
chronic bronchitis.

emphasemia (can't spell)...lol and it causes wrinkles, raspy old lady voice, inability to do well in sports and many other things!

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