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Christopher T
cigarettes and secondhand smoke are the same exact thing really it is?
cigarettes and secondhand smoke are the same exact same thing even if you don't smoke if you live with someone that smaokes or you are around people that smoke like outside of a store or practily everywhere you look you get secondhand smoke, so what is the differntence of smoking a cig because you are getting the same exact chemicals in your lungs with secondhand smoke. its is true because if you work at a bar or something like that people that are drinking and smoking and all that smoke is coming towards you and it goes inside of you in your lungs. people who don't smoke but if you have people around you smoking and getting all that **** inside of yuo from there smoking you can still have tar in your system and all the bad ****. So its not bad to smoke a cig if you get the same exact chemicals and tar in your system. So i am smoking again i used to but now i am going back whatas the point of not smoking you get the same thing with secondhand smoke it is the same exact fing thing don't you agree if you don't your dumb because it is the same fing thing

Here is one more answer for your "world record" ,good luck. I smoke so second hand smoke don´t bother me.


they are almost the same thing. second hand smoke is the smoke that you breathe in when you are around someone that is smoking. it is just as harmful as regular smoking, so yes. you could say that they are the same thing.

The smoke from a cig that HASN'T been filtered first by the smoker is the worst. I don't know if you wanna call that 2nd hand smoke. 2nd hand smoke probably isn't as bad for you as most people think since it has been filtered by the smoker & most of the crap in the smoke absorbed by their lungs.

Matt H
first hand smoke is worse than second hand. the smoke exhaled from someone's lungs has less toxins because their lungs absorbed some of them.

No. The difference is the first hand smoker volenteered to get cancer and the secondhand smoker didn't.

It's pretty much the same, yes.
I've got a pal who's raised by two none stop smoking parents (inside) and by the time he grew up he was allready an addict,

That is one of the dumbest rationales I've ever heard. As a smoker, you should know that secondhand is nowhere near as bad for you as smoking. Do you really think that breathing smoky air is as bad for you as running air through a burning cigarette before you inhale? Answer me this, have you EVER blown out a cloud of smoke after breathing smoky air like you do after you take a drag off of a cigarette?

obviously you are getting a lot more smoke in your system if you are breathing directly from a cigarette than if you are just in a room with diluted smoke, don't know exactly how big the difference is, but if you are in a small elevator with someone taking a cigarette, you are probably inhaling less than 0.1% smoke than the person actually smoking.

jus lik all those sensible people said above, second hand smoking is a lot worse coz u get the unfiltered smoke.

I agree with your comments, second hand smoke has the same effect as if you actually smoked cigarettes, cigars and pipes. I developed chronic bronchitis and sinus problem from second hand smoke. A close family member worked for a doctor who chained smoked, the doctor died first and she died later from lung cancer.

Bill M
If it was the same you could satisfy your craving for nicotine without smoking.

Yep its the same - you should avoid smoking and smokers and it should be banned

in the uk its illegal to smoke in public places and work places and ,yes,this does include bars.if its still legal where you are then you should change your lifestyle to stay away from smoke but i suspect your making excuses to continue smoking because youve got no willpower

Nash and Kobe Mutual Respect.
actually second hand smoking is way worse.

lois b
I think second hand smoke is only a little less harmful than smoking. I think though that you are making excuses. You really need to get out of that atmosphere.

Second hand smoke is actually worse than smoking. with a cig you have a filter. 2nd hand you do not. the more you are areound it the worse it will be. if you want to kill yourself faster than you already are then keep smoking. if you want a list of why you shouldnt smoke, google "why shouldnt i smoke" theres over 5 MILLION results.

no not really second hand smoke is alot worse for you than actually smoking . dont ask me hoe but this it what i have learnd in health class

it's your justification for smoking. My Mother and father spent many hours in a casino eating and playing slots. her lungs got so bad they had to put her on a ventilator to breathe the doctor taught she was a lifelong smoker and she never did smoke just worked in places that people did. I smoked for 40 years and a long with other bad habits had a heart attack at 58. and now k=have congestive heart failure and bad lungs after heart surgery I woke to a ventilator down my throat to breathe ( what a torture device ) That was it had no desire to smoke again just as well can't walk a block without running out of air. Being retired because I can't work can pick and chose where I go and I chose to stay away from smokers now just can't stand the smell.

Your right but you are also not thinking because you are adding that much more smoke to your lungs and the fact is over time that will close your arteries, mine was 90 % close when I had my heart attack.

Listen. I'm going to give it to you bluntly.
If you want to spend ÂŁ5 on a box of cigarettes that will eventually kill you, or contribute to killing you then carry on.
What your saying is just an excuse.
If you want your lungs to look like this: http://plainvillepride.com/images/smokers_lung_2.jpg
Carry on!

Stop looking for sympathy and BE HEALTHY!

your "bar analogy" doest hold up....you do realize ttha there are laws now that its illegal to smoke inside a building or near a building?...your excuses dont make sense and its a lame excuse at that. you want to smoke because you want to, not because is the same thing as getting second hand smoke

(which by the way is WORSE than truly smoking.) dont call us dumb because us NON-smokers have more braincells than you....

your pretty mad about that arent you. My mom has always lived with a smoker and she doesnt smoke and she says the same thing

Jagex M
Dont smoke. Smoke-Tar in lungs-Hard to breath-die

My father died of emphysema at 52 after ten long, sick years. I don't smoke, and I'm NEVER around second-hand smoke. You're making excuses to do what you want.

You are just trying to justify to yourself your complete lack of will power to give up smoking. Your argument doesn't make sense because if you are suffering from passive smoking in the first place then you are just adding to the amount of bad chemicals that you are inhaling by smoking yourself as well, saying that it doesn't matter because of the secondhand smoke is just a cop out. Smoking kills so pack it in.

sorry pal. i don't buy it. you are wrong.

"don't you agree if you don't your dumb"

listen to your own words pal. you are dumb. polish up on your spelling and grammar while you are at it to buddy.

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