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Louise x
collapsed lung??? i'm so worried please help?
My boyfriend has trouble with walking every time he breaths in and out it hurts so much he can hardly bare it, and some times he has a cough with it, he feels like some things tight around his lung and we know its not his heart because its on the right side his had this a week and a half we went A&E tonight but their was a long wait and he couldnt wait his going tomoz for sure but i want to know do you think its a collapsed lung.
Additional Details
he does not smoke and please be honest with me is it reaaalllly mega serious im such a worryer i wont get to sleep tonight

whats A and E please tell me!!!!!!!!!

if it is a collapsed lung you have nothing to worry about.... they are easily infalted and as long as he has one working he isnt going to die ... i couldnt say if it is a collapsed lung or not but if it is dont worry- to the person who said he would of died already .. are your serious? ... please... as along as one lung is functional you can live.. it just needs to be reinflated

he needs to go to the hospital ASAP, it could be a number of things, but if he had a collapsed lung he would have died already. you can't live with a collapsed lung.
seriously, hospital.

worried sick
yes!absolutely!,his right lung had just collapsed!i've been with that disease 2 years ago.Its called Pneumothorax!There was air in his thoraxic cavity!Its serious!your bf must have treatment!If the air leak continue he will be in serious trouble!,He had to be confined immediately!

It could even be a cracked rib. If he was coughing before the pain it could be the cough that caused it, doesn't have to be an accident as such. But he really should have waited in A&E to be seen.

jeffrey g
get to a doctor but if it's just the one lung he will make it but it sounds serious so doc asap

Hello Louise x,

I'm not a doctor or such, but from what I've heard about collapsed lungs it does seem like a good chance it can be to me. I *could* be wrong though. Just remember to tell the doctors *everything* he and you are noticing and feeling. Hope all goes well. And yes, you should go now to the hospital, just in case.

Good luck.

Honestly, it does not mean a collasped lung, but if he's in that much pain, get 999/911.
My mother lung collasped by ...... SITTING AT A COMPUTER.
It can happen at any moment, does not need a trauma, such as a car accident.

But since there is like over 900 causes of Chest problems and pains, theres a long shot at it being a collasped lung.

As i said before, ring a ambulance if it continues!!

Boycott pepsi, read my profile.
He needs to go the emergency room NOW.

A collapsed lung kind of feels like you have a stitch or cramp in your side. Like you've been running for a long time or something. It probably isn't collapsed because there is no way he would be able to deal with it for over a week. Definitely go to the hospital immediately. It is the worth the wait in case that is it. Tell him to try not to cough though because if it is collapsed he could rupture it more.

Please do not be afraid, because only then you said not frightening, perhaps bronchitis disease

A week and a half.

Not trying to worry you further but you can get refered pain

Ive had 2 collasped lungs and the pain comes maily for me down the back shoulder blade, you can not take a deep breath and it is only life threating if it forms into a tension pnemothorax (non return valve).

Dont do anything strenous and see you doctor first thing - dont leave it a week and a half its better knowing whats up than ignoring it.

Collasped lungs are mainly 18-40 thin tall male smokers (but not always)

If you want to check place two fingers on the back left and tap them (listen closely) then repeat on the right side - air in the lungs makes a hollow sound - you should also be able to hear the air going into the lungs if you place your ear against his back

good luck

do it today

it is definetally something serious, but not necessarily a collapsed lung

Kelsey B
Pretty sure he needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Especially if you think he has a collapsed lung.

Well, has he even been to the doctor?

if he has a collapsed lung it is serius if not treated. but when he goes into the hospital then he should be fine. they will use a device that will cause him pain but will reinflate his lung. this is the worst case scenario best case it is a swollen lymph node. good luck and dont worry he will be fine but for his own good get him into a hospital as soon as u can.

why are you waiting!
if it hurts so much he needs medical help!
dont wait!

Could be fluid in his lung perhaps. If you're as worried as this, you should perhaps call for an ambulance or if you're in the UK, call NHS24 helpline for their advice. I hope he's ok. Could be just something as simple as a bruised rib or a pulled muscle but it's best to get it checked out as soon as he can. x

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