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cough, ahsma, or possible chest infection?
About 2 years ago I had a chest infection and had to wait for nature to make me better as I can't take antibiotics, anyway, since then I have found that I keep getting coughs and my chest hurts, feels like it's been rubbed with sandpaper etc. When ever I get a cold it always affects my chest worse then anything else.
Anyway, for nearly 3 weeks now I've had a constant cough and since yesterday just breathing hurts my chest and I've started wheezing. I can't do much as just a small bit of exercise causes me to lose my breath, when that happens I actually feel quite sick from finding it hard to breath.
I have expected that I might have ashma for a while, could it be? Or could I just have a virus or maybe another infection?

Whatever it could be, what could I do to help get through the weekend, I can't see the GP till Monday.

first see your GP, TO RULE OUT ANYTHING UNDERLINING, if this is just a cough , this is what you so , but first let me explain , in the course of training we was told that if you rub garlic on the soles of your feet you will tast it within 10 to 15 mins , but for a cough even the real barking cough , you rub vic vapour onto the soles of your feet including the underside of the toes , put on a pair of socks (this is done as you go to bed by the way ,) the cough will stop in ten minuts , repete this for 4 nights , your cough should have ceased , no one understands the (1)ingredient that couses this to work , but in 95 people this worked 100%, you can do this on children also ,its far better than the bottles of linctus , ,go on see your gp first , then do as iv put on here for you ,and get well soon x

Mary Boo

If you suspect it's asthma, talk to your GP about it on monday, as soon as you can.I went for nearly a year thinking I had 'just a cold' and then chest infections, it got to the point where I couldn't walk down the road without being out of breath. Finally went to the GP and they gavew me an inhalor to try, and the wheezing and tight feelings went away within a couple of days. If it is undiagnosed asthma, and you end up catching a bad flu virus, it could potentially kill you, or at least leave you laid up in hospital for a week (as it did with me last winter).

Fill a kettle with water, boil and breath in the steam,,, likewise with a really hot bath, if your asthmatic or resp problems, it will work a treat too... or see if there is a doctor on call who you can visit. if it gets worse go to the hospital

Nelly Nelly Nelly
It sounds to me like you have asthma.
If you had a chest infection then you would most likely be coughing up dark green phlem all the time.

Sounds like you could have asthma. The only way to know for sure is to ask the doctor to test you for asthma. They will do some lung function tests and probably a few others.

In the mean time, don't over exert yourself. Drink plenty of fluids. Hot tea and coffee help for the steam and caffeine. Use a humidifier and if you don't have one boil water in large pot.

When the coughing and wheezing gets bad, turn on the shower and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam. It will help open your lungs so you can cough out the phlegm in the way.

If you do have asthma, please follow the advise from your doctor. Asthma is controllable and they have great new drugs that make it easier now.

I can sympathise with you. I have had a cough and wheezy chest for several weeks. I find that sitting in a steamy room helps like the bath room. Another option is to sit with your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, adding some eucalyptus oil might help as well. Try to stay out of cold icy air as this will tighten the tubes up.

If you have a high temperature as well this could be a sign that you have an infection. It sounds quite serious that you are finding it so hard to breathe. I would give the doctor's surgery another call and describe your symptoms to them and ask for their opinion. It could be that you might need to go into a&e if you cannot get to see your gp until Monday.

Georgina B
You definately need to see the doctor asap incase it is athsma so that you can get an inhaler incase you have an athsma attack.
You will probably be given a preventer inhaler and one that you take when you feel your athsma starting. It works so well you just need to take two "puffs" and it will go :D
While you are waiting, don't go out if its cold and raining, make sure you stay warm, don't breath in smoke if anyone around you smokes etc. Try taking deep calm breaths.

Some people find eucalyptus oil helps them breath better as well.

Hope you feel better soon :)

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